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THE MEMBER FOR MONTGOMERY- SHIRE'S POLITICAL VIEWS. Mr. C. W. W. WYXN, who for seventeen years has faithfully represented the county of Montgomeryshire, in response to thedesireof some of his constituents at Llanrhaiadr, delivered an address there on Friday. He naturally received a hearty and genuine welcome, while the clear statement of his views, which we fully report, were thoroughly endorsed and continuously cheered. The Liberal party in the county have been pretty busy of late, and it is well that the Con- servatives should show that they too are not un- mindful of the constituents, nor are anxious to shirk the responsibilities of addressing them. We rejoice to see the growing- strength of Conservatism in Montgomeryshire, as ex- emplified by the enthusiastic meeting on Friday; not that the Conservative representation of that county is in any danger, but because it betokens a healthy activity on the part of the supporters cf the Government without which the future position of Conservatism in the county could hardly be regarded without apprebension. Montgomeryshire, however, is admirably repre- sented, and there is no fear that in the hands of Mr. CHARLES WYJTN Radicalism will be allowed to cast the mantle of ignorance and prejudice over any part of the population without an effort being made to prevent it.. Such meetings as that of Friday will be found most useful in promoting that spirit of inquiry and discussion, which is one of the most encouraging signs of the times. Radical agitators would not exercise a tithe of the in- fluence which they frequently do were it not for the uninformed condition of the minds to which they address themselves. There are, even in the present day, sadly too many people who have no idea whatever of the difference between Radical- ism or Liberalism and Conservatism. This fact alone, and the advantage taken of it by agitators, makes it a real necessity that every town and village should be provided with the means of bringing political intelligence to bear on the minds of the inhabitants. Mr. CHARLES WYXX, in addressing his con- stituents, referred naturally to that bete noir of Radicalism, the foreign policy of the country. Although there is now really nothing new to say on this question, it is something to put clearly and briefly before constituencies, the real nature of the question at issue when Liberal mis-representation is so persistent and unserup- ulous. Mr. CHARLES WYSX was therefore happy in his explicit description of the' Conservative foreign policy. Had this country been united as it ought to have been many of the steps which the Government took to secure peace and to retain untarnished the good name of the county need not have been taken. They all had to be because the Radicals did their utmost to convince the Russian Government that they had a divided England to deal with, and that this country did not mean war. In short, the Czar ALEXANDER and his advisers were decived three years ago just as the Czar NICHOLAS and his advisers were deceived in 1:-1.j:3. This is plain speaking it is very unpalatable to the Liberals but it is the simple truth; it is a matter of history. We cannot think, therefore, that the electors of Montgomeryshire will have anything to do with Mr. STUART REXDEL, who belongs to that party which betrayed its country. Tie is, no doubt, a very amiable gentleman, but tho electors of such an important county desire a person with more than amiability to represent them. They want a representative who, in critical times, will give that support to the Government, which will enable it to steer the country safely through troublous waters. This Mr. 1,VYXX did, and is prepared to do it again. Mr. WYXX has indeed been an able and faithful representative, and the electors ought, and no doubt will, sh("r their gratitude, and requite him. by re-instating him, when the time comes, in the position which he now holds.

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