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RUABON. 2ND D.R.V.—All members of the corps are requested to parade at the N itional Schoolroom, on Saturday. November 22od, at 4.30 p.m., to be measured, by Messrs. Prater and Co., for helmets and scarlet uniform. Members will wear shakoes and waist belts, but no cross belts or pouches. Candidates for the vacant post of lance-corporal must give their names to Captain Roberts or Sergt.- Major Phoenix, on or before Saturday, November 22nd. SCHOOL BOARD. A meeting of this Board was held on Tuesday after- noon last. There were present Mr. G. Thomson (chairman), Mr. Gomer Roberts (vice-chairman), and Messrs J. C. Edwards and J. Doxey. MISCELLANEOUS. Mr. Denbigh Jones (temporary attendance officer for Rhos district) reported that the attendance had in- creased during the last two months by 124. Mr. Pritchard, of the Cefn district, reported that he had visited the parents of 229 irregular attendants, and he was glad to be able to inform them that a slight improvement had been made upon the previous month. He attributed the bad general attendance to the glean- ing and potatoe rising seasons, and also to sickness. He was sorry to say that the arrears of school fees had in- creased this month by £14 8s. 6d., swelling the total. amount to £267 15s. lOd. ] An application from the Baptist Church, Rhos, asking < for the use of the Ponkey Board School until they could « build. place of worship, was adjourned for a fortnight. t INSPECTOR'S REPORT. Mr. T. Morgan Owen reported as follows on the Acrefair Board School. The inspection was made at the end of last month. Boys' School.-Tone and order could be somewbat improved. The siugiiitf was good. In part of tbe first standard there wa much weakness the other part of this standard and a1;-o th, spel'ing of the third standard and the arithmetic of the fifih and sixth standards were all fair. *The rest of the standard work was about cood. There was some show of character in the paper but the writing should be larger and rounder and the figures larger and bolder. Girls' School.—The specimen needlework was good, and much of tint done in my pres nce was a great improvi me- t u ou hat of last examination. The singing WAS good. The gir1s worked honestly, but the discipline could be firmer. As rgards standard work, the reading was good throughout; the spelling, except that of the third standard, was also good. The arithmetic was weak; much attention should be given to this subject. Infant School.—This school has improved since the last ex- amination. '1.he first class was good in intelligence and pretty good in all other thing?. The second class was good in both form and colour, pretty g-ood in intelligence, fair in arite"ic, Œodemtely fair in reading; their writing needs more attention. Tne third class was pretty good in writing and in form, fair in intelligence their letters, colour, and tables should receive additional care. Both sinking and exercises wpre good. I was much pleased with the evidence of kindness on the part of the mistress towards the little ones. I fully anticipate furthH improvement during I he course of th-' })re,enr, school year. The needlework done in my presence was barely a pass. My Lords will look for better arithmetic in the girls' school Ilcxt year. The scholar, numbered 48 on the infants' examination schedule, having been retuined last year as over six, was db- qualified by age from further presentation under article 19 (B) 1. M. Griffith and H. Jones have passed fairly, but Griffith should attend to II istory and Jones to grammar. The amount of grant was £12G 4s., being a little higher than the last. A SCHEME FOR SAVING £306 A YEAR. Mr. Gomer Roberts brought forward a scheme for re-arranging the schools, by which he said a saving of £306 per annum could be effected. He said the reason he had brought this subject forward was because of the very heavy item of salaries, which amounted to £1 GOO 11s. Id. The question occurred to him whether they could not do something to lessen this sum. He would propose "That the Board Schools be re-arranged, so far as the boys and girls' school are concerned, thus (1) that the services of the head mistress be dispensed with in the girls' schools; (2) that assistant teachers be employed at half the saiary, instead of the mistresses; (3) that the two departments (boys and girls) be placed under the management of the head master." If his proposal was adopted they would save £306 per annum. In regard to the Rhos and Cefn schools he proposed to re-arrange them as follows :—The first and second standards be mixed together in the girls' school, under an assistant teacher that the boys and. girls from third standard upwards be mixed, under the master, and that both departments be under the supervision of the master. In regard to the other schools he suggested that they be mixed schools, as the number of children were not so large as in the other schools. The whole of the children may be easily managed in one school. He had con- sidered two or three systems, and he found that by any of them they would save about £300 per annum. The present scheme he had considered on all sides, and he saw no insurmountable difficulties to its adoption. Mr. Gomer Roberts had prepared a table showing the advantages gained by a re-arrange- ment of the schools. In the Cefn school, the salaries at present stood as follows Boys' school, £172 10s. girls' £130; total, £310 10s. He proposed that the master receive a salary of J6120, and that the number he teach be 50; that there be an assistant teacher at JE40, who should teach 60; three pupil teachers at £60 who should teach 90 two monitors at £10, who should teach 30; making a total of 230 children, and total amount of salaries, £230, against £310 10s. at present, thus showing a decrease of £80 10s. A similar plan would be adopted in the Rhos school, with a saving of £94. In the Ponkey school there would be a master, an assistant, and two monitors, with a saving of £65. In the Acrefair, a master, an assistant, and one pupil teacher would be required, thus saving jS66 10s. In the two latter schools, the whole of the children would be put in one building, and by thus closing the other two buildings they would save a total of £30, making a total save of £30G per annum. The number of children for teaching allotted to each was much below the num- ber allowed by the Education Department. In the discussion which followed, it was suggested by the CHAIRMAN to adopt the plan at one school first, but eventually it was decided to adopt the plan of Mr. Roberts, and ask the sanction of the Education Depart- ment to apply it to the schools. PRECEPT. A precept of £500 was made (equal to 3d. in the pound). The last precept was for £1,400 (equal to tlid. in the pound). The reason of the precept being so small this half was owing to the Government grants being due. CEFN INFANT SCHOOL TEACHER. A number of applications were received for the position of mistress at this school, but the acceptance of any was adjourned for a fortnight.

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