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In Parliament-Sessioyi 1880. WREXHAM WATERWORKS. Additional Works; Power to take Lands by Compul- sion^ and to break up Roads and Streets; Extension of Limits of Supply Power to levy lli-.tes within extended District; Addicional Capital; Power to acquire Undertaking of Cefn, Acrefair, and lihosy- medre Water Company Power to supply Water in Bulk beyond Limits; Power to sell or let Lands and Houses Power to sell, let on Hire, and provide Meters and Fittings; Further Provisions as to Distribution of Water; Extension of Time for Completion of Works; Amendment or Repeal of Acts. ]YTOTICE is HEREBY GIVEN, that the J.™ Wrexham Waterworks Company (hereinafter called the Company ") intend to apply to Parliament in the next Session for an Act to effect the following, or some of the following purposes. To enable the Company to construct and maintain the following additional works, or some of them, that is to say :— 1. A service reservoir and filter beds, in the township I of Esclusham Above, in the parish of Wrexham or parish of Esclusham, in the county of Denbigh, situate in two tields or plots of ground forming part of Gronwen Farm, and belonging to Thomas Lloyd Fitzhugh, Esq., and in the occupation of Thomas Pritchard, adjoining the highway leading from Rhostylien to Vrondeg, and which service reservoir and filter beds will occupy an area. of two acres or thereabouts. 2. A service reservoir, of a circular form, 50 feet or or thereabouts in diameter, in the township of Gourton and parish of Wrexham, in the county of Denbigh, situate in a field forming part of Llany- pwll Farm, belonging to the Right Honourable Lord Kenyon or his trustees, and in the occupation of Jonathan Davies, adjoining the turnpike road leading from Wrexham to Holt. 3. A service reservoir, of a circular form, 50 feet or thereabouts in diameter, in the township of Mar- ford and Hoseley, in the parish of Gresford, in the county of Fiiiit, situate in a field belonging to Wiiiiam Roberts, and occupied by William White- house, adjoining the turnpike road leading from Wrexham to Rossett. To construct and maintain all necessary and proper embankments, dams, byewashes, weirs, culverts, Guts, bridges, road diversions, road approaches, and other roads and communications, sewers, drains, sluices, niters, gauges, weiis, engines, pumps, conduits, mains, pipes, and apparatus and conveniences of every or any description which may be necessary or proper for the effectual construction, maintenance, and use of the atorosaid works, and which may be necessary or proper for storing water or for otherwise carrying into full effect all or any of the objects or purposes of the in- tended Act. To enable the Company in constructing the said in- tended works Lo deviate from the lines-thereof as shown on the deposited plans, and from the levels shown on the deposited sections to any extent, which may be shown upon the said deposited plans and iiectionw: or defined by the intended Act. To enable the Company to purchase by agreement, or if need be, by compulsion, lands, houses, and other property and easements, for the purposes of their in- t nded works and their existing undertaking, and to break up and otherwise interfere with roads, paths, footways, and other public passages and places, and to vary^ and extinguish any existing rights or privileges which would in any way impede or interfere with any of the objects of the intended Act. To extend the Company's limits of supplying water so as to include the following parishes, townships and places in the county of Chester, that is to say, the township of Farndon and the extra-paroehial place of King's Marsh, in the parish of Farndon, the townships "P" of Churton-by-Farndon, Churton-by-Aidford, Aldford and Buerton, in thy parish of Aldford, the townships of Newbola, Cliurton Heath, Saighton, and Huntington, in the parish of St. Oswald's, the townships of Eecieston and Eaton, in the parish of Eccleston, the townships of Poulton and Pullord, in the parish of Pulford, the townships of Dodleston and Lower Kinnerton, in the parish of Dodieston; and the following parishes townships, and places, in the county of Flint, that is to say, Higher Kinnerton, Shordley, Hope, Estyn, Hope-Owen, Rhanberfedd, Caergwrle, and Cymmau, in the parish of Hope; and the township of Bangor, in the parish of Bangor Isycoed. To authorise the Company for the purpose of supply- ing the aforesaid parishes, townships, and places with water to break up streets, roads, passages, and ways, aad to lay down mams and pipes within those parishes, townships, and places also to breau up roads and lay down mains and pipes, but not for the supply of water, within that part of the township of Gwersylit which is comprised within the limits of the district defined by The Brymbo Water Act, 1869." T-0 authorise the Company to levy rates, rents, and charges within the aforesaid parishes, townships, and places for the supply of water. To .authorise the Company to apply their existing funds and any moneys which they may have power to raise to the purposes of the intended Act, and for j the same purposes and the general purposes of their undertaking, to raise additional capital by the creation and isaue of new ordinary or preference shares or stock, or by Iwth of those means, and by borrowing upon such terms and conditions as may be defined by the intended Act. To enable the Company to purchase by agreement, the undertaking of the Cefn, Acrefuir, and Rliosymedre Water Company (hereinafter called the Cefn Com- pany"), and the lands, houses, rights of water, and other property and easements of or belonging to or enjoyed by the Cefn Company, and to authorise the Cefn Company to sell their undertaking to the Com- pany. To empower the Company to enter into and carry into effect contracts and agreements for the supply of water in bulk or otherwise, without as well as within the limits of supply, with any sanitary, local, or other authority, and any railway or other Company, cor- poration, person or persons, and to vary, suspend, or rescind any such contracts or arrangements. To enable the Company, from time to time, to sell or lease any lands or houses for the time being belonging to them, and to exempt the Company and any such lands from the provisions of "The Lands Clauses Con- solidation Act, 1845,with respect, to the sale of super- fluous lands. To empower the Company to supply water by meter, and to sell, or to let, or provide on li/re, meters, fittings, I and other apparatus. To alter, extend, and enlarge the powers of the Company in relation to service pipes and other works and machinery for the distribution and supply of water, I and to make further provisions and regulations for preventing the wgtste, illegal use, abstraction, or misuse, and the wrongful use or pollution of the water |) arlianttitfarg fotirts. ■applied, or to be from time to time supplied by th< Company. To vary or distinguish any rights and privilegel whioh it may be necessary or expedient to vary or ex tinguish for the purposes of the intended Act, and t< confer other rights and privileges. To extend the time limited by "The Wrexhair Waterworks Act, 1874, "for the completion of the works by that Act authorised. To alter, vary, amend or to repeal all or any of the provisions of "The Wrexham Waterworks'Act, 1864,' The Wrexham Waterworks Act, 1874," The Cefn, Acrefair, and Rhosymedre Water Act, 1866, and The Cefn, Acrefair, and Rhosymedre Water Amendment Act, 1871." Duplicate plans and sections describing the lines, situations, and levels of the proposed works, and the lands, houses, and other propt:rty in or through which they will be made, together with a book of reference to such plans, containing the names of the owners and lessees, or reputed owners and lessees, and of the occupiers of such lands, houses, and other property, and a copy of this notice will, on or before the 29th day of November instant, be deposited for public inspection with the Clerk of the Peace for the county of Denbigh, at his office at Ruthin, and with the Clerk of the Peace for the county of Flint, at his office at Mold, and that on or before the same day a copy or so much of the said plans, sections, and book of reference, as relates to each parish in or through which the intended works will be made, or in which any lands or houses intended to be taken are situate, and also a copy of this notice will be deposited, for public inspection with the parish clerk of each such parish at his residence. Printed copies of the intended Act will be deposited in the Private Bill Office of the House of Commons, on or before the 20th day of December next. Dated this 4th day of November, 1879, JOHN LEWIS, Wrexham, Solicitor. SHERWOOD and Co., 7, Great George Street, Westminster, 1422 Parliamentary Agents. -r-



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