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The North Wales Public Supply Stores' Teas are the purest, the best, and the cheapest. 14, High-street, Wrexham. 77 Pure, strong, and delicious Teas and Coffees can always be obtained at the North Wales Public Supply Stores, 14, High-street, Wrexham. 77 Estimates are given upon application at the Guardian Office, 26, Hope-street, Wrexham, for printing cata- logues, friendly societies' rules, balance sheets, accounts memorandums, invoices, programmes, circulars, colliery pay sheets, cheque and receipt books, time sheets, bankruptcy forms, articles of association, conditions of sale, &c. PAGE WOODCOCK'S WIND PILLS have for twenty-five years held the first place in the world as an effectual antidote to Indigestion, Wind on the Stomach, Bilious- ness, and all complaints arising from a disordered state of the Stomach, Bowels, or Liver. Tonic, invigorating and purifying they form the best remedy extant. Of all Chemists, Is ld, and 2s 9d, per box, or of Page D. Woodcock, Calvert Street, Norwich, for stamps. Thousands die every year through neglecting a simple cough or cold.—Hill's Medicated Balsam gives imme- diate relief and completely cures coughs, colds, influenza, asthma, bronchitis, difficulty of breathing, and all affections of the chest. It is agreeable to taste, can be taken by the most delicate adults and children, and is invaluable to all having the charge of large establish- ments, schools, institutions, &c. Sold everywhere. Bottles Is. Hd., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., and lis. London agents: Barclays, Sangers, &c.; Exeter, Gadd and Co.; Liverpool, Evans and Sons. Proprietor, E. Hill, Wel- lington, Somerset. NOTICE.— £ 20,000 worth of valuable books to be given away.—Shopkeepers in every town and villiage in this county can attract customers and largely 8xtmd their business, by exhibiting the show cards and cases of handsomely-bound volumes, which (latter; are provided gratis by Poland, Robertson, & Co., to be presented to each purchaser of 31b. of their delicious Book Bonus Pure Tea at 2s. 8d. per pound. The pur- chase can be made up of ilb. packets or otherwise, as may be most convenient to the buyer. Poland, Robertson, and Co.'s Teas suit all tastes and all pockets. Prices from 2s. to 4s. per lb. In packets, canisters, caddies, and chests, from 2oz. to lewt. All parcels carriage free. Terms £ agency on application.. Wholesale war 9, Cadaia-road, Loudon, E.C»


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