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!Iforal efus.


Iforal efus. 23RD REGIMENT.—Captain Blyth has just sailed for Gibraltar to join the 2nd Battalion on pro- motion. ROYAL DENBIGH AND MERIONETH MILITIA.— The following announcements are gazetted:—Lieut Henry Morgan Hughes to be captain• George Everard Arthur Cayley, gent., to be second lieuten- ant. A HARVEST THANKSGIVING SERVICE in Welsh was held in the Parish Church on Tuesday evening. The sermon was preached by the Rev. T. Jones (vicar of Rhosllanerchrugog) and the attendance was moderately good. THE DRAMA IN WREXHAM.—The Diplomacy Company again visited Wrexham on Wednesday and Thursday, and representations of East Lynne, and H L'ldy Audley's Secret," were given to good audiences. The company performed under distinguished patronage. MADAME PATEY IN WREXHAM.—Next Friday is the date fixed for Mr. Harriss's concert. Upwards of two hundred seats have been secured from the plan, and we trust, by that day, the rest, about 100 more, will be taken. Full details of the pro- gramme will be found in our adverting columns. A train will leave Wreyham station at 9.55 calling at Rossett on this occasion. { WREXHAM HARE AND HOUNDS' CLUB.—There will be a meet of this club at Stratford House, in Sontley Road, the residence of Mr. J. Oswell Bury, to-day (Saturday), at .2.30 p.m. It is intended to walk or run to johnstov/n, via Bersham, Cadwgan. Bronwylia, to the new Wrexham Reservoir, thence by nearest road to the Ne w Inn, en route to Wrex- ham. The opening dinnrv' will take place in the evening at the Wynnstay Hotel, Wrexham. MASONRY.—We have pleasure in stating that the Right Worshipful D.P.G.M. of North and Shropshire (W. Bulkeley Hughes, Esq., M.P.), purposes visiting the Square aud Coapa-p of Freemasons, on th, lodje night., Tuesday December 2ad. NATURAL SCIENCE SOCIETY.—The second general evening meeting of this society will be held iu the Saving's Bank on Tuesday next the 25th insf., when a paper will he read by John Pdc., E :q. liLA. of Chester on Observations in Travelling." YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION.—At a. meeting of the debating clsss on Tuesday evening, an essay was read by Mr. C. Dodd (British School] on the "Rise and Progress of the English Lan- guage." The essayist, dealt very ;ib,y with the i:j!-j.ct, and a good discussion followed. Tne meet- ings, wnich are held on Tuesday evenings at tight o'clock, are open to all. THE LATE ROWLAND SILL.—Kis worship the Mayor (Mr. Edward Smith), has ree-iv-cl a letter from the Lord Mayor of London, asking him to assist him in promoting the memorial fund to the late Rowland Hill, which it is proposed to devote to the foundation of the benevolent". institution for aged and distressed p>st. office employes throughout the kingdom. The Mayor is anxious to Comply with the request, and will be goJad to receive con- tiibutions in aid of this deserving object. THE FAIR-Ât the fair on Thursday there vszs a small quantity of fat and store stock, trade being better in every department, especially is store cattle. There were no store sheep on offer. Fair supply of pigs, which met with a better trade. Prices: Beef, 5d. to 6td.; mutt-oc, 7d. to 83-d. j 7d. to 8,1.; porket pigs, 5r]. to titJ.; bacon pigs, 5L to 5fi. Mr. Lloyd sold 65 cattle, 130 sheep and iambs, urd 50 calves and pigs, all making good prices; and a large quantity of cattle and sheep were also sold by Messrs. Jones and Son. SALE OF PENTREFELIN BREWERY.—The Pentre- fjdn brevery and the parcel of laud adjoining it were afrain put up for auction by 31". Edward Jones at the Lion Hotel on Monday. The property was started by Mr. Lewis, Edge, M-tipas, with £ 800, and soon aft or Mr H. Davies,ot the same place, bid I £900. Mr. Frederick Jones-, Abbot-street, followed with £ 950, and in a few minutes it stood at J21,000 in the name of Mr. Lewis. A j.ng pause followed when Mi. Frederick Jones offered £ 1,020, M'\ Lewis offered £ 1,030 for which it was knocked down. SUNDAY CLOSING IN WALES.—A conference in favour of Sunday closing in Wales was held at Swansea on Wednesday, Mr. Vivian, M.P., presid- ing. Mr. Roberts, M P. the Flint bu-ghs, aunounced his intension to introduce a Sunday Closing Bill next Session, and a resolution was passed pledging the meeting to support the measure. In the evening a crowded public meet- ing was held, Mr. Richard, M.P., presiding, and a motion in favour of the Biii was carried. It was resolved to form a. South Wales Sunday Closing Association. CHRISTMAS SHOW.—Christmas will soon be here, aud the show of the fat cattle which are to provide the Cnristmas cheer will be held on Monday, the 15th of December, at the Simlhfieid. We would caM the attention of our readers to the advertise- ments in fee front. page, which show the prizes to b.3 offered by the auctioneers. Messrs. Beugh, Jones and Co. offer four prizes of the vaius of about .£20. Mr. Lioyd nives .£50 in silver cups, and some prizes presented by the tradesmen of the town make it worth whi!e competine'. The bad season for the harvest hao turned the minds of the farmers to the raising of stock, and a good show- will no doubt result. THE FKEE LIBRARY.—The free library reading- room will be opened on Wednesday. December The Mayor and Corporation and officials will meet, at the Guildhall at, 11.30, form into procession, and march to the Town Hall, when the formal opening will take place. In the eveniug, a very excellent toacert will be given in the Public Hall, pro- grammes of which will be issued soon. The concert will be patronised and personally supported by many of the leading gentry, aud we hope the general public will make an effort to attend and thus aid a most excellent movement. The whole of the d tails of the arrangements 511 connection with tne opening ceremony and concert are beim well locked after by the hon. see. (Mr. Ashton Bradley)/ and the whole pio.nises to be most interesting suc- cessful. SPECIAL SERVICES.—Special evangelistic/services have been conducted duriug the week at the Baptist Chapel, Chester-street, and at the Free ^ffethodist Chape], Rhosddu. At the former the services have been conducted as follows: —Sunday by the! Rev. V. Rhys Jenkins, Monday, T. BUirciough, (Liverpool). Tuesday, Rev. D. Rh^s Jenkins, Wednesday, Rev. J. Harvey, (Bury), Thursday, Rev. Hugh Davies, (Lymn), and evening) the service is announced to be conducted bv Rev. W. S. Llewellyn, (Bowdon). The set-vices have been well attended and the worthy pastor (Rev. D. Rhys Jenkins) and several members of, the church have laboured hard with a view to making them a success. At Rhosddu the services have been eon- ducted principally by the Rav. J. Bentley and the numbers of the congregations have been very gratifying. Sm WATKIN WILLIAMS WYNN'S HOUNDS.—In consequence of the vary late harvest these hounds began cub hunting very late, and it was fully October before the young hounds tasted hiood. The commencement, however, was by no mfeans aus- picious. First, Charles Payne was laid up'-for some weeks, though through the kindness of Sir Watkin and Lady Williams Wynn in giving him the run of their house in St. James's Square, and providing for him the beat medical aid London could give, he was able to resume his duties soon after the hounds begsiri hunting, and he is now apparently as well as ever he was in his life. But the reverse of the old proverb, like master like man," is now exemplified at Wynnstay, for as soon as Charles Payne got well Sir Wat kin sprained his ankle by springing from his dog-cart, and he has had a long turn in St. James's Square, and though now better he is still unable to mount a horse. Payne has the same aids he had last season, and as his hounds have entered light well, and foxes are fairly plentiful aU over his country, we fully anticipate a successful campaign. They have already had several good gallops, and in spite of blind ditches and some croppers they have been greatly enjoyed. On Satur- day week Nov. 8!h, from Carden they had a good fifty minutes, finding a fox in the Birches, and killing him in the open. They then returned to Carden Chff, found several foxes theie, and ended the day by killing two foxes in Glutton's Gorse. It Charles Payne can handle them in this way the blackboard at Wynnstay Kennels will soon be covered with noses. On Wednesday week, Six Watkin Williams Wynn's hounds met at Carden. A large number of horsemen were present, and were rewarded by having a. good day's sport. The dogs soon turned out an old fox, which led them a smart chase of about ten miles, when he was killed near Aldford. Two cubs were killed later on, and the dogs were called off whilst running another towards Malpae. A WREXHAM DIVORCE CASE.—In the Probate and Divorce Division of the High Court of Justice, on Saturday, the local suit Eddowes v. Edùowes" came before Sir James Hannen at Westminster. It was a petition presented by the wife for the dissolution of her marriage on the ground of the adultery of her husband, John Eddowes a tailor at Wrexham. Mr. Searle appeared for the petitioner. Mrs. Eddowes said she was married to the respon- dent, John Eddowes, at St.. Mary's Church Chester, on the 30th of July, 1872, and after that they lived at. Wrexham. Her husband was a tailor. The respondent behaved very well for a short time hut after that he began to abuse her, and blackened both her eyes. He used to stay out late, and come home intoxicated. She was very ill about six months after her marriage, and the respondent, before she got well, turned her out of doors, and again blackened her eye. Alice Cross had seen the respondent commit acts of cruelty towards her. She, on the occasion of being turned out of doors went to her father's but, on her return to her own home, the respondent took her by the shoulders and turned her out again. She went again to her own home the next morning, but found he had gone away. He never came back. She bad since seen him with a girl named Davies. She got some iu- formation from Mrs. Dawson, and in consequence of that she instituted the present suit.—Alice Cross said she knew Mr. and Mrs. Eddowos. She had seen bruises on Mrs. Eddowes, and her eyes black. She had never seen Eddowes actually strike his wife, but she was present when he turned her out of doors.—Mrs. Mary Ann Dawson said she lived at Wrexham, and knew the parties to the suit. In February, 1879, she was ill in bed, and a girl named Ellen Davies came to wait on her. Her (witness's) bedroom was over the kitchen. There were but two rooms iu her house, one over the other. From what she had previously seen, she determined to watch the conduct of Eddowes and the girl when he next came. Her husband bored a hole in the floor through which she could see into the room beneath. When Eddowes came he went into the kitchen. Davies also went in. After they had been there she looked through the hole in the floor and saw him acting improperly with Davies. She called out to Davies to order Eddowes out of the house.—His lordship was satisfied with the evidence, and made a decree nisi for the dissolution of the marriage, with costs. TEMPERANCE AND THE HUMAN SYSTEM.—Dr Evon Jones, who has been especially studying the effects of alcohol on the human syptem, will lecture Oil this topic on Monday week (December 1st), in the Temperance Hrd:, Beast Market, to the oers and associates of the Young Men's Christian Association and the members of the loaal branch of the Church Missionary Society. WEEKLY HALF HOLIDAY.—A committee has been formed with a view to secure a general half holiday throughout the town. They have met during the week, and also held consultations with the Mayor. We understand the great difficulty is to decide on a day which will suit all, and it is hoped that this obstacle will be overcome by r., public meeting, to the conclusion of which all should adhere. At a meeting of drapers on Thursday evening it was r-solved to close 011 Fridays at four o'clock instead Of tyo. CARELESS DRIVING.—An instance of the careless driving of persons from the country occurred on Tuesday last. A man in the employ of Mr. Lee, Llay, was conducting a waggon of straw through Hope-street. When near Westminster Buildings, instead of continuing in the middle of the road the horse and cart got. close to the path, and the load of hay, extending some distance beyond the wheels, brushed everything within a few inches of the iionse. On neariug the shop of Mr. Divies, hair dresser and tobacconist, the straw pulled away a large and valuable lamp, and bent a small sign wlJÎdl projected no more than ten inches from the door way. The whole of the glass in the lamp was broken and the frame considerably damaged. The mperfect state of the water course at this point, which is low, and thus inclines all vehicles very considerably, is much to blame also. WREXHAM BOARD OF GUARDIANS.—The weekly meeting of this Board was held on Thursday last. There were present :—Captain Griffith-Boscawen (chairman), Mr. A. W. Edwards (vice-chairman), Messrs. Maurice Hughes, William Burton, Richard Phennah, John Burton, John Rogers, Richard Jones, Gomer Roberts, Richard Huxley, Owen Hughes, Robert Roberts, William Thomas, John Beade, Edward Rowland, R. C. Webster, T. LI. FuzHugh, W. Low. and W. Griffith.—It was re- solved that the Assessment Committee be author- ised to appear as respondents in an appeal by the Llay Hall Company. The Clerk stated that: there was over £ 4,0-00 outstanding and suggested that.. the overseers be written and requested to pay in the amount by Thursday next. An order for such granted. The Master's report slated that there were in the house 295, compared with 273 corresponding week last year, and 299 last week. laibeciles in the house, 31; vagrants, men, 92; women, 13 children, 4; total, 109. In school, hoy. 34; girls, 29; total, 63; receiving industrial train- ing-, 21. THE TESTIMONIAL TO MR. JAMES.—A meeting of the commitcee of the testimonial fund was held in the Guildhall on Wednesday evening. The Mayor presided, and there were also present the ex- Mayor, Alderman Owen, Dr. Eyton-Joues, Mr. G. Bradley, M: Osweil Bury, and Mr. Y. Strachan. The micutes of the last meeting were to the effect; that the testimonial take the form of an oil portrait of Mr. James in his official robes. Dr. Ey 1 on-Jones (hon. sec. of die committee) stated that the subscriptions given or promised amounted to .£11:;8 3s. 61., £85 of which had been paid into the bank. A. discussion ensued, and the result was that it was determined to close the subscription list on the 2nd December, and that a committee, consist- iug of the Chairma.n, Mr. Shone, Alderman Owen, Mr. Overton, the Town C'ertc (Mr. T. Bury), Dr. Ey ton-Jones, and Mr. Bradley, be appointed to select the artist. This committee will also have the arrangement of the details in connection with the presentation, but they will probably lay sugges- ti.-jis iu regard to the matter before a general meeting. Communications were received from the following artists :—Messrs. Brown, Barnes and Bell (London, Liverpool, Wrexham, &c.), Mr. Chas. Mercier (London, who painted a portrait of Mr. Peter Walker), Mr. T. Blake Wirgman (London), and Mr. W. T. Boadle (Liverpool). The latter gentleman was Jiighly^ recommended by several gentlemen of Liverpool, and'atce^tion asked to his pictures in the art exhibition at Litespool. Nothing "definite was decided with regard to the artists, the decision being left for a future meeting- AN IRISH .TEA MERCHANT.—In these days of ae- pression, when many poor persons are at thd\r wit's end how to gain a livelihood, a little Irishmarl)with the remarkable name of Michael O'Swindlem, 'eom- uiences a roaring trade in tea. The new teaman had been round the outskirts of the townseldng his prime new season's tea at the extraordinarily low price of 41. per quarter, and of all the streets he visited, in none was he more successful than in Mount street. In one of the houses in this street,! where he found ready and willing customers, was one in which a number of ladies and gentlemen of the Irish persuasion had assembled. After duly bargaining over the price, the quarter became the property of the lady of <he house. The teapot was got ready, and a few spoonfulls of the new mixture popped into it; time was given it to "draw," and when this artistic process wa.s complete, the de- coction was poured into cups for the refreshment of ¡ the assembled friends. It having been handed j round, one of the ladies remarked How wake it is." 1 "Oh," remarked the hostess, "that's because of the green tea and the caper that's in the same." This was considered a very satisfactory explanation, and l no other questions were asked until all had tasted the tay." Then all looked at one another, and a serious fit of coughing ensued, which seemed to in- dicate that all was not right. Let's look at the j laves" said one of the ladies, and at once a spoon descended into the interior of the pot. A quantity 'I of very yellow locking laves" were on it, and a smell of it led to the exclamation Sawdust, by Jabers." The cat was let out of the bag how tho tea could have been sold so cheaply, and it was well for Mike that he made himself conspicuous by his absence.





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