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¿1J)brrs. T?PPS^ NEW MILLS.-Bm7àiri!1' News says,- "Tkese extenive premisps have II tMal frontagp to HoJ]awl trept, Blackfriars, of nb.,m 3i0?t. Th > height fmm 1hp semi-basement :11. r.o¡ th parapets varies from 611ft. to 72ft., while the clr.rk tower stands about 110ft. above road levpl, thp whtsif forminc an imposing buildiner. whethpr viewed from the !?ivpr Thames or the bustling thoroughfare. TTle total area of the vnriou* floors. &c., amounts to nearly two acres whilp the area of glass in the windows is about 11,000ft." EPPS'S COCOA.-The Civil Service Gazette savs :—" By a thorollgb know^dge of the natured laws which govern tbe o erations of dis-estion and nutrition, an4 by a carpful application of the fine properties of well-selected Cocoa. Mr Epp* has pro. vided our breakfast-tables with a delicately flavoured beveraere, which may save us many heavy doctors' bills. It, is by the judicious use of such articles of diet that a constitution may be gradually built up until strong enough to resi,t every tendency to disease Hundred of ubt]e maladies are fi .ating around U. readv to attack whe-e er fh'-re i¡;; a weak point We mav escape m'lny a fatal shaft by keeping ourselves weU tortifi d with pure blood and a properly nourishpd frame." EPPS'S COCOA.-All the Year Round says :— Having now disposed of fancy chocoiates, let us I stroll to Holland."trept. B1 ickfria>s, to Epos's cocoa manufactory, where may be studied the making of coc a on a stupendous scale. giving II just idea ot the value of thee articles, not as luxuries, but as actual food." EPPS'S COCOA.-Land and Water says :— Through the kindness of Messrs. Rpps, I recenMy had an opportunity of seeing the many complicated and varied processes the Clcao bean passes through ere it is old for public USP, and being interested and highly pleased with what I saw Curing my visit to the rnauulactory, I thought a brief account of the cacao and the way it is manufactured by Messrs. Epps to 1H it for a wholesome and nutritious b"vpra,rp, might be of interest to the readers of Laml and Water. EPPS'S COCOA.-Court Journal says :—" In a climate -0 varying and trving as our own to m iin- tain sound and uniform health, our daily diet cannot 1.Je tOJ carefully and attentivelv studied. Advancing science and recent discoveries have, within the last few years, been instrumental in adding spveral most valuablp additions t' > our c0111p'lrativeIY'1Or' list of dietetic foods. Foremost amongst these should be ranged cocoa, wLich, althou. h known he e sereral celltllres previously, only came into general use within the last forty years. Üne of tile first t.) poru. larise this now indislwnsable udjnnct to our table wa" Mr. James Epps, whose • Prepared Cocoa" has gained such just repute for its exc-llect and 11I1Irit;011s character. Prepared orisrinally On homoeopathic principles, in a soluble and conveaient form, and eav of digestion, it met a public demand, "pepdi y b. eame popular, until now, .i\jeSSr, Epps producp samp five millions of p unds of their cocoa a year, and th ir manufactory is the largest ofits kind in this Cuuntr) EPPS'S COCOA.—CasselVs HonsellOld Guide says We will now give an account of the proce-s adopted by Messrs. James pps and Co., manufac- turers of dietetic articles, at their works in Hoiland- street, Blackiriars, London," EPPS'S COCOA.-John Bull says :—" In no branche of industry are recent scientific and chemical disroveries more generally applied than ill those upou which our food supply is so largPly dependent. I'he luxuries of the last generation have in many cases become the daily necessaries of the present. A forci- ble illustration of this is to be found iu the en0rmous increase in the consumption of cocoa ear by year in exact proportion to the incr;a,;e.i' facili ties for its manufacture. An iaea of the vast extent of this industry may be gained from the fact that OOe firm alone-that vf Messrs Epps and CO.-n"w sdl some five millions of pounds annually. The "Homoeopathic Cocoa' of .\[pssrs. Epp has, during the many years it has been before the public, gained g-reat and just repate which its excellent quality and careful prepara- tion certainly eutitle it to, A cocoa in solublp form, and combining what is technically known a fle;h- forming' alld heat-giving properties, is cleany au invaluable addition to our scanty Ii-t of dietetic foods. Such iYlc,;srs. Epps claim for their prep.1 red cocoa, and such analysis, and-most valuable of all-ex- perieuce has proved it to be." EPPS'S COCO A.-Christian World says If I am to take cocoa: said I, I must know what it is made cf; I must examine the proc ss; I m;i-t dive into thp mystpry of its manufacture 1 must see and judge for myelí what are the ingredients of whic!1 it is composed with thi, view I made my way to the manufactory of .iames Epps and Co., in Hol,and- strpe Blackfriars." T?PPS' COCOA.—Naval and Jfilitary C/azette says The nutritive qualiiies of cocoa over either those of tea and coff, e a e now >0 acknow- ledged that the steady increasp shewn by official statistics iu its consumption during recent years, ceaes to be a matter of surprise cine of tin- first firms to popularise this now indispensable adjunct to our breakfast tabl" was :\1es5rs. Epps and Co whose name, since 18 >9, has been -0 continuously before the public, alld whoe Homoeopathic Co.a is as familiar in our homes as the proveibial bousehol words.* Those whose lJuintss it ha- been to wa ch at Messrs. Epps's Works the ebbora, p and comp ex processes, and to note the care and labour be-to .e befor ■ the crude cocoa hea" is considered n-ady for c .nsumption. cannot but admit that the popul 1 ii y M ^-rs. Epp-'s productiolls have secured is fullv deserved. The va?tues» of these works may be imagine ivhen ii is staled that nearly five millions or p und- of pr-pared cocoa alone are prepared there yearly. The repu ation gained, now many years siuce. for Mr. James Epps's preparation, both for iis puri'y and its valu- as a dietetic, has been more thau maintained. A eon- stantly illcrea8JRg aemaud fully testifies to this — which n ut be as gratifying to Messrs Epp", a„s it is certainly flattering to the g-ood faith (hey 11; v,, kept with the public to secure so granting a r "s-ult EPPS'S COCOA.-liforn£ng Advertiser says :— Iu the middle of rhe seven eeutu c?ntarv an announcement appeared in OHe of the Jew journals of that period, to the ellect, that out of Bis}npsgatp.- street, at a Frenchman's house, is an excell.-nt West India drink, citHed en c date, to be sold at reasona ble rat. 8,' '1 his i the first record we have of the introduc- tion of cocoa iuto England. For a t ine it flourished as a fashionabla drink, aud then, ike all fashions, subsided. Nearly two centuries after, 1ll 102, the duties, which had bHn prohibitive, were greatiy re- duced, and one of the fir" to take auvautaa-e of re- establi-hiag ttw popularity of cocoa WRS Messrs Epps and Co., the Homce >pa hic Chemists. Under the name of' Prepared Co.:oa: they introduced a soluble iiud convenient preparation, which requir.-d n,) boil- ing, aud was palatable alld highly nutr-tious. It met a public wailt, spepdily oecam" popular, ami yetr by year lws inc"eased in demand till the now reaches fiv lmllions of pounds yearly." PPPS'S COCOA. — Family Herald says — "The bpst makers-such as Messrs. Epps-sell ¡I pure preparation." EPPS'S COCOA. Church Review says :— "Although we ennot yet boast of a free br • ik'ast table, still the active legislati III ill furtherane" of that object dUr1n the last h df-century leave us much to be thankful for, A striking inst:1nce of th gcueral goood re,utin from the removal of heavy imposts upon our food supply, i- afforded by'the marvellous increase in th" consump ion of cicoa since 1 S;3, up to which period an almost prohibitive duty wa" levied. In 130 the total amount consumed in this coun ry was less than half a million pounds yparh. At the preseni timc one firm alonp, (hat of :\1 "S5r". James Epps and Co, t-Ie HomcBOpathic Chemists, sell annually nearly fire milliou pounds. EPPS'S COCOA.—Civilian says :—" In the 17th century, before either tea or coffee 21Ud found thpir way into the Enlish markets, cnocolale was a favourite beverage with the luxurhus chisses at that period; it then Iptched an almost fabulous price per pound. To-day, when modern cipnce and enterprise have placed it within the reach of every cla,5, cocoa is n't only still regarded as a palatable and refreshing drink, but is valued for its nutritive and dietetic qualities. One < f the first, we believe, wno may be cre\1ited with introduCÎlI1{ cocoa in its present form is Mr. James Epps. Prepared 011 sound diptetic principles, Epps's Homcepataic Cocoa contains ull the nutritive properties of the native product in such a form that they are rendered thoroughly soluble, aud, therefore illuch mor easy of digestion. The natural superabundance of fat present in raw COC01i is, more. over, not only counteracted but made to serve one ot the most essential functions of sound dit. Messrs. Epps's works are now, perhaps, the larest in the country, the cocoa produced there amounting to many million pounds a year." EPPS'S COCOA.-2JIim'ng World says :—" The preparation of pure and nutritious articles of diet i8, in point of philanthropy, noble work. The wear and tear upon brain and muscle in this age is growing more and more intense, so that without some com- pensating influence the eud must be hopeless col- lapse in individuals and national decay collectively. Fresh air and more wholesome and nutritious diet must be had at any price. Both food and drink need great improvement. A few chemists have don" great public service in this repect. Mr. James Epps, in the preparation of cocoa iu its various forms, has done more, perhaps, than auy other person to supply the tables of even the poorest with a most agrpeahle and wholesome article of diet. The application of modern science at bis extensive works has brought cncoa, once the dear-bought luxury of the higher classes, within the reach of all; aud there may now be found on the labourer's table. cocoa in belter and more nutritious form than the Royal breakfast tables of early kiag8 could bnast. Cocoa, 3.S prepared lJy Mr. Epps. is palatable, refreshing, strengthening, and inestim- ably preferable to the trashy tca and cof* e in general use." PPRANSVAAL. The following interesting -L letter, addressed to the firm of James Epps aod Co., bas just come to hand :—" Gentlemen,-Five years and a half ago I bought in Cape Town a case of your COCOa, and started with my family for this couutry. During five months'travelling we experienced scorch- ing heat, biting cold. Hoods of rains, and frightful droughts; in fact. we passed through all possible atmospheric changes. Almost daily we used for breakfast your cocoa, and sino our settlement here we did the at:1e from time to time, until, a few days ago, we finished the lt of the 420 packets contained in the case 1 have now much pleasure in stating, to your satisfac ion, that we not only found your cocoa mot grateful and comforting fer old and young. but also that the last packet was just as good RDd sound 80S the first, after so many yean' keeping, whilst the producisof other makers showed extreme decay after a few months only. In makia t1ûs statement I 801ely have in view to render full justice to those who deserve it, now that so many adultpratlOus of food are sent out to the colonies by unprincipled firms. You are ar full liberty to makeUBeof the above state- ment, requesting only not to publish my name.- E8tae Bosc.hdaJ.. near RusteDhI1l'g" 'IJ:a8øva'll." 1"1 r ftrafemm's bbrtSts. I' OPENING OF NEW PREMISES. PATERNOSTER BFILi-INGS, HOPE STREET, WREXHAM, November, 1879. JOHN ROGERS, MERCANTILE AND FANCY STATIONER, BOOKSELLER, NEWSAGENT, &c., R ESPECTFULLY announces that he has now entered his NEW AND COMMODIOUS PREMISES as above, which have been designed and erected to meet the special requirements of his large, varied, and increasing business. The Premises are now stocked for the opening with large special purchases of Home and Foreign Productions, to the inspection of which the Public are invited with confidence that both quality and price will be satisfactory. J. R. takes the present opportunity of thanking his friends and patrons for the favor shown to him during the Ten Years he has conducted his business in the town, and begs to assure them that his knowledge of the Trade, acquired by seventeen years practical experience, shall be devoted to the object of making his New Establishment worthy of their increased patronage and support. SPECIALITIES IN NOTE PAPER, ENVELOPES, OLD ENGLISH STYLES, COMMERCIAL, SCHOOL, OFFICE, AND GICIFERAL STATIONERY, PENCILS, BRUSHES, CASIS OF INSTRUMENTS, SCRAP ALBUMS, ILLUMINATED TEXTS, ACCOUNT BOOKS, DA-Y BOOKS, MEMORANDUM: BOOKS, WASTE BOOKS, LEDGE2I5, DIARIES, PRESENTATION BOOKS, BIBLES, CHURCH SERVICES, HYMN BOOKS. BIRTHDAY BOOKS, MUSIC, MUSIC POLIOS AND ROLLS, PLAYING CARDS & CARD I GAMES, CHRISTMAS CARDS, BIRTHDAY CARDS, TOWARD CATInS. PHOTO ALBUMS, INKSTANDS, WRITING DESKS, ¡ PEN AND CARD TRAYS, I PAPER KNIVES, LEATHER GOODS, l PURSES, POCKET KNIVES. NEWSPAPERS, PERIODICALS, AND MAGAZINES RECEIVED BY EARLY TRAINS AND SUPPLIED ON LIBERAL TERMS TO SCHOOLS AND SHOPS. PATERNOSTER BUILDINGS, 1446 HOPE STREET, WREXHAM. PHOTOGRAPHY. CARTES from 6s.; CABINETS, 15s.; OIL PAINTINGS from 30s. ROYAL LETTERS PATENT GRANTED TO BROWN, BARNES & BELL FOR ARTISTIC IMPROVEMENTS IN PHOTOGRAPHY. Churches, Mansions, Private Residences, Family Groups, Garden Parties, Fetes, &c., photo- graphed by Special Artists throughout North Wales. Favourite Animals dt Owner's Residence by appointment. WESTMINSTER BUILDINGS, LATE ART EXHIBITION, WREXHAM. 911 MURLESS AND KNIGHT, (LATE J. B. MURLESS d: SOlV), WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS, WREXHAM. Entrance to Offices and Stores in Wynnstay Arms Yard-first door on the right. IMPORTERS OF HOCKS, MOSELLES, BURGUNDIES, CLARETS, SAUTERNES, CHABLIS, BUCELLAS, AND OTHER LIGHT WINES. FINEST OLD COGNAC BRANDIES. HENNESSY'S & MARTELL'S CASED BRANDIES. OLD IRISH AND SCOTCH WHISKIES FROM BEST DISTILLERS. MOET & CHANDON, LOUIS ROEDERER, PERINET & FILS, AND OTHERS, ALSO SAUMUR CHAMPAGNES. PORTS AND SHERRIES. WOODHOUSE AND COo'S BEST MARSALA. AGENTS FOR THE HUNGARIAN WINE GROWERS' ASSOCIATION. Do. do. BELLTHAL BRUNNEN MINERAL WATERS. Do. do. J. SCHWEPPE & CO.'S MINERAL WATERS. BOTTLERS OF BASS'S BITTER ALE AND GUINNESS'S STOUT. 962 THE GUINEA WREXHAM. PALE INDIA ALE, A delighfml Tonia of a delicate Straw Colour and Fine Flavour, Brewed Expresslyfor Family Use, by THE WREXHAM BREWERY COMPANY, }AG'S HEAD BREWERY, MOUNT STREET, WREXHAM. -=-2? THE CELEBRATED PALE INDIA ALE. THE GUINEA WREXHAM: M GALLONS for 21B., 9 GALLONS for 10s. 6d., delivered carriage paid. THE WREXHAM BREWERY COMPANY, BREWERS, WREXHAM. 13* L AM 0 N T AND SON ARE NOW SHOWING "THE ROYAL AXMINSTER CARPET," THE CARPET OF THE FUTURE. IN appearance and wear equal to any foreign carpet, at a cost of little more than the best Brussels made in designs and colouring, suitable for Drawing Rooms, Dining Rooms, Libraries Corridors, &c. It has a thick, close pile, is very agreeable to walk upon, and is undoubtedly THE BEST AND MOST ECONOMICAL CARPET EVER PRODUCED. BRUSSELS CARPETS IN GREAT VARIETY, FROM 3s. 3D. PER YARD. TAPESTRY CARPETS FROM Is. 10D. PER YARD. OILCLOTHS AND LINOLEUMS AT REDUCED PRICES. LAMONT & SON respectfully invite attention to their large and well selected Stock of METALLIC BEDSTEADS AND BED DIN Go In their Own Manufacture. UPHOLSTERY AND CAB ET MANUFACTORY AND SHOWROOMS, EASTGATE, CHESTER. 1458 ANDREW STORRAR, GENERAL AND FURNISHING IRONMONGER, 97, FOREGATE STREET, CHESTER. Andrew Storrar invites Special Attention to the following :— FENDERS, FIR E IBONS, C 0 A L VASES, ROOFING FELT, WRINGING AND MANGLING MACHINES, JOINERS' TOOLS. BOOT PROTECTORS. ESTIMATES GIVEN FOR BUILDERS' AND OTHER IRONMONGERY.

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