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DENBIGH. The Denbigh Office of the NORTH "WALES GUARDIAN is now at Albert Terrace, Vale-street (nearly opposite the Stat inn-road). All communications addressed either to "The Reporter," or Mr. COTTOM byname will receive immediate attention. The paper is on sale at the shops of Messrs. J. DAVIES and W. A. NOTT, and at the Bookstall at the Station. VANCE.—On Tuesday evening the celebrated nrmic Vance gave a splendid entertainment to a ia. • .• audience in the Assembly Room. LECTURE —On Monday evening, at the Assembly Ro io a tolerablv good audieEce of the gentry of the aistricc, Frederick Helmore, Esq., choir- to His late R.H. Prince Consort; author of "Speakers, Singers, and Stammerers," "Church Choir. The Choristers Instruction Book," &e., &c., delivered a lecture on "The Voice," illustrated by numerous diagrams; a beautiful model of the Larynx; describing the method of producing vocal SOUTHI-I. by Scotch, Irish, Northumbrian, Yorkshire, and orht i- provincial songs and anecdotes. Tonic 8olta system, short readings, and a great variety of atnu-i;);; anti instructive vocal illustrations were in- trotii«ff.-ri. The lecture was much appreciated, and the musical illustrations were excellent. At the close a he.>s y vote of thinks was accorded to the lecturer on t h.. motion of Dr. Tumour, the president of the reading 10012, the committee of which institution had pU:3g-ed the services of Mr. Helmore, and the prefix iu be given to the institution. SPECIAL MEETING OF THE SCHOOL BOARD. FRIDAY.—Present: Mr. J. R. Heaton, chairman; Messrs. J. C. Wynne-Edwards, Ellis Williams (new member), J. Harrison Jones, and Rev. H. Humphreys. FINANCE, &C. MONET WANTED. A report from the Henllan committee as to help to be given to the teachers of the infant school on "sewing days" was received and ordered to be acted upon. The annual financial statement was presented to the Board by the Clerk for their approval, and examined by the Chairman and other members. It will, after being pas- sed by the Auditor, be printed in detail. The year's salaries for tnachers had been £578 18s. 8d. officers, jB62 2s. (jd. The parliamentary grants for education had been .3Hj 5s. 3d., and the net expenditure JL;712 13s. Od. The estimate for the half-year commencing last Sep- tember was presented to the Board. It seemed that there was now £270 due to the treasurer, one quarter's salaries having been paid, but there was JE150 of call made last half-year on the Town Council which had not been paid. The money needed for the period was £713 5s., but to meet that there were estimated grants, &c. of £383, and the Clerk recommended that a call should be made for JE330. In reply to questions, the CLERK said that the call during the corresponding period last year was £500, and that the total call for last year was £650; but the £1.50 was still due. The rate last year was equal to 4id. in the pound it was the year before, 3d. in the pound, but the loan for the new schools took about ld. in the pound or the rate. The CHAIRMAN considered that the call of jE330 for next half-year was too small as it would leave them in debt, and he proposed that the call for the half-year be £400. This was seconded by Mr. J. HARRISON JONES and carried. PROSECUTIONS. The Attendance Officer's report showed much work done during the year. In one instance he caught a lot of boys in Air. Ellis Roberts' garden, and one of the youngsters had about 100 pears in his pockets. Another day he caught two scholars up a tree in Plas Chambers gardens, shaking down the apples, and two or three others busily picking up the fruit. About 20 persons were ordered to be prosecuted for neglecting their children's education. THE RETIREMENT OF MR. E. ELLIS. Mr. Ellis, the retiring master, wrote—" I cannot but feel that I am retiring without having secured the pension. I cannot account that we have not heard the result of your application for it. It is to be decided while I am in charge of the school. I never thought that I should feel it so difficult to retire, though I have been thinking of it three or four years, especially on occasions when I had an attack of illness. It was a Conscientious feeling that I would not continue with the school unless my state of health would allow me to do conscientious work. Now if the pension had been secured, I would be fully prepared to retire, but as it has not been secured I feel a little reluctance. I thank you much for your readiness to do what you can for me to obtain the pension." The CHAIRMAN asked if Mr. Ellis could now refuse to retire, because his letter seemed to express a doubt about his retirement. Had he not resigned ? The CLERK said it was decided by resolution of the Board that he should resign at Christmas next. He would be sure to get his pension, only the Education Department were a little long in dealing with it. THE NEW SCHOOLMASTER. For the office of schoolmaster for Love-lane school, at JB120 yearly, with house, rates, &c., free, there were 172 applications. The CHAIRMAN at once suggested that all the candi- dates under 24 and over 40 years of age should be put on one side, and that was agreed to. The piles of letters were then distributed amongst the members, who looked out the most eligible. There were so many of an excellent character that the Chairman remarked that he* had never seen anything like it, and it was to be regretted that they had not more vacanies to fill up. Numerous applicants offered to teach French, German, Latin, Greek, music and drawing, in addition to the ordinary instruction. As a means of further "cutting them down," it was resolved that only Welshmen be eligible. This considerably reduced the number, though there were still numerous excellent candidates, if not some of the best of the lot. At length the meeting reduced the numbers to the following six :—Messrs. Morris Jones, Llanbrynmair, Montgomeryshire; T. T. Jones, Swan- sea R. O. Williams, Vaynol; Joseph Parry, Carmel, Holywell; Hugh Hughes, Nantley, Penygroes; and D. P. Richards, F.L.S.L., of Llanyngwrion, Merioneth- shire. All the testimonials were read and all were very good, the extracts from their reports shewing that the passes of their pupils were over 94 per cent.. and in one case, that of Mr. Parry, Carmel, some of the passes were 100 per cent, and that gentleman was mentioned in Mr. Morgan Owen's (her Majesty's Inspector) report as the best teacher in his district, and one of his testi- monials was from the inspector. Eventually it was agreed that these six be retained, and that Messrs. Joseph Parry, D. P. Richards, and R. O. Williams, be invited to meet the Board at a special meetinng to be called.












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