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ETJABON. PRESENTATION TO DR. ROBERTS.—Two interest- ing ceremonies occurred on Saturday last in the National Schools of this place. It was the presen- tation of a handsome cup and address to Dr. Roberts, and also of distributing the prizes wen by the volunteers of the Ruabou company. There were a large number of ladies and gentleman present. The cup presjnted to Dr. Roberts bore tho following inscription:—"Presented by the 2nd D.R.V, to Acting Assistant Surgeon R. Chambers Roberts, F.R.C.S., October, 1879." Commanding Officer, Captain Lawton Roberts; Right Guide, Lieut. W. C. Hughes j Guide, Quartermaster- sergeant Nonely; Right Marker, CoJor-sergean-. W. Jones Left Marker, Sergt. R. P. Evans; Instructor, Sergeant-Major J. Phoenix. The R:v. S. Thomas, on behalf of th corps, presented the cup, and address which read as follows :—" To Acting Assistant Surgeon Richard Chambers Roberts, F.R.C.S., 2nd D.R.V. Ruabon, October, 1879. Sir,— You are aware that the second prizo silver cup, kindly presented by LieHt.-Colonel Sir W. W. Wynn, to the battalion for competition in drill, has now been won by oar corps three times successively. The cup has, therefore, become ours, and we have isnanimously resolved to present it to you as a mark of our high appreciation of your service to the corps. You are our oldest member, and, moreover, one of the oldest volunteers in th battalion. For many years you have commanded the corps, maintaining it h7 your Mentions in a high state of discipline and efficiency. We all unite in begging you to accept the cup tendered to you as a mark of the high esteem with which w recard our old commanding officer, and as a sign of the con- fidence we repose in you as our acting- assistant surgeon. Signed on behalf of the corps— Richard Lawton Roberts, captain vVm. Hughes, lieutenant; E. Nonely, quartermaster-sergeant Jones, colour-sergeautW. Smith, corporal; P. Owens,. lance-corporal j D. Thomas, private; F. Eaton,. private." Mr. Roberts feelingly acknow- ledged the kindness and honour thus conferred upon him, and felt proud'to think that the Rnabon corps-had for three successive years won the splendid cup given by their Lieut.-Colonel, Sir W.W. Wynn. The list of the prizes won by the men was. given tome-time- ago.


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