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Holrtifal miir (§lutxan nttlligtnn. THE electoral campaign; is being vigorously pro- se&tited; Up to Novetnberlst there were no fewer than S89-(!2tndidal;es in the field-foivihe "352 seats.. ANGLESEY.—A largely attended meeting of the Con- serv itive party was held last: week at Llangefni, when it was decided that both the county and borough slwnU. be contested. The names of the prospective candidates-have not transpired., but it is probable that they will be Colonel Hampton Lewis, who unsuccess- fully contested the borough at the last general election and Captain Pritchard-Rayner, who issued an address for the county, but withdrew in favour of Sir Richard Bulkeley. The sitting members are Messrs. R. Davies, and Morgan Lloyd, Q.C., Liberals. THE CONSERVATIVE DEMONSTRATION AT BIRMING- HAM.—The following letter has been received by the hon. secretaries of the National Union of Conservative and Constitutional Associations Lord Beaconsfield has received with much pleasure the resolution which you have forwarded to him from the National Con- servative Conference held in Birmingham on the 25th inst., and from the various large meetings held on the same occasion—namely, in Aston Great Hall, the Aston Skating Rink, and the open air meeting. Lord Beaconsfield would be glad if you would convey his thanks, through the gentlemen who presided at the several meetings, for their expressions of confidence in Her Majesty's Government." NORTH SHROPSHIRE.—The rumour of another contest in North Shropshire between Mr. Stanley Leighton and Mr. Salusbury Mainwaring has been revived, and is mentioned in some of the daily papers. It will be remembered that when these gentlemen fought for the seat, vacated by the late Lord Harlech in 1876, Mr. Stanley Leigh ton's majority was 37. Mr. Leighton will now have the advantage which the possession of a seat always gives to a candidate, together with the increase of popularity and respect which he has won amongst the Conservatives by his votes, his careful attention to the duties of his office, and his general conduct in Parlia- ment. On the other hand, the hon. member, though he never made a single promise to his opponents which they can justly charge him with having broken, will not again enjoy the Liberal support accorded to him at the last election. The Liberals cannot forgive Mr. Leighton for assailing Mr. Gladstone and encouraging the per- nicious reaction in favour of Protection, and the hon. member is far too sensible and high-minded to expect that they would. If, therefore, there should be another trial of strength between Mr. Leighton and Mr. Main- waring. it would be fought out on different grounds from those which the combatants occupied in 1876.— Oswestry Advertiser.

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