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THE RURAL AUTHORITY AND THE SEWERAGE OF RUAEON. TO THE EDITOR OF THE GUAItDIAN. SIR,—The question of the sewerago of Ruibou came before the Rural Sanitary Authority Tuesday last, and in the course of the discussion Mr. Glennie was asked several questions in regard to the Pneumatic System of Sewerage, the replies to which were far from satisfactory. I have no interest in advocating Mr. Shone's system beyond the interest we all have in seeing a good thing, adopted. I have carefully studied Mr. Shone's system, and I think I understand it, and I have no hesitation in saying that whoever adopts a system of ordinary pumping and refuses the pneumatic system will do a veiy foolish thing. The Authority, to some extent, are guided by their engineer, and therefore the latter should be careful in what he advises, remembering, also, that there are several outsiders who watch his recoaimeadations. Mr. Shone's system is especially applicable to the circumstances of Ruabon instead of che contrary as Mr. Gienuio asserted. He also said that his system would be especially exper-sive if applied to Ruabon, and much more so than his system of pumping. Mr. Glennie's estimate or the cost, I fear, is considerably below what would really have to be expended if his plan were carried into effect, but the details I will not go into now; and I feel equally sure that Mr. Shone's system could be carried out at a total which should be much below the cost of Mr. Gienme's pumping scheme, and be conducted at a much less sum per annum afterwards. The relative efficiency of each is a matter beyond dispute to hose who understand the merits of the pneumatic system. Mr. Glennie does not seem to understand Mr. Shone's system, and if so, he should say nothing about it. Let me also suggest to the Authority tnat before they finally decide anything in regard to Ruabon and Mr. Shone's system, that they examine the matter a little for themselves and not put all information on one side as several did the pamphlet on the Sransty sewerage. Those members who cannot form an opinion for themselves on this point should read the words of the most eminent of Engineers on Mr. Shone's system, which are unani- mously in favour of it. They can obtain those opinions by reading the newspaper reports of the two large meetings of engineers held in the Town Hall not long ago. and which included amongst its members the most impartial and rising engineers of the day. I hope the committee appointed will not overlook the merits and cheapness of Mr. Shone's system, and that the Authority will give it fair play.—Yours, NOMEN. Wrexham, Nov. 6th, 1879.

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