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iÜrary. A WOMAN'S PATIENCE, by Mrs. E. J. Worboise (London, J. Clarke and Co., Fleet-street).—In this book Mrs. E. J. \V orboise brings clearly before us a woman's untiring patience and with such provocation for anger and aversion as the heroine of her story con- tinually experienced, we think her exemplary forbear- nce was worthy of the recompense she subsequently received, in being the possessor of her husband's love. If the object of the authoress is to show forth thi particular embellishment of female character, then her efforts hltve been attended with the highest success. We should have been better pleased had the unworthy husband met with more condign punishment. Having, at the suggestion of his father, married an innocent and gentle girl, solely that her immense wealth might be the means of averting the ruin of an impoverished aristocrat, his treatment of a loving wife is such a course of systematic •cold-hearted cruelty, that we think the authoress has dealt with him in a more gently manner than he de- served. Our sympathies go forth very strongly with Mrs. Walker, the mother of the unhappy bride, who perceives, when too late, the misery of her daughter. On the whole the story has been well arranged, and forms a most readable novel.

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