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HINTS AND COMMENTS. It was erjovafcle, indeed, and probably no Council meetiv.- c n tq'ial that of Mopday last in intense inter cnae disappointment. It commenced with it.een' interr nptionsby Mr. Jno. Jones, but he must b-j pardoned because, as someone remarked, he cannot help it. He will pardon me, I know, but there are two things he ha* failed in, one is lleIf-mastery. and the other the diversion of the iole money. He was certainly most rude on Mon- day, but we will let that pass. Mr. J. Williams begged to support the nomina- tion 0. Mr. Smith," yes, and when he said this there was a visible change in the looks of the gentl rnen on the left of the table. They looked at 8De another, and as plainly as they could, said all up." And so it was. The interruption and ill- feel in <r of Mr. John Jones and the numerous re- plies oe Alderman Owen were equally useless. To Ipeak in the language of little orators, The die was cant," I. The deed was done." Alderman Smith was from that moment, and I may say (but it m"L not be repeated) that there would have beer no opposition to Alderman Smith had Mr. John Williams" begged to support Alderman Smith before." He may as well have said so before, and saved the defeat of the party who so highly lauded the few years' service of their hero. I say "party" because they feel the beating far more than does their nominee, who proved himself worthy of the chair much more by his straightforward, honest xpeech in congratulation of the Mayor, than did all the and ah'ing of his proposer. But the defeated did his best to console his sup- porters at the little luncheon which followed, where, after cooling salad, came—well, I won't say what. I am tot certain, but I am told that after the doors had been closed and bolted, the carefully prepared, but not needed speech, was delivered with true Bradley an vigour, and applauded with the back of the naiis. There was more mourning, however. Ondit that a lit' ie address had been prepared and framed to be presented to our worthy employer on his being elected Mayor of Wrexham," or something of that lort. It must have been exceedingly annoying. Here again were at least a couple of speeches pre- pared and not reeded. One will be put away with the Mayoral speech," the other with the address, and may they both rest in peace. The speeches on Monday were a poor lot, and the reporters will be much tempted to swear, I should think, at the amount of revision they had to pass them under. Repetition, straying, leaving the point entirely and neverreturning, and generally ill- chosen words characterised the majority of the apeeches. Of course I mean those which had re- ference to the ejection of Mayor. I am told the Town Clerk's farewell address was a neat little bit of composition. Perhaps I iray here remark that the present Mayor will not inflict long speeches on anyone. He is generally short, and to the point, and he stops when he has done-a good hint to a few I know. The Mayor said he had not prepared a programme for the yeur. Well, I will do it for him, and hope it will commend itself to all. Foreign Affairs.—New bye-laws; public baths; re-establishment of Gram- mar School; cleaner streets; reduction of rates; conclusion of Stansty and Chester-road drainage acheme; the elimination of fever, extension of tram line into the town, &c. Some Affairs.—Punc- tuality; less talking and a quicker despatch of business; better attempts at puns and jokes; con- sideration of subjects previous to coming to Council meetings, &c., &c. This is a programme which I guarantee will give a good following to any leader, and ensnre for him popularity even with the rate- payers of the West Ward. CLIO.




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