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CHEAP PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS 1 Advertisements of the FOLLOWING kinds, TAIB FOR I' WIIBN ORDERED, are inserted in the Guardian on the tallowing scale:— Twenty words :—One insertion, 18; three insertions, Si 6d; six insertions, 48 tid. Thirty words:—One insertion, Is 6d three insertions, 4s; six insertions, 6s Gd. Forty words:—One insertion, 2s three insertions, is 6d six insertions, 8s 6d. The above prices refer to advertisements of the following classes :— SITUATIONS WANTED. 1 LODGINGS, &C., TO LET. SITUATIONS VACANT. ARTICLES WANTED. HOUSES WANTED. I M: SCKLLAXEOUS WANTS. HOUSES TO LET. AKTICLES FOR SALE BY LODGINGS, &C., WANTED. PKIVAVS CONTBACT. ARTICLES LOST and FOUND. Advertisements should reach the Office by FRIDAY morning, accompanied by Stamps, or Post Olfice Order payable to FREDEIICK E. ROE. jar All Letters respecting Advertisements must be pre- paid, and no personal inquiries can be answered tohen p-arties are desired to apply by letter. Mantel*. TO GENTLEMEN".—Wanted, situation as BAILIFF. Great practical experience. Married wife well qualified to manage a dairv. Good references. —For particulars apply to W. A. NOTT, U, Vale-street, Denbigh. 1393 UNFURNISHED HOUSE WANTED, within two miles of Wrexham. Three reception rooms, four or five good bedrooms (exclusive of servants'accom- modation), stables, garden, &c., and a few acres of pasture.—Major LEADBETTEB, County Buildings, Wrex- ham. 1387 WREXHAM FREE LIBRARY. WANTED, a CUSTODIAN and LIBRARIAN for the above. The salary will be JB1 per week. Any information can be obtained from the undersigned, to whom applications, in Applicants' own handwriting, must be sent. 1441 ASHTON BRADLEY, Hon. Sec. TO SEEDSMEN, FARMERS' SONS, &c. AN Old Established Firm of Chemical Manure Manufacturers require an AGENT for the sale, npon commission, of their guaranteed Bone Manures, in the Wrexham district. None but active, steady, and pushing men, with first-class references, and a knowledge of fanners, nec-d apply.—Address, in first instance, to GCANO, care of Mr. W. E. Franklin, News Agent, X ewcastle-on-Tyne. 1409 ;r 0 fft. ¿. TO BE LET, the HAND INN, Ponkey, Ruabon.—Apply to WILLIAM J. SISSON, Cambrian Brewery, Wrexham. 1431 TO LET, at once. a very convenient six- JL quafter MALTKILN, in Wrexham.—Apply at at the office of this paper. 1202 NOW READY, New COTTAGES at Rhosddu, 3s. 9d. per week, clear.— Apply, CHARLES HUGHES, 6, Nelson-terrace, Rhosddu, 1411 I TO LET, a FARM, at Sutton Green, princi- pally Grass (of excellent quality) of about 139 Acres. — Apply to Mr. SNAPE, the Lion House, Wrexham. 1414 TO LET. a HOUSE in Lome-street, Rhos- JL ddu, containing Parlour, Kitchen, Back Kitchen, Cellar, and 5 Bedrooms. Rent moderate.—Apply to CrWTLT CATHERAL, 23, Regent-street, Wrexham. 968 TO BE LET, and may be entered upon at JL the end of September "ABBOTSFIELD VILLA," corner of Grosvenor-road, Wrexham, now in the occupation of Thomas Bury, Esq. I The House consists of drawing, dining, and breakfast rooms on the ground floor. Kitchen and back kitchen with hot and cold water in each. There are on the chamber floor five bedrooms, bathroom, lavatory, w.c., I Jtc., with hot and cold waier, &c. The Out-offices consist of a three-stall stable, fitted with Cottam's patent fittings saddle-room and coach- house, with lofts over each gas, servant's w.c., &c. The house stands in the centre of pleasure grounds, and is enclosed by a wall, with front carriage entrance and back door from road. For further particulars apply at the office of this | paper. 1079 FLINTSHIRE. TO BE LET, a FARM, containing about 93 Acres of Land. For Rent and particulars apply to M essrs. BOTDELL, TAYLOR, and FLUITT, Solicitors, J Chester. 1415 TO BE LET. THE HOUSE and GARDEN, called "The JL Laundry," situate near Bryn-y-Grog, Wrexham. Rent £10 per annum.—Apply to Mr. JOHN BCIY, 10, Temple Row. 1435 FARM TO LET. G WYNDY, LLANUFYDD, near DENBIGH. The above Farm adjoins the village of Llanufydd, and contains about 102 acres of Pasture and Arable LAND. Possession of the Land can be had on the 2nd •I February next, and the House on the 1st of May feilowinur, or earlier by arrangement. For further particulars, apply to Mr. JOHN DAVIKS, Solicitor, Denbigh. 1430 Jfor Salt. Cry SALE, at Crispin-lane, Rhosddu, a quantity of Good GARDEN SOIL.—Apply, Qhaulks Hughes, 6, Nelson-terrace, Rhosddu. 1412 TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY.— Two Freehold DWELLINGHOUSES, substan- tially built, and in thorough repair. Let at £13 each elear, but fully worth £15. Also, an excellent corner plot of BUILDING LAND.—Apply to Mr. LEIGH, "Salop Terrace, Rhosddu, Wrexham. 1223 TRON COLLIERY SHARES FOR SALE. TO BE SOLD, 300 Vron Colliery Shares. These Shares have now an additional value in conse- iaence of the recent purchase of the Company of the 'alwrn Coiliery, immediately adjoining, and which Mil tains some of the finest Seams of Coal and Ironstone in the district. This Colliery is now in full working ner.-Apply to Mr. SNAPE, Lion House, Wrexham. 1447 Siflsi or Jomtb. I FOUND, a email SHEEP.—Apply to Mr. JL MARTIN, Stationmaster, G.W.R., Wrexham. £1 REWARD. LOST, on November 4th, BLACK RETRIEVER DOG, called Niger." No collar.—Any person bringing the dog to 28, Upper Northgate, Chester, shall receive the reward. 1451 LOST, Stolen, or Strayed, from a Field in JLj Wepre, Connah's Quay, a Welsh Black Cob Pony Mare, about 11 to 12 hands high. Marked L on left thigh. Breast rubbed with collar. Aged 4 years. Tail eat square.—Any one giving information will be Re- warded.—Information to be sent to W. Vickers, Grocer, Connah's Quay, Flint. 1450 ESTABLISHED THIRTEEN YEARS. CIGAES! CIGARS!! C I G A R 8 A SINGLE BOX at Wholesale Price, con- taining 100 full flavoured well-seasoned CIGARS c will be sent, carriage paid, to any Railway Station, apon receipt of P.O.O. for 148., made payable to John Price Rowlands, Importer and dealer in British and Foreign Cigars, 75, Wavertree-road, Liverpool. Terms and Price List of Cigars sent Post Free on application. $ix of these Oigars will fee sent (as sample) post free 1 fee 12 Stamps. The following gentlemen have kindly testified to the Ii gaperior quality of these Cigars :— Mr. James Ratcliffe, Hawarden Ironworks, Hawarden, s neer Chester. ? Mr. J. Price, Jeweller, Northgate-street, Chester. g Mr. W. Agnew, Ganmaker, Berriev-street, Welsh- A pool 3* lG frabesnwn'ji bbmses. i- rHE NORTH WALES PUBLIC SUPPLY STORES. TO the Nobility, Clergy, Gentry, and Public generally of Wrexham and neighbourhood. The Premises hitherto known as C. K. BENSON & CO.'S OLD TEA WAREHOUSE, 14, HIGH STREET, WREXHAM, IS NOW OPENED AS THE NORTH WALES PUBLIC SUPPLY STORES, For the Supply of TEAS, COFFEES, FRUITS, SPICES, CONTINENTAL, FOREIGN AND COLONIAL GOODS, GENERAL GROCERIES, PROPRIETARY ARTICLES, PATENT MEDICINES, &c., &c., AT WHOLESALE PRICES. PRICE LISTS CAN BE HAD FREE ON APPLICATION NORTH WALES PUBLIC SUPPLY STORES, 14, H I G H S T R E E T, WREXHAM. These Stores of Supply are and conducted on the Co-operative principle,—the Smallest Profit for Cash Payment, with a view to meet the requirements of a class of Customers who are able and willing to pay ready money for their goods, and reasonably expect to receive full advantages for the same, thereby doing away with the system whereby good customer* are made to pay for the bad. NO SUBSCRIPTION: NO LIABILITY. NOTB THE ADDBESS :— 14, HIGH STREET, (opposite the North and South Wales Bank), WREXHAM. JOHN H. KIDD & CO.. MANUFACTURERS OF T) A I L W A Y WAGGON COVEUS I RICK AND TENT CLOTHS, CART COVERS, LIME SHEETS, All sizes kept in xioefc. BRATTICE CLOTH, AIR-TUBING HORgH CLOTHS, W,;TSKPMU» KWTS. i N D I A U U B B K II G O O 1 > Hoofing Dry Hair, and Boiler SACKS, COTTON WASTE, LAMP WiCKa, Ofkchj HOLT STREET, WREXHAM. 51 a | ESTABLISHED 1817. DYEING DYEING DYEING PIBET-CLA88 CBKTIFICATB OP PBIZB MEDAL MERIT '■ Awarded 1874. Awarded 1874. Awarded 1874. Awarded 1874. j THE LAHGEST DYE WORKS IN THE MIDLAND COUNTIES. 4 IMPROVEMENTS in the ART of JL DYEING and FRENCH CLEANING AT TIIE'R MIDLAND COUNTIES STEAM-POWER DYE WORKS, LEICESTER, AND BURTON-ON-TREXT. JOHN SMITH, SOiiE PROPRIETOR. AOHNTS Dr THIS DISTRICT :— WKEXHAM THE MISSIS WHITIKG, Faney Repository, 2, High-street. OSWESTRY: MRS. E. REASOK, Fancy Repository, Church-street. CEFN, RUABON: MR. E. A. R. EVAUS, M, Russell-street. LLANGOLLEN Mrs. W. HOLDING, Fancy Repository, Berwyn-street. IliT Goods sent to and received from the above Agenta Weekly. AGENTS WAJCTKD in unrepresented dietricts. Ø" The New Price and Colour List for 1879 te be had Gratis or Poet Free. 64 DISEASE PREVENTED, JJEALTH RESTORED, By the DM of WORSDELL'S PILLS, Which the experieace of OTet 50 jean proves to be the BEST FAMILY MEDICINE. THEY Purify the Blood. j Cleanse the System. Remove Obstructions. ] Improve the Pigestioa. Establish the Health. old everywhere at Is 1., 28 9d., and 4e 6d per box. 92M TO CONSUMPTIVES. WOULD you like to know how to stop the W cough and cause easy expectoration, thereby elieving the lungs so that they can heal? Would you ke to know how to expel the fever and stop the night tveats ? Would you like to know how to etrenghen the patem up to a standard of good health by a few life- iving herbal remedies ? If so, send for my 32 page reatise on Herbal Remedies for Lung Complainta." eat to all applicants free of charge prepaid by mail.— .ddress, PROP. 0. P. BBOWIC, 2, King-etreet, Covenfc arden, London. 1324 aö:.esmtn' ¡ hhr£ssts. OPENING OF NEW PREMISES, PATERNOSTER BUILDINGS, HOPE STREET, WREXHAM, November, 1879. JOHN ROGERS, • f MERCANTILE AND FANCY STATIONER,' BOOKSELLER, NEWSAGENT, &c,, T) ESPECTEULLY announces that ke has now entered his NEW AND COMMODIOUS i PREMISES as above, which have been designed and erected to meet the special requirements of his large, varied, and increasing business. The Premises are now stocked for the opening with i large special purchases of Home and Foreign Productions, to the inspection of which the Public are 1 invited with confidence that both quality and price will be satisfactory. j J. R. takes the present opportunity of thanking his friends and patrons for the favor shown to 1 him during the Ten Years he has conducted his business in the town, and begs to assure them that j his knowledge of the Trade, acquired by seventeen years practical experience, shall be devoted to j the object of making his New Establishment worthy of their increased patronage and support. j i SPECIALITIES IN i NOTE PAPER, ACCOUNT BOOKS, PLAYING CARDS & CARD ENVELOPES, DAY BOOKS, GAMES, OLD ENGLISH STYLES. MEMORANDUM BOOKS, CHRISTMAS CARDS, COMMERCIAL, WASTE BOOKS, BIRTHDAY CARDS, SCHOOL, LEDGERS, REWARD CARDS, OFFICE, DIARIES, PHOTO ALBUMS, AND PRESENTATION BOOKS, INKSTANDS, GENERAL STATIONERY, BIBLES, WRITING DESKS, PENCILS, CHURCH SERVICES, PEN AND CARD TRAYS, BRUSHES, HYMN BOOKS, PAPER KNIVES, CASES OF INSTRUMENTS, BIHTHDAY BOOKS, '-1 LEATHER GOODS, SCRAP ALBUMS, MUSIC, PURSES, I ILLUMINATED TEXTS, I MUSIC FOLIOS AND ROLL3, POCKET KNIVES. NEWSPAPERS, PERIODICALS, AND MAGAZINES RECEIVED BY EARLY TRAINS AND SUPPLIED ON LIBERAL TERMS TO SCHOOLS AND SHOPS. PATERNOSTER BUILDINGS, 1446 HOPE STREET, WREXHAM. THE GUINEA WREXHAM. PALE INDIA ALE, I AL delighfml Tonic of a delicate Straw Colour and Fine Flavour, Brewed Expreasly-ior Family Use, by -TT THE WREXHAM BREWERY COMPANY, NAG'S HEAD BREWERY, MOUNT STREET, WREXHAM. THE CELEBRATED PALE INDIA ALE. THE GUINEA WREXHAM: M GALLONS for 21s., 9 GALLONS for 10s. 6d., delivered carriage paid. THE WREXHAM BREWERY COMPANY, BREWERS, WREXHAM. 1343 COAL COAL COAL THE VRON CRANK, from the VRON AND COEDPOETH COLLIERIES, is a Superior First-class Household Coal—the best in the Principality. It 23 clear, very hot, burns with little smoke, leaves hardly any cinder or ash. Orders received at the Office of the Company, 4, Grovo Park, Wrexham; or the W orkhoWiej Wharf, Wrexham. Prices at th« Workhouse Wharf :— VRON CRANK Gd. per Cwt. Do. THROUGH SLACK 3d. do. ORDINARY HOUSE COAL .5d. do. Do. THROUGH SLACK ajd. do. Foi Cash on delivery. Halfpenny per Cwt. exci-a charged for Credit. 207 I RICH FUIZS. GEORGE HENRY LBB AND COMPANY, BASNETT-STREET, LIVERPOOL, Are now Showing A SPLENDID COLLECTION OF RICH HANDSOME FURS, IN SEALSKIN JACKETS, FUR-LINED CLOAKS, FUR CAPES, MUFFS, &c. These Goods were all selected during the Spring and Summer months from the best lots, as brought forward by the Manufacturers, an& san be recommended for richness of quality. TUR SETS FOR TRIMMING. I GEORGE HENRY LEB j AND COMPANY, BASNETT-STREET, LIVERPOOL, 142* ¡ UNEQUALLED FOR TEAS! JOHN M U S K E R, OF THE NOTED TEA WAREHOUSB. OUB CELEBRATED INDIAN TEAS At 2b., 2s. 4d., 2, 8&, 3s., ARE acknowledged by the Trade to be the jLTL best TEAS ever sold at the money, and are specially recommended for family use, being selected with great care and judgment from the choicest growths only, and blended in that proportion which is requisite for a RICH FRAGRANT TEA, which practical Tea Tasters alone can produce. Parcels of 6 lbs. and upwards sent Carriage Paid, to any part of the United Kingdom, on reoeipt of Post Office Order. PLBA8B NOTB-Only obtainable from J. MUSKER, HOPE-STREET MARKET, HOPE-STREET, WREXHAM. IQli TO MINE OWNERS AND OTHERS, x R. J. HUMPHREYS, MINING ENGINEER, SURVEYOR, AND CERTIFICATED COLLIERY MANAGER. Valuations and Reports on Collieries and Lead Mines, Land and Mineral Surveys, Plans for Engineering Works, Royalties measured and checked. Moderate charges. 8, DERBY PLACE, HOOLE, CHESTER. Jf.B.—Agent for the Sale ofMinu and Mineral Properiiet, J^DWAUD ROB [CRTS, BILL POSTER AND TOWN CRIER, DENBIGH, Promptly executes all orders entrusted to him. 1370 16s. ad. TROUSERS. 16s. 6d. HAYING- "bought a large parcel of Scotch Tweeds and Angolas much below their market value, I am able to offer TROUSERS From those materials at SIXTEEN AND SIXPENCE. ALL WOOL. THOROUGHLY SHRUNK. LANGFORD, 4, VALE-STREET, DENBIGH. 1389 I WILLIAM PIERCE, f CABINET MAKER & UNDERTAKER, j BRIDGE-STREET, WREXHAM, f | Agmt to the Patent MetaUic Air Tight Coffin Company, Limited, Birmingham. Company, Limited, Birmingham. THE COFFINS are highly recom- mended by all the Medical Practitioners of the neighbourhood. They are covered with I black and crimson cloth or velvet; and every design of coloured metal furniture is used. j The METALLIC SHELL COFFINS, en- | cased in stout polished oak, or covered with cloth or velvet, can be had at a few hours' | notice. I SHELLS AND COFFINS ALWAYS IN STOCK. I 1 TIMBEii, 1; JL tiLATKS, BRICKS. TILES. OEM ENTS, LATHS, SEWERAGE PIPES, And all other Buildiny Materials, AT I E. MEREDITH JONES' TIMBER YARD AND S T E A M SAW MILl. CHARLES-STREET, 63 WREXHAM. WREXHAM DISTRICT PERMANENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY. Incorporated under the Building Societies Acts, 1874. SHARES, Z-0 EACH. Entrance Fee, Is. per Share or part of a Share. THIS SOCIETY ig now prepared to make Advances, repayable in a certain number of years, on Mortgage. A Meeting is held on the first Monday in each month, for receiving subscriptions and enrolment of members. For further particulars, apply to the Secretary, J. B. SHIRLEY. No. 13, Temple-row, Wrexham. 6 '1!rrahtsmcu' 5 hhTtSStS, NURSERY STOCK. V STRACHAN, SEED MERCHANT and • NURSERYMAN, HIGH-STREET, WREXHAM, Begs to offer the following NURSERY STOCK :— 2,000 Standard and Dwarf Roses—a very fine selec- tion. 100,000 Strong Thorns. 10,000 Spruce, fine. 50,000 Strong Clean Larch. 5,000 Standard and Dwarf Fruit Trees-extra fine stuff, And any quantities of Forest and ornamental Standard and Dwarf flowering Trees and Shrubs. Inspection earnestly invited at the Railway Station Nurseries. i Catalogues on application. Planting contracted for. 1403 i CHEAP MARKET AND BUSINESS SUITS. I THE attention of Farmers and the Public j X. generally is called to the splendid range of Scotch j and West of England NEW WINTER SUITINGS, j Which I am now showing at lj FIFTY-FIVE SHILLINGS The Suit Complete — Made in any Style. FIT GUARANTEED. WORKMANSHIP SUPERIOR. LANGFORD, 4, VALE-STREET, DENBIGH. 1388 COAL SUPPLY. THE LLAY HALL COAL, IRON, AND FIREBRICK CO., LIMITED, EG to announce that for the better con- II vemenco of tin- tradesmen and general inhabitants of the Town and its immediate outskirts, they have OPENED AN OFFICE IN THE CORN EXCHANGE BUILDINGS HENBLAS-STREET, For the reception of orders, settlement of accounts, &c. where all commands and inquiries will receive careful and prompt attention. COAL DELIVERED IN SACKS OR BULK. Builders Clay Goods stocked in every variety at the Depdt (Railway Station), Rhosddu. AGKNT—EDWIN GILLAM. 611 I 'JHIOMAM GRIFFITHS, j GAS FITTER, LOCKSMITH, BELL HANGER, &c. (Late in the employment of various Gas Companies over 20 years), 2, HILLY VIEW, ERDDIG ROAD, | WREXHAM. SHOP:—27, HENBLAS-STREET, (Opposite the Advertiser Office). Hot Water Apparatus Fitted. Beer Engines Repaired and Fixed. A large stock of New Designs in Chandeliers and Globes. Chandelier Fittings Re-got Up without being sent away. Homfray and Company's Patent Pneumatic Bells. Samples of Pushers and Bells kept in stock and now on view. COUNTRY ORDERS PUNCTUALLY ATTENDED TO. Estimates Given. Five Per Cent on all Gas Fittings. 1358 f G 1 0 F F R I yeA L D E 0 0 T T, TAILOR, WOOLLEN DRAPER, LADIES JACKET AND HABIT MAKER, (Luta Cutter at Nicholl. Regent-street, Lotirfon), j Begs to call attention to his GOOD WINTER TROUSERINGS, at 13a. 6d., 158., 16s. 6d., and 2OiI. OVERCOATS, j at 25., 30; 403., and 50s. LADIES' JACKETS, j 25s., 30:1., 35a., and 42s. { LADIES' ULSTERS, 30s" 35s., 40s., and 45s. 2, OVERTON ARCADE, HIGH STREET, W H. EX HAM. 1332 ANOTHER GOLD MEDAL. AQAIN THE ONLY ONE AWARDED FOR COD-LIVER OIL, I PARIS, 1878. jyrOLLER'S (Norwegian) COD-LIVER OIL ————————————————————— Prepared by Moiler's Special Method, free from indi. gestible fats of other oils, is superior to ANY in delicacy of taste and smell, medicinal virtue and purity. The most eminent London ami European Physicians pro- nounce it the Purest and Best. Given the highest award at Twelve International Exhibitions. Only in tapsuled bottles, of all chemiata. 632 IMPORTANT TO ALL IN TRADE. Established 1836. QTUBBS' MERCANTILE OFFICES, 40, GRESHAM STREET, LONDON, E.C. West End Branch 53, CONDUIT STREET, REGENT STREET, W. Subscribers, by obtaining timely information, may j avoid making bad debts, and may, through this agency, recover debts due with promptitude. Stubbs' Weekly Gazette supplies information indi»- pensable to traders. Branches at Dublin, Glasgow, Birmingham, Bristol) Brighton, Belfast, Cork, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich, Portsmouth, South- ampton, Sheffield, Gloucester, and Bradford. Terms— £ 1 Is., £2 28., £ 3 3s., £5 5s., according to requirements. Prospectus forwarded on application to the Secretary, Stubbs' Morcantilo Offices, 42, Gresham Street, Lon- don, E.C. I TBADH AUXILIARY COMPANY (LIMITED). CAUTION. There is no offiee in London connected with Stubbs) Mercantile Offices, 42, Gresham-s-xeet, E.C. (situate at the corner of King-street, opposite Guildhall), except the West-end Branch at 53, Conduit-street, Regent- streot. W. 1167 A PHYSICIAN'S GIFT. A MEDICAL TREATISE showing how suf- ferers from Nervousness and .Debility may speedily recover health, strength, tone, and vigour, "How TO ENSURE A LONQ AND HEALTHY LIFB," Rules and Diet for Invalids, with prescriptions for the cure of Stomach, Liver, and Heart Disease, and for Purifying the Blood, &c. Postage, Two Stamps. Sent l' everywhere.—Address: J. BAINES, Secretsiry, 7, Tavi- stock-street, Bedford Square, London. 1418 A GIFT WORTHY OF A ROTHSCHILD IS BROWN'S SHAKESPERIAN ALMANACK, -t) Now Ready for 1880. It fairly glows with quotations and illustrations from the "Bard of Avon." I shall print about 3,000,000 copies, and being desirous of making the distribution as rapidly as possible, will send ten or fifteen copies free, I prepaid, to any one who will judiciously distribute them in their locality.—Address, Prof. O. P. Brown, 2, Kiag-street, Oreat Garden, Loudon, 1324