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The annual meetings of the Town Councils were held on Monday. In Wrexham and Denbigh close contests for the office of Mayor took place, but in Ruthin where there was a very lively contest last year, the election was unanimous. In Wrexham Alderman SMITH was proposed by Alderman OWEN, and seconded by Alderman BEALE, and Councillor Bradley was put in nomination by Alderman Lloyd and Councillor Edisbury. Some objections to the power of the MAYOR to vote were raised, but after being overruled, the vote was taken when it was found that Alderman SMITH had a majority of one, and was consequently elected. Letters were read from a burgess and a solicitor announcing the intention to unseat Mr. J. OSWELL BURY for the West Ward, and another letter was also read objecting to the election of Mr. F. JoNES. This being the last occasion of Mr. JAMES acting as Town Clerk, a vote of thanks was passed to him for the admirable way in which for so many years he had conducted the business. Mr. James in reply referred to the time when the town was first incorporated, and alluded to the many things which had since taken place under corporation supervision, all tending to add to its importance and improve its position. At Denbigh Alderman E. W. GEE, proposed and Councillor J. DAVIES seconded the election of Councillor E. T. JONES to the Chief Magistracy of the borough, whilst Alderman PIERCE and Councillor ARMOR nominated Councillor Morris. In the end the former was elected by a majority of two. In responding to a vote of thanks the ex-MAYOR referred at some length to the many improvements that had been carried on in the borough. He took a cheerful view of affairs, but not without cause, and con- sidered a successful period was awaiting Denbigh. In his opinion nature had placed the town in a foremost place in Wales, and it was the duty of those who had charge of her, to take great care she did not lose her glory. At Ruthin Councillor DAVIES proposed and Councillor EDWARDS seconded the election of Alderman W. D. JOYES to the Mayoral chair, and the proposition was unanimously agreed to. At Flintshire Alderman Muspratt was elected for the twelfth time Mayor of the borough. At a meeting of the Wrexham General Purposes Committee it was shown from the MEDICAL OFFICER and INSPECTOR of NUISANCES' reports that zymotic diseases were still prevalent to a considerable extent in the borough. The MEDICAL OFFICER strongly urged the immediate necessity of procuring a disinfecting apparatus, which was agreed to. A special meeting of the Denbigh School Board, was held on Friday week. It was decided to increase the call from S330 to C400 to meet the expenses for the next half year. There were 172 applications for the office of master of one of the schools. An important proposition was brought before the Ruabon School Board at its last meeting, by which, it is computed, over £3011 will be saved during the year. It is that a different arrange- ment be made with regard to the teachers ui the schools. The proposition was introduced by Mr. GOMER ROBERTS, and after a discussion It was agreed to adopt it. F The adjourned inquiry into the late explosion at Pentre proceeded on Tuesday, when, Major FORD, the Government Inspector of Expipsives, was present. The jury in the end returned a verdict that the persons were killed by\the V j explosion, but there was no evidence to show how the powder was ignited. They also censured some of the witnesses for the way in which they had given their evidence. On Tuesday week. an interesting meeting took place at Denbigh, when a very handsome presen- tation was made to Mr. JOHN ROBINSON, the respected clerk and steward of the North Wales Asylum, on his retirement from the offices of Hon. Sec. and Treasurer of Denbigh Castle. The presentation was made by Mr. HUGHES, of Ystrad.


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