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HARVEST THANKSGIVING SERVICES. | RT. JAMBS' CHURCH. RHOSDDU. The thanksgiving services were held in this church on Sunday last, when the Vicar (Rev. D. Howell) preached in the morning. The church was very tastefully decorated. The chancel win- dows, which are of beaut, fully stained glass, were adorLed with a nice selection of flowers, and on the communion table stood a minature sheaf of oats. At the top of the wall was the text "I am the Bread of Life," which was bordered with green leaves. The altar rails were completely hidden by in assortment of flowers, and in front were c quantity of rich plants, kindly lent by Mr. Y. Strachan. Oa t he right-haud side is the prayer dèBk, w :;ich was tasteful y decorated by a fringe of oats mingled bpre and there with bright marigolds and dahlias. Near the b lse were several little sheaves with small sickles resting in them, which had a good effect. The fo ,1. of the desk had groups of apples phiced on a quantity of ferns, and alto- gether looked very nea The base of the was completely hidden by a lar,re sheaf of wheat mingled with poppies. The shaft was adorned with groups of oats, fernp, and poppies. bo k board had a large bunch of grapes hangirg in On the portions of the base wnich were visible, were wreaths of geraniums, roses, and a very pretiy heather. The pulpit had the largest amount of latour display d upon it, and although, perhaps, here was not tuch a qu mtity of <i, corat.ons it. was the most df, ctive of the whole. The top had round it a ear'and of crreen leaves, which showed exceedingly well over the fringe of oa s whicn lay underaea.th. A" each corner of the desk hung beautiful bunches of black grapes. There was, on the lower uoaiding-, anothei fringe of oats. The panels were neatly adorned with oats, while round the bottom moulding were wreaths of green leaves relieved with dahlias, (oseha", oars, and wheat. At the foot were large apph-s displayed on moss. The font had a very neat!y made minature hay stack, roofed with baney and wiieat, with a top of brightly coloured flowers. Toe foot of toe stack had laurel and iw leaves round it, while the base of the was c vered with various leaves. The holy of the church was well decorated, the windows bavin" flowers in tach. The following motors were h>ir>,r round the church :—"Gracious is the Lord," W pra se Thee, 0 God." Tne following ladies assisteo in the decoration of the chu-cii :—Mrs. Acto. M>s. Thomas, Miss Morris, Miss Ri<ius, the Missy Ret e in oy er, Waterhall, Miss Laird, Mrs. B-owu, Miss Wibiams, Miss Lrtton, Miss Morris (bprinsr R ad), and Mrs. VViiliams and the follow- ifg ladies and gentlemen c ntributed flowers, corn, &c. :—Ltdy Cunliff', Mrs. Walker, Miss Robinson, ] iUrs. Moiris, Mrs. Stsson, Miss Ihler, Mrs. Water- hall, Mr. Strachan, Mr. Harrison, Mr. Price, Mr. Humphreys, &e. BERSE. A harvest thanksgiving service took place at Ber-e Drelincourt on Sunday afternoon, the 2nd mstant. The Rev. D. Howell preached a very '9"+'11 con" — — n <( r „ £ L-i-o:y, an .urning b Ss. 2J.. was giVta te rhe ma Fo eitn aLssiou. lh, coo.-ch was Tvict-. "1 ti.-ally decoia ed by the Mises Hayes, of Gatewen. BUT SIN. On Wednesday and Thursday the thanksgiving services for the harvest were held in EivnectyA parish. The firs services, in Welsh, weiv held on Wednesday night, and the services on Thursday were at 10.30 and 6.30 in Welsh, and three o'clock in Eaglish. The preichers were:— Rev. J. H. Jones, curate of Co^wen Daniel E. Edwards, Cefn; and J. Morgan, of Melidan. LLANFAIR D.C. The harvest festival for this parish was held in St. Mary's Church, on Wednesday, November 5th. rbe services were as follows:—Holy Co'nu.union at 11 a.m. evening service in English at 3 30 with sermon by the Rev. John D«vii-s, M.A., r^ctOT of Llanddulas evening service in Welsh at 7 p.m., with sermon by the Rev. H. Humphreys, }1. rector of Henllan. Besides tbe above m"'n' ioned clergy, the following were also present Thtj Revs. James Jones and John Evans, Lianfwrog T. A. Thamas, Ef^nechtyd; John Williams, H,nbin; Basil M. Jones and John Jones, vicar and curate of the parish. The services were as bright aud vearty as could be desired. The church had been, as usual, very tastefully decorated, and as a sub- stial result of the day's proceedings, the sun of J614 lis. 4i. was collected at the offertory ia aid of the Denbighshire Infirmary. PENTREVOELAS. The annual thanksgiving services for *lv3 in- gathering of the harvest were heid in this p) i h on Monday, i h" 10 h irst. In th, the Litany was read by the Rev. E. Edwards, Yspytty, and an excellent sermon was preached by the Rev. J. Jenkyns, rector of Penmachno. The service in the evening was semi-choral, ani a ap- prooriate seimoa was preached by the Rev. J. Ev ins, curate of Llanrwst. The congregation was extremely large in both services. The singing throughout was thoroughly good. The church had been tastefuliy decorated for the occasion by the Misses Jones, Bron Eglwys. A colieciov. in behalf of the D-nbighshire Infirmaiy, v.iiieh amounted to JE4 9S. 2i. RHOSLLANERCH RUGOG. The harvest thanksgiving services woe i1-,1d a.t the above plice on Taosday evening d Wed- nesday, the 4 h and 5h inrtant. 1.1 th, E'-lish church, the R^v. M. Jones, Carno, pr i 1 on Tuesday evening, and the R v. D. Ii •well on Wednesday morning. In the Welsh cr.uroh. the Rev. D. R. Jones, Lodge, preached in the i > .-r ioon, and the Rev. M. Jones, Carno, in the The services were intoned by the Rev. T. Jones, vicar. Rev. J. Williams, curate, and Rev. D. W, "i uis, of Penycae. Both tee English and Welsh very tastetul'y decorated by the follow: i Mrs Jones, the Vicarage; the chancel, & by Mrs. Bishop (L'anerchrugog Hid;), Miss E.- u: Miss Constance Evans, and Miss Divies (B:o;iwyd'a.); the pulpit by Mrs. Fitch, Miss S. Forshaw, :\1;88 Liwrence; the reading desk by MissForsoaw, Misa E. Forsnaw, and Miss L. For-haw the hnt by Miss Hugi.es (Fenr.antJ, an 1 Miss Tur the sraealiers were diessed by Miss H inmer. Tne J. Williams and Mr. W. Hughes, Fennant". a--is:ed the ladies. Miss M. J. Griffith and M. A. Jones assisted in the elsh church. LLANUWCHLLYN. Harvest tl11.nksg-ivin¡¡; servic's commerced on V\ ednesdav evening week, when tne ;>rei >■ WQ,8 the W. D ivi^s, vicar, L an • iw He took for his text, Psalm 103, verse 13. -it his sermon was listened to OV a • c .i T ■ •• n ir>n- The lessons were read by the Rev. J. G ^ffith, Llanymawddwy, and the prayers by the Vicar; anthem, "0 mor bawddgar." At 8 15 a.m., Thursday, the H ly Com amnion administered to a goodly number of the communio. s. At 1) .30 a.m.. the third serried was held, T Vicar intoning, and the Rev. J. Griffitn, Lianyu} e.i *ry, preached from the 23 ret chapter of L h to 12th verses. The inthem "Arnit si y JlefaiV was sung, after the 3rd collect, by the choii. An Eaglish «erdce was held in the afternoon, Vicar intoned the service (Tallis), Rev. W. Wil- liams, Rhosygwalian read the lesions, and e Rv. T. LI. Williams, Wrexham, preached, taking his text from 139 h Psalm. 14'h verse. The evening service coxm mend at 6 30, when the servu-o was choral, th Vicar iutonin<r. Th-* pre icher was the Rev. W. Hughes, vicar, Lian^nd i*vvn, taking for his text the 6 h verse of the 67ih PSIIOJ. All the services were rem irkably well attended, especially so on Tursday evening, when the seats were literally crammed, several being obliged to stand during the seviee; it was, in fact, the urges: cojg-edition ev. r seen in the pirish churco. Tne auth >m, Teyrnasoedd y Ddaear," was rendered wi h goad taste by the choir at the evening se;Vce. Tiie usual cust m of the church uo saA occasions was entrusted to Mrs. W. WiUiims, Vicarage, Miss E hel Williams, Gwernb-fio, and Miss Wright, who did tneir work in n • •cnar which reflected the greatest credit Thi o era, font and reading desk were very neat and <• haste, as well as the commuuioD pI we. Nor&uig ro ad the eye in any way. Collections w re mid- in all the services towards the organ fund. IVo-igh the kindness and fore-thought of Rev. W. Wil- liams, vicar, people coming from a distaav II d dinner and tea in th- Nition.ii So:cr.We shon.d have stated that the neiv altar c:o and tne cloth hangiugs each side th- commu i;o j hhle, as well as the t> xt, Hily, H ly. rod on scarlet clo^u in silk leters, and rosti n a suitable position uader the east window, 16 a v;reat addition to the church. GOBSEDD. Thanksgiving services were held at Saint Paul's Church, T.h • service at three p.m. was well atien "toe preacher being the R *v. Daniel E iwarus, C-fn. He founded his discourse on the 3rd verse or the 9J h Psalm. and preached an exceil n' s e ason. Toe evening set viee at seven o'clock was 1,' 'V i-h, the Rev. G. ifnch J ns, Mos YO, Ix-in^r the He took his text from the 2ad chapter of J." !lS, 4th anu 5 h verses and preached a quent and powerful s.rmon. The church was crowded, and many had to content, themselves wirh s to iiig room. Toe tinaiug at both services was The anihems, "I will lift up mine eye iu Euglish, and "M twl a'th erys Di," in l u elsh service, were tendered aithout a single hitch, as were also the pl np,-r Psalms and the hymr^ The church had been very neatly decorated witu corn, moss, fruit, aud fi >wers, by the toiiowi^.—Mrs. D ivies, the Vicar ige; Masses GJole and Miss S ;otte, S athaehoyd Misses Pagn, 0 -lyi< .•se- Mrs. Morris, the school; Mr. Waiter G •••••••, Mf* O.,el1 Griffiths, aud M William M uris, l s ;ooL Above the communion table vvure the words, The warth is the Lord's,'m white letters on crimson ground. Collections made at the eu 1 o: each service towards defraying the expenses a;reading Divine worship in the church.