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THE MAYORALTY. The election of Chief Magistrates to preside over the three corporate boroughs in Denbigh- shire will take place on Monday next. With the exception of Ruthin, where the general opinion is that Dr. W. D. JONES should be elected, it is somewhat difficult to say to whom the coveted honour will fall. In Wrexham there is a divi- sion in the Council, the friends of Alderman SMITH and Councillor BRADLEY respectively being anxious to see their nominee elected. Did the decision rest with the burgesses there could be no doubts as to the result, for go where one will there is a very decided feeling that Alder- man SMITH is entitled to the honour. He has faithfully served the borough since he was first elected in 1870 and, as is well known, he gracefully retired in Mr. SHONE'S favour last year. For this and many other reasons he has the preferential claim. With reference to the other candidate, it would afford us considerable pleasure to see Mr. BRADLEY occupying the envied position, but we must honestly own we cannot see any reason why he should be foisted over the head of those who have served the borough much longer than he has. Mr. BRADLEY must learn to labour and to wait," and in due time he will receive those special marks of favour which, when deserved, are eo ungrudgingly given. At the present time we unhesitatingly say that the acceptance of the honour by Mr. BRADLEY would be viewed very grudgingly. As we have said, there is pretty unanimous feeling outside that Alderman SMITH should be elected, and the section of the Council which desires to be om- nipotent would be wise if they showed discretion and bowed to that feeling. That the borough will have none of this cliquism was pretty con- 'V'JI. clusively shown at the recent election, for there is no doubt that to a great extent the electors were actuated by this desire. It would be well, therefore, if this section would be wise in time, and show that they are not so anxious as some have made out to ride rough-shod where'er they will, but have the sense to bow to the feel- ings of the burgesses generally, who, after all, they shoidd not forget that they represent.


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