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Sales im urf ion. 'J Messrs, W. Dew & Son. NEAR LLANGOLLEN. COUNTY OF DENBIGH. First Annual Sale of the well-known Herd of Welsh Cows, Heifers, and Bulls, Sheep, etc., at PLAS-YN-VIVOD. Important to Breeders of Welsh Cattle, Flock Masters, Butchers, Farmers, and others. Attractive Sale of seven pure-bred WELSH COWS and six two-year old WELSH HEIFERS, all in calf to prize bolls, takers of prizes at the Royal Kilburn and other Shows ten Yearling WELSH HEIFERS four BULL CALVES, and three year- ling BULLS, all got bv prize-takers out of prize cows; one two-year old WELSH BULL, winner of the first prize as a yearling at "Kilburn" Royal Agricultural Show. 80 prime fat four-year old WELSH WEDDERS 245 ditto EWES and 75 EWE LAMBS, all fit for the butcher." An assortment of IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, including the Allmn corn grinding mill, harvest cart and waggon, three one-horse carts, corn drill, iron ploughs, scufflers, roller, rick stand, &c., which, in accordance with instructions received from Captain ) Best, Will be Sold by Public Auction, by MESSRS. WM. DEW & SON, at the Home JJr-L Farm, a above, On TUESDAY, the 25th day of NOVEMBER, 1879. Luncheon at Eleven a.m. Sale to commence at 11. 30 a. Tn. Plas-yn-Vivod is situate within one mile from Berwvn fetation, three miles from Llangollen, and seven miles from Corwen. Fourteen days' keep will be allowed for the sheep, thus affording butchers the advantage of three markets. Catalogues giving full particulars of the Stock mav be bad at any of the principal Hotels in North Wales, Chester, Shrewsbury, and Birmingham or the BAILIFF at the Home Farm and of the AUCTIONEERS, WeMeld House, Bangor, and Town Hall, Rhyl. 1434. Messrs. Bangh, Jones, and Co. SMITHFIELD, WREXHAM MESSRS. BAUGH, .TONES AND CO., win hold their next SALE OF STOCK in the above ,Smithfield, ON THURSDAY, NOV. 20, 1870. Stock already entered, viz :— A lot of prime fat Beasts. A lot of useful Dairy Cows. Several fresh Barrens, Calving Heifers, and Short-horned Bulls. A nice lot of fat Sheep, Lambs, Calves, and Pigs. Sale at Ten o'clock. Settlements at close of Sale. WREXHAM SMITHFIELD. GREAT SHOW AND SALE OF CHRISTMAS FAT STOCK. ] ¡ MONDAY, DECEMBER 15TH, 1879. j t MESSRS. BAUGH, JOXES and co. beg to thank their patrons and friends for their constant i support, and that they will hold their Christmas Sale of Fat Stock on Monday, the 15th day of December, 1879, When the following Stock will be offered :— Very ripe fat Bulls, Oxen, and Heifers. A magnificent lot of Shropshire Down and Clun Wethers. t A splendid lot of two and three-year-old Welsh ) Wethers. ] A number of Pork and Bacon Pigs. £ Entries respectfully solicited. The Auctioneers beg to offer the following Prizes for competition < For the best lot of Fat Cattle, not less than three in awnber, a SILVER CUP, value £ 7 7s. For the best pen of Five Sheep, a SILVER, CUP, Talue £ 5 5s. j A LADIES' PRIZE will be given to the owner of j the beat lot of Fat Pigs, not less than three in number. A SILVER CUP, value 5 guineas, will be given to j the owner of the best pair of two-year old or "two- teethed Heifers sold, and to be in the possession of the owner for at least two months before the day of sale. Open only to our supporters of the Wrexham or Rossett Auction Marts. I The Stock that takes the above Prizes to be bona fide sold, otherwise the Prizes will be withheld. I r Stock to be in the Mart at 9 o'clock Sale at 10. ] E Mr. J. J. Steward. 1 CHESTER DECEMBER FAIR. t MR. J. J. STEWARD will hold his next i ^cmthly Sale of HORSES, CARRIAGES, HARNESS, &c., at the Grnvenor Paddocks, Chester, on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 11th. Early entries are solicited. Offices: Chester and Runcorn. 1460 •— — — — Mr. J. D. Lewis. ASSEMBLY ROOMS, DENBIGH. Specially important and highly attractive Sale of a Choice and Valuable Collection of Genuine WATER COLOUR DRAWINGS and OIL PAINTINGS, comprising fine original examples by the following eminent Artistes, viz. IN WATER COLOURS BY John Varley, I George Shalders, David Cox, P. Nasmyth, P. De Wint, T. Creswick. S. Prout, I OIL PAINTINGS BY W. Shayer, I George Armfield, T. S. Cooper, Patrick Nasmyth, Clarkson Stansfield, John Crome George Morland, I and other distinguished Painters, the whole being the property of a Gentleman in the neighbaurhood. MR. J. D. LEWIS will Sell by Pubilc Auction, at the Assembly Rooms, Denbigh, On TUESDAY, 25th DAY of NOVEMBER, 1879, the above Valuable Paintings. Full particulars in catalogues, which may be had of tke Auctioneer. On view on Monday, the 24th instant, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sale on Tuesday, the 25th instant, com. tnencing at Two o'clock p.m. N.B.—The Auctioneer has the utmost confidence in recommending this very fine collection to the considera- tion of real lovers of high-class art; the present, there- fore, offers an opportunity to connoisseurs to enrich their collections, such as seldom occurs in the provinces. J. D. LEWIS, Auctioneer, Surveyor, and Valuer. Denbigh, November 12,1879. 1451 Sale h12 c f 10 IT. Ml. Lloyd. WREXHAM SMITHFIELD. FAIR DAY, THURSDAY, NOV. 20TH, 1879. MR. LLOYD'S next AUCTION will take place on Thursday, Nov. 20th, 1879, the present entries will include :— A prime lot of Fat Heifers, Bullocks, and Bulls. Several magnificent Dairy Cows and Heifers, Calved and to Calve (this auction is noticed to be one of the leading sales for first class Dairy Cows during this time of year). A lot of choice Barrens, Stirks, and Stock Bulls. A magnificent selection of Fat and Rearing Calves, Heifers, and Bulls from the leading Stocks in the neighbourhood of Cheshire. A prime lot of Shropshire and Welsh Wethers, also Store Sheep. A number of Pork and Bacon Pigs, In-pig Sows, and Store Pigs. Sale at 10.30 prompt. j, ORDER OF SALE :—Store Cattle, Fat Cattle, Calves, Pigs and Sheep. HORSE SALE, First FAIR in the Month, at two o'clock. All entries taken up to morning of Sale. Offices, Plassey, Wrexham. 'r.<n.o.OtI"W;¡y. Insurances. LAW UNION FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE — COMPANY. Established in the year 1854. Chief OXice-126, Chancery Lane, London, W.C. The Funds in hand and Capital Subscribed amount to upwards of £l,;jOO,ooo sterling. Bv express provision in the Company's Deed of Settlement, and by the Conditions of the Policies of the Company, the Capital and Funds of each Department are kept distinct, and under no circumstances can the Capital or Funds of one Department be applied to the payment of Losses or Expenses incurred in the other Department. Chairman JAMES CUDDON, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, Gold- smith Building, Temple. Deputy Chairman CHARLES PEMBERTON, Esq. (Lee & Pembertons), Solicitor, 44, Lincoln's Inn Fields. Local Directors EVAN MORRIS, Esq., Solicitor, Wrexham. R. J. SISSON, Esq.. J.P., Registrar of the High Court of Probate, St. Asaph. EDWARD BREESE, Esq., Clerk of the Peace for Merionethshire, Portmadoc. Actuary and Secretary: FRANK M'CEDY. FIRE DEPARTMENT. j. The terms are in general the same as those of the principal Fire Insurance Offices. The capital respou- sible for losses is i;750,000, exclusive of the Reserve Fund. The business is conducted with liberality and promptitude. LIFE DEPARTMENT. j CAPITAL. The LtwLTiion Insurance Company is based upon a principle which combines the benefit of Mutual In- mrance, with the guarantee of a Subscribed Capital. i ( The amount of such capital in the Life Department ] s £250.000 fully subscribed. Whilst perfect security is ;]ms afforded, the number and character of the Share- lolders (almost all of whom are members of the legal profession) will command a large amount of business, md consequent advantages will arise to be Insured. ] BONUS. i ( The profits are divided every five years, and the t issured entitled to participate receive the WHOLE OF SUCH < ?KOFITS, with the exception of 5 per cent. of the Pre- ] niums received during the Quinquennium (which t jelongs to the Proprietors). Any Bonus declared may I )e received in cash, added to the sum assured, or be [ Lpplied to the reduction of the Premiums. c Prospectuses, and every information sent on applica- tion to fhe Secretary, or to any of the following I LOCAL AGENTS "J DENBIGHSHIRE rAMES POWELT, Solicitor, The Priory, Wrexham. FLINTSHIRE: SISSOX & GEORGE, Solicitors, Rhyl & St. Asaph. EDWIN Yv ILLIAMS, Parliament Street, Bryn Uyfryd, Iihuddlan. 1410 Pomtr- <0 MONEY WITHOUT SURETIES.—Before applying elsewhere for a Loan, send for a pros- )ectus of the NATIONAL MERCANTILE BANK, LIMITED, 3, Great Charles-street, Birmingham, vhich will show where responsible Borrowers can im- nediately obtain money upon their own security, at a < nuch lower interest than charged by Local Societies or g deposit Banks. No sureties, law costs, or unnecessary i expenses required, and the strictest secrecy can be ] iafely relied upon. Apply personally, or state amount ■equired, and when. DAVID TURNER, Manager. N.B.—Distance no object. The money advanced by he above Bank during the past few years TWO MILLIONS, and no good application is ever refused. Established 1867. 1073 t — a MONEY I MONEY MONEY ——— [MMEDIATE Cash Advances made, from S5 L upwards, on Furniture, Trade and Farm Stocks, vithout removal or publicity,—Apply to W. L. JONES AND CO., Eldon Chambers, 1085 Dolgelley. MONEY MONEY!! MONEY! 52, TOWER BUILDINGS, WATER-STREET, LIVERPOOL. N. S. HART, SOLB PROPRIETOR. TO ALL IN WANT OF MONEY.—Time and J_ unnecessary expense can be saved by applying, either personally or by letter, to the above address, where cash advances are made from tIO to ;Ci,ooo (with- out sureties) on the shortest possible notice, and on the most reasonable terms. Repayable by easy instalments to suit borrowers. Can be made either personally or remitted by post-office orders, or in postage stamps, thereby affording every facility to parties wh»se thne is an object to them. Please to note the address as above. N.B.—No eon- nection with any ither office. 108 WREXHAM DISTRICT PERMANENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY. Incorporated under the Building Societies Acts, 1874. SHARES, M EACH. Entrance Fee, Is. per Share or part of a Share. THIS SOCIETY is now prepared to make Advances, repayable in a certain number of years, on Mortgage. A Meeting is held on the first Monday in each month, for receiving subscriptions and enrolment of members. For further particulars, apply to the Secretary, J. B. SHIRLEY. No. 13, Temple-row, Wrexham. 6 1£tgal anD vublit JDfiCts. WHEREAS, JOSIAH ROBERTS JENKINS, of Ruthin, in the County of Denbigh, gentle- nI I • ILN' an(^ ^le Reverend ROBERT JONES ROBERTS, of Llandyssil, in the County of Montgomery, Clerk m Holy Orders, being respectively interested under the provisions of "The Inclosure Acts 1845 to 1878," in the Land and Hereditainents set forth in the Schedule hereunder written, with the Easements and Appur- tenances thereunto belonging, and being desirous of effecting an Exchange of the same, have made application, m writing, to the Inclosure Commissioners for England and Wales, to direct inquiries whether such proposed Exchange would be beneficial to the Owners of such respective Lands and Hereditaments, and to proceed with the same under the provisions of the said Acts. -Now the Inclosure Commissioners for England and Wales, being of opinion that such Exchange would be beneficial, and that the terms thereof are just and reasonable, hereby give notice that they will cause to be framed and confirmed, under their Hands and Seal, and order of Exchange in the matter of the said application, unless notice, in writing, of dissent to the said proposed Exchange be given to them by some person entitled to an Estate in, or to a charge upon, the said Land and Hereditaments or any part thereof, on or before the 23rd day of February next. THE SCHEDULE TO WHICH THE FOREGOING NOTICE REFERS. Land and Hereditaments in which the above-named JOSIAH ROBERT JENKINS is interested, situate in tn,j Parish of Derwen-y-mal, in the County of Denbigh, and proposed to be Exchanged for the Land and Here- ditaments hereinafter specified. .flo. on. Tithe ilIap. Description. a. r. p. C90 i "C'ae Plwm," arable, in the occupa-\ 0 1 ( tion of Isaac Lloyd j ° The above is part of an estate called the "Henllvs Estate." Land and Hereditaments in which the above-named ROBERT JONES ROBERTS is interested, situate in the Parish of Derwen-y-mal, in the County of Denbigh, and proposed to be Exchanged for the Land and Here- ditaments hereinbefore specified. No. on Tithe Map. Description. a. r. p. ( "Wernddu,"in the occupation of) o o r. I John Williams j ° The above is part of an estate called the Gallty- celyn Estate." WITNESS my hand this Gth day of November, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy-nine. Inclosure Commission, CHARLES WOOD, 3, St. James's Square, By Order of the Board. London, S.W. 1422 IV1 A D A I E PAT E Y Will sing "The Minstrel Boy," "Terry O'Shea," "The Golden Gate," and "The old, old story," AT MR, HARRISS' GRAND CONCERT, IX THE CORN EXCHANGE, WREXHAM, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 28th. MISS CLELLAND Will sing" The Sailor's Grave," "I dreamt that I dwelt," "The Shadow Air from Dinorah, and Variations on the Carnival of Venice." MR. REDFERN HOLLINS Will sing "Adelaide," "Love's Request," "Goodbye, Sweetheart," "The Anchor's Weigh'd." MISS BESSIE WAUGH, MISS DAVIES, MISS AGNES HARRISS, AND MR. HARRISS Will perform Six Pieces on Collard & Collard's Grand Pianoforte. ] MR. VINCENT NEEDHAM Will perform "Scotch Airs and "Babillard on the Silver Flute. The Trains leaving Wrexham at five minutes to 10 will call at Rossett on this occasion. Special Trains will also run before and after the Concert. Admission, Is.; Balcony, 2s. Chairs, 3s. Numbered Stalls, 5s. Ticket to admit five, one guinea. Doors open at 7.30; Concert at 8. Carriages 10.M. Plans of Seats at Mr. Edisbury's, High-street, where tickets may be obtained; also of Mr G. O. Scotcher, Mr. Bayley, Mr. Rogers, Mr. Garratt-Jones, &c. THOMAS WILLIAMS (DECEASED). Pursuant to the Act of Parliament, 22nrl and 23rd Victoria, Chapter 35, intituled "An Act to further amend the law of property and to relieve Trustees." N JOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that all I persons having any claims or demands against, >r affecting the estate of, THOMAS WILLIAMS, ate of Wrexham, in the County of Denbigh, wine and spirit merchant, deceased (who died on the 5th day of June, 1879), and whose will, with two codicils thereto, .vas proved in the Principal Registry of the Probate Division of Her Majesty's High Court of Justice, on -lie 12th day of November, 1879, by Ann Williams, ividow, the reHc of the said deceased, and Thomas Brittain Williams and Robert James Williams (three )f the executors named in the said will) are required m send in the particulars of their debts, claims, or lemands to the undersigned, as Solicitor to the said Executors, on or before the 1st day of January next, at ;he expiration of which time the said Executors will proceed to distribute the assets of the said deceased imong the parties entitled thereto, having regard to the :laims only of which the said Executors shall then have lad notice, and for the assets or any part thereof so listributed, the said executors will not be liable to any lerson of whose, debt, claim, or demand they shall not ;hen have had notice. Dated this 18th day of November, 1879. J. ALLINGTON HUGHES, 32, Regent-street, Wrexham, 1465 Solicitor to the said Executors. WREXHAM FREE LIBRARY. THE Cojumittee have arranged to OPEN the Reading Room on WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 10TH, 1879, At Twelve o'clock. His Worship the MAYOR (Mr. Alderman Smith) Lnd the Town Council and Borough Officials will as- emble at the Guildhall at 11.30, and proceed thence n their Robes of Office to the Town Hall, when the leading Room will be formally declared open. The attendance of the public is respectfully invited. In connection with the above, an EVENING CONCERT lYill be held in the PUBLIC HALL on the evening of he 10th December, 1879, in aid of the funds of the ibove institution, particulars of which will be adver- ised next' week. 1463 RESIGNATION OF THE TOWN CLERK OF WREXHAM. AT a MEETING of the Past and Present Mayors and Members of the Town Council, held at the Guildhall, on September 3rd inst.the Mayor in the chair, it was unanimously resolved "That a Testi- monial be presented to John James, Esq., Town Clerk, and that such Testimonial take the form of an Oil Painting." All present intimated their intention of subscribing. Subscriptions will be received by the Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, DR. EYTON-JONES, Grosvenor Lodge, Wrexham, who will acknowledge their receipt in the local papers. £ s. d. Amount already acknowledged 160 5 6 Additional Subscriptionj. Sir W. Williams Wynn, Bart. 5 5 0 Sir R. A. Cunliffe, Bart 110 W. Rarmondi, Esq., London 3 3 0 John Lewis, Esq., solicitor 1 1 0 Alexander Reid, Esq., solicitor 1 1 0 Miss Davies, Denbigh 1 1 0 Total 2172 17 6 1224 DENBIGHSHIRE INFIRMARY & GENERAL DISPENSARY. THE ANNUAL BALL in aid of the funds of JL this charity will take place in the COUNTY HALL, DENBIGH, On THURSDAY, 18th DECEMBER NEXT. PRESIDBNT DOUGLAS WYNNE GRIFFITH, ESQ., GARN. —— Dancing to commence at Nine o'clock, By order, I W. VAUGHAN JONES, Secretary. I D«nbigh, 19th Nor., 1879. 1462 I A CHRISTMAS TREE Will be Held in the t CORN EXCHANGE, WREXHAM, ( ON DECEMBER 15TH AND 16TH, 1879, o For the purpose of defraying the debt upon jr the Church of St. John the Baptist, r Hightown, and upon the Tenter's School (for enlargement). a E The following Ladies will preside at the Stalls.- The Mayoress, Lady Cunliffe, Mrs. Acton, Mrs. Bury, Mrs. T. Burj*, Mrs. Edisbury, Mrs. T. Burr, Mrs. Edisbury, Mrs. Goodier, Mrs. Greville, I Mrs. Howell, Mrs. Eyton-Jones, Mrs. W. Jones, Mrs. Kennedy, Mrs. Low, Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Strachan, Mrs. Tench, Mrs. R. Williams, Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Ll. Williams, Miss Beech, Miss Greville, Miss Grover, Miss Howell, Miss Kennedy, &c. There will be a large display of Ut-efal and Fancy Articles, Art Needlework, Staffordshire Pottery, Useful and Ornamental Basket Work, Chromos, Photographs, A Large Assortment of Toys. ^The Tree will be opened at 2 p.m. on Monday, 15th, and at 6 p. ft. on Tuesday, 16th. A Concert will be held each evening simul- taneously with the Sale. Admission each day Is., or Is. 6d. for the two days. Contributions of Work or Money will be gratefully received by the Stall Keepers. 1438 < £ bncati0rt. ROYAL INSTITUTION SCHOOL, LIVERPOOL. Head Master: REV. H. J. JOHNSON, M.A. MR. RICHARD W. JONES, B.A., Oxford, Assistant Master, will receive, aftei Christmas, a limited number of BOARDERS to attend the School. Terms, 60 guineas School Fees, 25 guineas. There are Five Scholarships, from £ 25 to C70 a year, tenable at the School and the Universities. Apply at the 1437 ROYAL INSTITUTION SCHOOL. TO THE NOBILITY AND GENTRY. SINGING AND MUSIC. r A LADY, pupil of eminent London Masters, desires Pupils. French spoken during lessons. The highest references. Iddress:-S. B. A., 15, WEST PARADE, 1316 R H Y L. D ISEASE PREVENTED, JJEALTH RESTORED, By the use of K AYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS, Which the experience of over 50 years proves to be the BEST FAMILY MEDICINE. THEY Purify the Blood. I Cleanse the System. Remove Obstructions. ) Improve the Digestion. Establish the Health. Sold everywhere at la lid,, 2a 9d., and 4s 6d per box. aae Erabesliitil's 3bfrwsses. THE NORTH WALES PUBLIC SUPPLY STORES. TO the Nobility, Clergy, Gentry, and Public generally of Wrexham and neighbourhood. The Premises hitherto known as C. K. BENSON & CO.'S OLD TEA WAREHOUSE, 14, HIGH STREET, WREXHAM, IS NOW OPENED AS THE NORTH WALES PUBLIC SUPPLY STORES, For the Supply of TEAS, COFFEES, FRUITS, SPICES, CONTINENTAL, FOREIGN AND COLONIAL GOODS, GENERAL GROCERIES, PROPRIETARY ARTICLES, PATENT I MEDICINES, &c., &c., AT WHOLESALE PRICES. s ¡ PRICE LISTS CAN BE HAD FREE ON APPLICATION NORTH WALES j- PUBLIC SUPPLY STORES" 1 14, HIGH-STREET, 1 11 WREXHAM. i ( I These Stores of Supply are based and conducted on he Co-operative principle,—the Smallest Profit for jash Payment, with a view to meet the requirements ,f a class of Customers who are able and willing to pay eady money for their goods, and reasonably expect to t a eceive full advantages for the same, thereby doing t ,way with the system whereby good customers are 1 aade to pay for the bad. NO SUBSCRIPTION: NO LIABILITY. 11 e OTB THE ADDRESS A 14, HIGH STREET, (opposite the North and South Wales Bank), WREXHAM, tt s JOHN H. KIDD & CO., MANUFACTCRES OF RAILWAY WAGGON COTEES RICK AND TENT CLOTHS, c CART COVERS, LIME SHEETS, Ail sixes fcep;, in slock. BRATTICE CLOTH, AIR-TUBING HO»;SK CLOTHS, WATERPROOF Ruas, INDIA-RUBBER GOODS c Ro ojing Dry Hair, and Bolter Ef.lt, SACXFE, COTTON WASTE, LAMP WICKS U ( t OFFICE# HOLT STREET, v;REXHAM. 5) t WILLIAM PIERCE, j CABINET MAKER & UNDERTAKER, BRIDGE-STREET, WREXHAM. Agent to the Patent Metallic Air Tight Coffin Company, Limited, Birmingham. THE COFFINS are highly recom- mended by all the Medical Practitioners of the neighbourhood. They are covered with black and crimson cloth or velvet; and every design of coloured metal furniture is used. The METALLIC SHELL COFFINS, en- cased in stout polished oak, or covered with cloth or velvet, can be had at a few hours' notice. SHELLS AND COPFINB ALWAYS IN STOCK. RIMBER, SLATES, BRICKS, TILES, CEMENTS, LATHS, SEWERAGE PIPES, And all other Buildiny Materials, AT E. MEREDITH JONES' TIMBER YARD AND STEAM SAW MILL CHARLES-STREET, 6a WREXHAM. 16s. 6d. TROUSERS. 16s. 6d. HAYING bought a large parcel of Scotch Tweeds and Angolas much below their market Talue, I am able to offer TROUSERS From those materials at SIXTEEN AND SIXPENCE. An WOOL. THOROUGHLY SHRUNK. LANGFORD, 4, VALE-STREET, DENBIGH, 1389 'Œ(a:i)tsmn' s ])bnsss. OHNE PHOSPHOR KEIN GEDANXE. ZOEDONE, a delicious sparkling tonic bever- age for daily use; containing the essential con- stituents of the BLOOD, the BRAIN, and KERYE TISSUIt- NON-ALCOHOLIC. OEDO-NE, a PHOSPHATED Inox BEVERAGE, Z invaluable to everyone engaged in professional, literary, scientific, commercial, athletic or other pursuits, involving the wear and tear of MENTAL OR PHYSICAL STRAIN. ZOEDONE, specially valuable to CONVALES- Z CENTS and INVALIDS. The healthy wil1 find. it a grateful and comforting beverage. ZOEDONE, recommended by the faculty.- Z Medical testimony post free. ZOEDONE, preferred by many to Champagne, Z at six to eight times the price. ZOEDONE mixes perfectly with Claret, other Z Wines, Beer and Porter. ZOEDONE, a beverage for WINTER, as well Zj as for SUMMER use, and for any CLIMATE. ZOEDONE, par excellence, a beverage for Z BALLS, PIC-NICS, EVENING PARTIES, BANQUETS, FETES, and other Festive occasions. OEDO-N-E, an elegant, pleasant, and sustain- z ing beverage for Railway Travellers, Tourists, and Emigrants. ZOEDONE, put up like Champagne, in Cham- Z pagne Bottles, and is fit for any table. ZOEDONE thus described by a medical con- noiseur :—" Everyone was struck with the variety and attractiveness of the liquids at the Dinner at the "Langham." By universal consent the palm was awarded to ZOEDONE," a sparkling, delicious, exhilarating drink, containing Phosphates and Iron." ZOEDONE, spoken of by leading journals in z7! Z corresponding high terms, and assigned it the highest place at the MEDICAL BANQUET. PRICE—including bottles and pick"gas—FREE ON RATTJI. AT WREXHAM :— Gs. 6d. per dozen, in half Champagne Bottles, usually ;ent in six dozen cases. 12s. per dozen in large Champagne Bottles, usually sent in three dozen cases. 6d. EXTRA PER DOZ. specially prepared for shipment, nd packed in casks. TESTIMONIALS. From William Carter, M.B., B.Se., L.L B., London, M.R.C.S.. London, Physicanto the Royal Southern Ho»- pital Liverpool, Lecturer on Materia Mcdica, Liverpool Royal infirmary School of Medicinc. June 9th, 1879. I have great pleasure in expressing the high opinion vhich I have formed of the value of Zoedone as a tonic )everage and medicine. It seems to me to meet a decided want, as by its neans we are enabled to prescribe phosphates of iron, ime, &c., not merely in a very assimilable, but as weu n a most palatable and refreshing form. I have prescribed it largely, and from my observation )f its effects believe it will be of great use to the )rofession. From Norman Kerr, M.D., F.L.S. 42, Grove Road, Regent's Park. London, loth May, 1879. Zoedone is a most agreeable, refreshing and elegant onic. This pleasant sparkling beverage, while most .cceptable at the social board, is an invaluable adjunct o medicine. William JI. DoJ>i-e, Edinburgh, Honorary Physician to the Chester Infirmary. Chester, June 14th, 1879. I have been much pleased with your effervescing drink lermed "Zoedone." I have tried it and found it an xtreiiiely agreeable, refreshing, and invigorating bever ige. I have recommended it to many of my patients vho are unanimous in speaking well of it. To Messrs Evans and Co. From the BC1". D. Howell, B.D., Vicar of Wrexhatn. Vicarage, Wrexham, North Wales, March 24th, 1879. Messrs R. Evans and Co.—Your "Zoedone" is -nema- Jarably the best non-alcoholic beverage I have Ier asted. It is used daily in my family. It is refreshing timuiating, and strengthening. From Dr. Stephens, Senior Physician, Infirmary for Children, LicerpoA. July rth, 1879. I have recommended Zoedone to many of my patienta, specially ladies and children, where I considered a little vine necessary, with, I am happy to say, the moat gratifying results. "I have carefully examined a, sample of the New derated Mineral Water, manufactured by Messrs. 3vans & Co., and to which they have given the name ,f Zoedone.' I find the statement made respecting ts composition to be fully borne out by the analysis. Elie Zoedone is a BRIGHT, SPARKLING, and VERY PLEA- iANT beverage, quite free from any medicinal taste in- leed, it forms a most agreeable and elegant vehicle for he administration of the Phosphates of Lime and Iron vhich it contains, and which are in a state of complete olution."—ARTHUR HILL HAKSALL. M.D., London, Author of ''Fcvod, its adulterations, and the method ox heir detection." AGENTS EVERYWHERE. PATETEE D. JOHNSON, F.C.S. MANUFACTURERS R. EVANS & CO., W R E X II A M NORTH WALES. POTATOES! POTATOES!! FAMILIES, Hotels, Public Institutions, t- the Trade supplied. SEND FOR PRICE LIST. MATTHEW JONES, WHOLESALE POTATO MERCHANT, 106, GRANVILLE STREET, BIRMINGHAM. 651 LAMPLOUGH'S pYRETIC SALIJIK. HAVE IT IN YOUR HOUSES, AND USE NO OTHER. This alone is the True Antidote in FEVERS, ERUPTIVE AFFECTIONS, Shi a OR BILIOUS SICKNESS. Having peculiar and exclusive merit*. For the protection of the public against nn authorised imitations, I have again appeal the law, and obtained a perpetual injunowoi^ with costs, against the defendant, a Chemist ha Manchester. SOLD BY ALL CHEMISTS. Observe—The Genuine has my name and Trait Mark on a Buff-coloured Wrapper, 113, HOLBOBN-HILL, LONDON. 9tt