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COUNTY PETTY ,SESSIOKS. J MOXDAJ*.—Before T. L. FitzHugh, Esq. (chairman), Coloue! Meredith, Captain Gritiith-Boscavven, T. P. Jones-Parry, EsJ., Edward Evans, and W. Low, Esqm. NEIGHBOURS. Mar*; Ann Hughes was summoned by Elizabeth Davies, both residing at Pentre Broughton, for an assault. Complainant said the offence took place on the 21st uit. They were both neighbours, and defendant was .in the habit of annoying complainant by throwing water over her clean steps. On this day defendant had thrown stones at complainant. Defendant said she did not throw stones at all, it was dirt. The magistrates considered this an admission of the offence, and defendant Is. and costs. MALIOIOU8 DAMAGE. Sarah William.% Sarah Jane Meredith, and Elizabeth Hi&dey, Wrexham, girls of tender age, were summoned by Mr. Thomas Roberts, of Berse Farm, with the above offence. P.C. Henshaw said on the 21st ult, he was by Mr. Roberts' farm, and saw the defendants in the act of breaking up some hurdles and rails. He went to them, and obtained their names. They had broken up about four hurdles and six or seven rails, which were placed by,them in little heaps, in order to be carried away. flue parents of Meredith and Huxley were present, and were reprimanded severely. Williams, having no parents in this country, was ordered to be detained until the rising of the court. They were each fined 6d. and costs and damages, in. all amounting to lis. The Chair- man said he was sorry he could not send the parents to prison instead of punishing the children. ATRUiPERY CASE. Annie Vernon, Lavister, a young girl was charged with assaulting Millie Halliwell, aged 10, by holding her over a deep well, and threatening to drop her in if she did not cease calling her names. Such an amount of personal feeling was imported into the case the magistrates dismissed it. NEIGHBOURS AGAIN. William Samuels, South Sea, was summoned by Abraham Bennett for an assault. .It appeared that Samuels and Bennett are rivals in work, as colliers, and on the 18th inst.. it was allesred that Samuels being at the time in drink, paraded before prosecutors' house in his shirt sleeves and on Bennett's gohg out, struck him. The case was dismissed. DRUNK &C. Thomas Richardson, Lavister, was fined 10s. and cotts fordieing drunk on Sunday last. RIDING WITHOUT REINS. Frederick Hughes, .carter for Mr. Wright, of Felin- puleston Mills, was fined 5s. and costs for riding with- out reins in the Adwy" STKAYING COWS. 3/frr. Taylor, wife of John Taylor, Isycoed, was ordered to pay the costs for allowing her..cows to stray. ALLEGEK SERIOUS ASSAULT. Wiliiam Griffiths, Joseph Povah, Evan Evans, and Samuel Davies, colliers, all of Ffrwd, were charged by David Phillips, of the same place, with assaulting him. Mr. Sherratt appeared for prosecutor. Mr. Phillips said he was a fireman, and resided at the Ffrwd. On the 18th he went to the Ffrwd Inn where he met the defendants. After a short time, a conversation ensued ic which he was asked by one of thB defendants for certain money. Witness said he had nothing to do with theanoney, and aftera time went out followed by the defendant. They obstructed his path out of the house and Povah offered to fight him. He refused and was set up by the remaining three and severely kicked and abuses1. For the defence it was alleged that prosecutor assaulted f'ovah, and the other prisoners were engaged in taking Phillips from of the top of Povah, who was on ;the ground. The magistrates dismissed the case. A COWARDLF BRUTE. William Thena.%Lavister, w&s summoned by his wife, !f«i:iccs Thorars, for having assaulted her. Mr. Acton ap peared for the prosecution. Mrs. Thomas .said on the 23rd ult. the defendant went into the house, the floor of which she was then washing. He asked for stotne food. Witness placed a frying-pan on tye fire, and placed in it some meat and a quantity of land. Defendant, who was in drink, she supposed wanted the rneai quicker, and irritated by his wife's coolness, seized tke pan and flung the boiling fat ever witnens., severely scalding her face and arms. Mr. Robert Griffiths, the previous witness's father, said he was passing the house at the time. He sent in and found both were scuffling with a long scraper called a cow-rsiie. Witness said to his daughter "If he strikes you, kick him," and again to the defendant" It you strike her I'll cleave you in two." Mr. Edward Williams gave similar evidence as to the commission nf the assault. He dressed the scalds on the woman's arms. Defendant was fined £2 and costs. A SUSPICIOUS CHARACTER. John Williams, collier, was summoned bv P.C. Wynne for an offence against the game laws." P.C. Wynne said on the 5th ult. he was in Bersham about three in the morning,, and there saw the de- fendant aud two other men. He stopped and searched the defendant and a man named Broad, who had at bonded after being fml;1n:ned. He found two nets ant a ferret on Williams. There was a lurcher dog with them. Defendant said he was going to Cefn to have a day's ferrctting on a farm belonging to a friend. Fined j61 and costs or, in default, 14 days' imprison- ment with hard labour.



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