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WREXHAM COUNTY COURT. FRIDAY.-—ilefore II. Lloyd, Esq. SWETEXHAM v. MOSS. T}.:is trial was resumed before his Honour on Friday ECat. ti the case for the defendants was proceeded %I wit r. Marshall, barrister, instructed by Messrs. I Fury, appeared for the plaintiff, and Mr. T. 1L Ril if Wigan, and Mr. John Jones, Wrexham, for, the lant. is talled as tht first witness Kroch the defendant, who said he bought this iand iip li 874. Near the pig culvert there was a house, but there was only one culvert under the line. He ipulled qoivn the old house, and witness and Mr. Swetenhamihad some conversation about the drainage. There was alfr.-ook which it was proposed to open, but the bed of the brook being of soft gravel, that would be mutually dangerous to their stock. The pigstyes were on the culvert when he bweght the property, and it; reply to a request. fpi.m Mr. Swetenham, he shortened the culvert BO that dt might lie cleaneel or cleared of any obstruction. -It was alleged that the stream flowing through this qui vert fed ii drinking fountain. In the culvert underithe wall forcaing the boundary of witness' property, the<e was a stone in at the last hearing, but had since bÍiBn taken:away .ud broken, Mr.Swetenham had written a letter complaining that his land had been flooded tl-irough tome (Iefed in the ctdvert. Witsuess went down, And saw that the culvert under the railway was stitpped up by bran ches, <fcc., on Mr. Swetenham's side. It w/s cleared, ancf the water went away. There was a sto placed in the, culvert, but by whom it was placed he?' did not know, "but it was doipg damage ito him. Sjfnse the last hea ,ring.; there have been very heavy floods, particular!}* in Ai'gust. On Mr. Swete&- ham?^ land, near a culvert from one field to the other, there was 14 inches of water above it. <ioing to tlie invert of the new culvert u ader rthe line, on the in-take side the water was just to tJ le top. On witEess' side he cqiild not see the new culvi irt at: all, for it was covered with water. Through the pigetye culvert a great quantity of water was flowing freely. At the road culvert there was a block, for the J'oad was overflowed. He thought this matter shuuli i be (tried before practical Kien, but Mr. Swetenhsun was for L%w, and he was for practice. Samuel Moss, son of the pi 'evjou;; witness, had ex- amined the fields a day or two afta-the great tiood in August, and after his father had seen.it. The wa.ter on the land of Mr. Swetenham was i wet: lower. John Kendrick saw the land, j'n oompany witli Mr. E. Moss, and what he said about the water was ..quite true. Richard Denson had known the B roafi Oak Faraa for about 40 years. He remembered the .railway being made, anel the old culvert also. Its 1 eve! was the same as the ditch. The pigstye culvert wa S .as,clear as evo-r, Etnd acted right, except when a floo d cicne. He had seen the stone in the aperture in the lalk and rement- bered its being there for many years. In cross-examination by Mr. Marshall, with regard te II. certain date, witness said I do not kl w.-p those dates in my mind, for I get the sack" so ofte. 1 from places. [Laughter). Edward Griffiths and Samuel Challoner' gaw« similar evidence to that of the preceding witness. Mr. Isaac Shone then gave a mass of scienti 'fic evidence, M prove that the pipe and stone in the ape rtux-e )f the wall were no obstructions at all. Mr. W. R. Ellis, of Wi^an, also corrobe 'rated the ividence of Mr. Shone. Mr. Ellis and Marshall having summed up. his'Hoaeur reserved judgment until he had paid a visit to the place.

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