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HARVEST THANKSGIVING SERVICES. DENBIGH.—Thursday was observed in the parish as a day of general thanksgiving for the late harvest, and by recommendation of the Mayor, all the shops were closed. The nonconformist services were held as follow :—7 a.m., Baptist Chapel, 10' a.m., Wesleyan Chapel, 2 p.m., Independent Chapel and at 6 p.m. at both ot the last named Chapels, and also in Ecglish at Vale-street Chapel. St. Mary's Church was beautifully decorated; the chief decorations being in the chancel, the following- ladies very kindly undertaking the work :—Mrs. and the Misses J. Parry Jones, Mrs. and the Misses Lloyd Williams, Miss Williams, Vale-street, and Mies Gold Edwards. Holy Commun-,iion was < lebrated at 8 a.m., the Archdeacon and eurates, officiating. At 11 a.m., morning prayer in English with very appropriate sermon by the the Rev. R. Jones, rector of Bala, and formerly curate of Den- bigh. At 3 p.m., English service at Whitchurch, with sermon by the Rev. H. Humphreys,of Penllan. Evening service at St. Mary's, and sermon by Rev. R. Jones. The collections at all the church services were in aid of the Infirmary. RUTMIN.—Tuesday was observed in Ruthin as a general day of thanksgiving for the harvest, i the whole of the shops being closed. Services were held in the various chapels of the town and neighbourhood. At St. Peter's Church, which was suitably decorated, there was English service and Holy Communion at eleven o'clock, the special prea.cher being the Rev. Richaid Bowcott, B.A., curate of Llangollen; at the evening service, in Welsh, the Rvv. W. G. Thomas, vicar of St. Asaph, was the preacher. Collections were made in aid of the church fund. GRESZOLD.-The thanksgiving service was held on Friday, the 31st ult., in the Parish Church. The Rev. R. E. Jones said prayers, the Rev. T. Vowler Wickham (Rossett) read the lesson, and the Rev. R. Ellis (Mold), preached the sermon. The church was very nicely decorated for the occasion by Miss Wickham, Mrs. Townshend (Annefield), Mrs. Ras- botham, the Misses Trevor Parkins, the Misses Chilton, Miss Wright, Mrs. F. and the Misses Manisty, the Misses Bate, Mrs. Burton, Mr. C. W. Townshend, and Mr. S. O. Wrigbt.-Service was also held on Sunday evening. The sermon was preached by the Rev. J. S. Lewis, curate of Gres- ford. The school was very neatly decorated for the occasion. FLINs.-Thanksgiving services for the harvest were conducted in the Parish Church, on Sun- day, the th ult. The congregations were large, especially at the evening service, and the worship was marked by heartiness and devotion. At the morning service an earnest and impressive sermon was delivered by the Rev. D. Lloyd Thomas, eurate of Flint. The rev. gentleman founded his address on a portion of the 122nd Pialm, "I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord." At the evening service the sermon was preached by the Rev. W. P. James from Jeremiah, chapter 5th, verse 24th, Who re- serveth unto us the appointed weeks of harvest." The services on both occasions were conducted by the Rev. E. Jenkins rectcr. The cffertory was de- voted towards the maintenance of the various National Schools of the parish. From statistics furnished by the rector it appears that from 650 to 700 children were educated at these schools at an expense of upwards of .£800 a year, of which sum more than £ 4/00 was obtained in Government era-ntp, leaving the remainder to be contributed from school fees and voluntary contributions. The collections at both cervices amounted to icio Is. LLANGWTFAN.—On Thursday last, thanksgiving services for the harvest were held at St. Cwyfan Church. In the r,.fteri;oon the service was in English, the prayers beiug read by the Rav. T. Hughes Jone6, B.D., and a powerful sermon was given by the Rev. David Williams, of Llandyrno. Iu the evening, at seven, the service wa.s in Welsh, when the prayers were read by the Rev. D. Williams, and the ksscris by the Venerable Arch- eacon Smart, A.M., who also delivered a most loquent sermon, which was listened to with wrapt ttention by a crowded congregation. The church was beautifully decorated by Miss Williams and I Miss S. A. Williams, of Glyn Arthur. Miss Rees, of the Rectory, ably presided at the harmonium. Col- lections were made at the end of each service in aid of the funds of the diocesan societies. LLANKHAIADR D.C.—On Sunday, October 26th. an English thanksgiving service for the harvest was held in the schoolroom of this village (the church undergoing restoration). The Rev. E. Mnyhew Jones, the curate, preached an ex- cellent sermon on the occasion. The offertory was devoted to the Church Missionary Society. On the following Friday evening a Welsh thanksgiving service was held in the same place. An eloquent and appropriate sermon was delivered by the Rev. D. Jones, Vicar of Dyserth, Rhyl. After the sermon a collection was made for the Church Missionary Society. Both the services were very well attended, the room being full. The room was neatly and tastefully decorated for the occasion by Mrs. Thomas and E. G. Thomas, Schoolhonse; Miss Roberts, Ty Coch; Mr. Dulston, Pentref; and Mrs. Grantham. LLANGERNIEW.—On Friday, the 31st ult., a har- vest thanksgiving service was held in this Parish Church. The service in the morning was in English, when the prayers and lessons were read by the Vicar (Rev. H. Roberts), and an excellent sermon was preached by the Rev. T. J one", Trofarth, from St. John, 8 ch. 50 v. The Welsh service was at seven p.m., when the Rev. T. Jones read the prayers and lessons, and the Rev. — Evans, of Abergele, delivered an eloquent discourse on the 65:h psalm and 9rh verse. Both sermons were listened to most attentively by large congregations. The service throughout was of a most hearty description. Col- lections were made in aid of the Diocesan Church Extension and Education Societies. Trie Church was beautifully decorated 'u) M. „. lue Misses Sandbach, assisted by Mrs. Roberts, of the Vicarage. These ladies displayed great skill in the tasteful arrangement of the various fruits, flowers, and grain. Besides the officiating clergymen, there were present Rev. — Pngh, Llansannan, and Rev. W. Watkins, Llanddewi. MOLD.—On Thursday and Friday in last week well attended harvest thanksgiving services were held in the Parish Church, which had been very tastefully decorated for the occasion. At 8 c'ckck a.m., there was a celebration of Holy Communion; at eleven o'clock matins, and a sermon by the Rev. A. Maitland Wood, St. Mary's, Liscard, Birhen- head at 3 p.m. there was a children's service, whh an address by the Rev. W. F. W. Torre, vicar of Bucklfy. After this service the children projee ied to the National School, where the following received prizes :—Rebecca Ellis, Mary Lewis Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Owen Jems, Lizzie Evans, Annie Jjnes, Catherine Baker, Elizabeth Simon, Mary A. Divies, Martha Jones, Mary Ann Barlow, May E. Jones, Euith Ellen Vaughan, Mary Lioyd, J. E. Tregay, Ada Thomas, Lizzie Parry, Mary Williams, Harri- tt Jones, Margaret Jones, H. Williams, Beatrice Smith, Minnie Thomas, Elizabeth Morris, Maggie Jones, Winifred Jones, Mary Elizabeth Jones, Caroline Hughes, Maggie Jones, R. E. Thomas, Henry Jones, Robert Baker. R, Jones, D. R. Thomas, Benjamin Jones, Edward Powell, Pefer Jones, J. Wynne, R. Humphrey?, John Roberts, W. E. Williams, Albert Edwards, Earnest Vaughan, Herbert Evans, John Parry, Job Powell, J. H. Barker, George Barlow, Robert Parry, Owen Williams, F. G. Cartmel, W. R. Egerton, John Lewis, Edward Jones, Emily Mears, M. Lloyd, Eleanor Williams, M. E. Holr, Harriet Wi'liams, Agnes Noy, William Jones, Arthur W lliams, Robert Edwards. At half-past seven evensong was held, when the Rev. J. T. Jeffcock, rector of Wolverhampton, preached the sermon, the offer- tories b ing devoted towards meeting the current expenditure ot the National Schools. The services were concluded on Friday by a Wo sermon preached by the Rev. — Davies, of Liverpool.—On Sabbath last the English Congregationalisms add their annual thanksgiving services, when sermons were preached by tne R-v. John S. Wii'iams, of Welshpool. In the afternoon Mr. WiLiims, delivered an excellent addr ss to the Sabbath Sihool on mission life in India. Appropriate hymns were sung throughout the day under the leadership of Mr. Luther Jones. NERQUIS.—The animal harvest thanksgiving ser- vices were held in the Nerquis Parish Church, on Friday, October 31st. The church was deco- rated for the occasion with corn, ferns, flowers, and ivy. Over the communion table was the text I am the Bread of Life," in straw letters on a crimson cloth ground with a wreath of ivy round it, and under the text, a basket of ferns, Sowers, and wreath cars. On the reading desk was the text Thanksgiving unto the Lord," in straw letters on a cr-mson cloth, with a fringe of oats and wreath of corn, ivy and flowers. The English service was held at three o'clock in the afternoon. The prayers were read by the Rev. T. Lloyd, vicar, the 1st lesson by Canon Evans, of Oswestry, and the 2nd by the Rev. L. Lloyd, curate of Nor;hop. A most impressive sermon, suited to the occasion, was preached to an :1ttentive e0Dg-reg-atioD by Canon Evans, from Habakkuk 3rd chapter, 17th and 18th verses. During the service hyinus 360, 227, and 199 were well sung by the cboir. The Welsh service was held at seven o'clock in the evening, when the church was filled in every part. The service commenced by the choir and congregation singing the 100th Psalm. During the service an ant.bem was well sung by the choir, also hymns 79 and 199. The prayers and lessons were read by the Vicar and the Rev. J. Owen, rector of Eryrrys, and an excellent sermon preached by the liev. e. Read rector of Trefonen, from 116h Psalm 11th verse, and Proverbs 23rd chapter and 25th verse. Col- lections were made at each service, prty in aia of the Propogation of the Gospel in Foreign parts. The sum collected amounted to .£5 12. 7d. ISYCOED.—In common with other neighbouring parisnes a thanksgiving service was held at I^vcoed Parish Church, on Tuesday, October 28th. t he festival of St. Simon and St. Jude. The service which* was very weli attended, commenced with hymn 274 (new edition of hymns A. and M.), Through tne night of doubt and sorrow," and the otner hymns were Nos. 389, 383, and 365; the Psalms 112, 145, and 150, were chanted with great care and pre- cision by the choir, ana the singirg throughout -as very hearty. The preacher was the the Rev. G. T. Birch, of Overton, wno took for his text Acts 14th chap. lit b verse, and pointed out in a very and forcible manner how much cause there was for thankfulness to God in '.<pite of the anxious times through which they were passing. The work of decorating, which was tastefully done, was carried out by the Vicar, the Rev. C. W. Strea^field, and Mrs. Streatfield, Miss Parsonage, Miss Bevau, and Miss Phillips, while amongst the fruits were two beautifully executed miniature wheat stacks, the gifts of Messrs. Edwin and Alfred Edwards. The offertory, which was reserved on this occasion for Church expences, amounted to £ 2 63. 5d. ST. ABAPH.—The annual th:-niiSOLVING services for the harvest were arranged to take place on Wednesday, in the Parish Church. The special services were—morning nmyer in Eoglieh, with sermon by the Eev. T. W' Richardson, M.A., Vicar of Rhyl; evening service in Welsh, wit-h sermon by the Lord Bishop of the diocese. The collections were in aid of the funds ot Sr. Asanh Infant School. TEEMEIECHION.—Thursday, the 30th of October was set apart in this parish as a day of thankS: giving for the harvest. Services were held in the Parish Church both morning and evening the former in English and the latter in Welsh. At both services the prayers were read by the Rev. Howell Harris, curate, the hymns, Ac.being read* by the Vicar, the Rev. W. Hicks Owen, who haa now officiated in this same picturesque little church for the long period of 50 years, and where he is now as much appreciated as he was in his ycuno-er days. The Rev. Mr. Morgan, of Meliden, preached a most appropriate sermon at the English service, which was well attended A very eloquent sermon was preached in the evening, to a crowded congregation by the Rev. Mr. Morgan, vicar of Gwytherin? The sacred edifice was very neatly decorated bv Miss Oldfield and Miss Deey; the former lady also presiding at the organ. The singing was good and hearty, the anthems chosen being Praise the Lord, O my soul" (Patten), and""Gwrandewch Nefoedd" (Ellis), to both of which this well trained choir, under the leadership of Mr. Ellis, National School did great justice. During the afternoon the Vicar entertained to tea the children of ih>- day and Sunday schools and other friends, to the number of 200, who also much enjoyed a coaoerr ven previously by the choir, assisted by Mr and the Misses Partington, St. Asaph, the conducti u. and Miss CMdfield accompanying in her usual able manner. We would thank the following ladies for kindly presiding at the tables, viz., .Mi8" OJdfield, Mrs. Morgan, Miss Deey, Mrs. Roberts"W Ellîø: (both of the School-house), Mrs. Jones, and Mr*. M. Ellis. A handsome present was given bv f-e Vicar to each member of the choir, and tb.* enviable proceedings closed with Sod save tht. Qaeen;»

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