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jfomgn Intelligence. SPAIN. THE ROYAL MARRIAGE.—The Archduchess Christine and her mother left Vienna on Monday for Spain. On Wednesday, her Royal Highness will arrive at Paris, where Queen Isabella will give a State dinner in her honour, and on the following day hold a reception. On Friday, the Archduchess will leave for Spain, upon the frontiers of which she will be received by several Grandees. TURKEY. THE PROPOSED REFORMS.—The Government on Tuesday published an official declaration concerning the proposed reforms. In it it stated:—"In accordance with the sovereign under the Council of Ministers. after profund study of the great question, has arranged the necessary reforms in two categories. The first includes a project of statutes for the ministrative re- organisation of the European provinces—statutes which have to be sent into the vilayets and to be there sub- mitted to a preliminary examination by the local com- missions. This category likewise includes immediate execution of the reforms necessary for the re-organisa- tion of the administrative system in Asia and other localities of the Empire. The second category compre- hends the re-organisation of the Ministry and of all branches of the public administration, so as to ensure the speedy execution of affairs, the proper distribution of work by the various administrations according to their respective competence, and the prompt execution of all reforms of a nature to develop the resources of the country. The result of the researches and labours of the Council of Ministers in each of these great categories having been submitted to His Majesty has received his supreme sanction. The reality and efficacy of these reforms will speedily be publicly proved by certain and brilliant facts. From this moment it is made known to all that the project of an organic statute for the provinces of European Turkey has been sent into the vfdayets, and that the laws concerning the attribution of the Ministerial responsibility, after having been sub- mitted to the deliberations of the Council of Ministers and then discussed and approved by the commission of lawyers, have received the Imperial sanction and shall be immediately put into execution." ZULULAND. PROGRESS OF AFFAIRS —The Cape mail brings a rumour that Umbulazi, who contested the Zulu succes- sion with Cetywayo, is still alive, and about to return to claim his inheritance. Several of Sir Garnet Wolseley's nominated chiefs are believed to be nego- tiating for a transfer of their districts to John Dunn, who has published the conditions on which a limited number of missionaries will be allowed to have stations in his territory. The Premier of Cape Colony had held a parley with Moirosi under a flag of truce, but no satisfactory conclusion was come to, and firing recom- menced. AFGHANISTAN. General Roberts has issued another proclamation to the Afghans, as he was informed that many of them had taken up arms, under the belief that Yakoob was a prisoner in the British camp. The British Government, he says, is willing to believe that such people were deceived by evil-minded persons, and he therefore pro- claims an amnesty on the condition that all arms are surrendered to the British authorities. Those who take advantage of the amnesty, he adds, will be allowed to return to their homes without molestation. It is, how- ever, not to apply to any one concerned in the attack on the Embassy. A Teheran telegram states that according to the reports of the merchants who have arrived there the news of the massacre at Cabul was received at Herat with exultation by the population, who expressed their determination to defend their city to the utmost. Up to the present time 49 Afghans, who were con- victed of taking part in the attack on the British Embassy, have been handed. Our troops are slowly destroying an immense quantity of gunpowder which was found in the Bala Hissar. SOUTH AMERICA. THE WAR.—The latest news received via Lisbon concerning the war in South America states that the Chilian army was advancing, while the Bolivians were said to be about to retire, in consequence of disputes with the Peruvians. A grand demonstration took place at Valparaiso on the 20th inst., on the occasion of the Hauscar being towed into harbour by the Chilian vessels. The captured nag was carried through the city amidst the enthusiastic acclamations of the inhabitants. The turret and hull of the Peruvian ram are pierced in several places, but the Chilians hope to completely repair the vessel in two weeks' time.


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