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FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION OF WALES. I WREXHAM V. XORTHWICH. The game, which wis played at Northwich on Octo- ber 25th, resulted in a draw, and the two clubs met in Wrexham on Saturday last, to play it off, commencing soon after three., and after some even play on both sides Price brought the ball down to the visitors' goal, and put it through the posts. The goal was not allowed, however, as "hands" had been previously called.. The Northwich team then played with great determination, and the home team's goal was in jeopardy more than once. Up to half time neither side had scored, but a short time afterwards Wrexham got a free kick for hands within a few yards of their opponents' goal. A struggle ensued, which the defenders got the best of. Just within five minutes of time being called T. Jones sent the ball well up to the Northwich goal; one of their backs just touched it, and Price put it through the posts and scored a goal. The visitors disputed the goal on the ground that the ball had been previously handled by one of the Wrexham men, but as the referee did not see it, and the whistle had not been blown, the goal was allowed. An effort was made by the visitors to retrieve their fortunes, but although they succeeded in getting the ball up to the mouth of the Wrexham goal, Davies stopped it from going further, and the game ended in favour of the home eleven by one goal to none. A more wretched afternoon for out-door sport of any kind could scarcely have been obtained, but this did not prevent a considerable number from watching the game. Both sides played extremely well, and struggled hard, and although the visitors' goal-keeper had a little more to do than his confrere, the game on the whole was very even. The names of the players were TTrexltaiii. -Goal, J. Davies; backs, H. Edwards and T. Jones; half-backs, E. A. Cross and F. Owen; riht side, T. Boden and T. Hughes; left side, J. Lloyd and J. Roberts; centres, C. Edwards (capt.) and J. Price; umpire, Cooper. SorthvHcli, Victoria.-Goal, T. Musgrove; backs, J. Hitchen and F. Hughes; half-backs, F. Russell and James Cqjley right side, B. Dobell and W. Foster left side, D. Mullineaux (captain) and G. Plant; centres, M. Earlan and Lee Jones umpire, C. J. Hughes; referee, T. B. Burnett, Ruabon. CIVIL SERVICE 't'. FORESTERS (GWERSYLLT). The tie between these clubs was played on the ground of the latter, on Saturday last, in miserable weather. Play commenced at three o'clock, and in fifteen minutes a goal was secured by A. Richards for the Service. No furthur score was obtained until some twenty minutes after half time, when a scrimmage took place in front of the Service goal, and the ball was forced through. This equalised the score, and notwithstanding the vigorous efforts of both sides, no more goals were got, and the game was thus left drawn. Foresters. -Goal, S. Davies; backs, R. Williams and S. Davies, half-backs, W. Tudor (captain), C. Robert?, and G. Roberts right Nsing, T. Ellis and E. Griffiths left wing, J. Griffiths and W. Muchutchon; centre, E. Williams. Civil Seri-ice.-Goal, E. Phennah backs, G. Thomas (capt.) and T. Monitor; half-backs, J. Pickering, R. Davies, and T. Davies, right wing, J. Grant and J. H. Jones left wing, A. Richards and W. Jones; centre, J. Forkin. RIVAL NATIONAL ASSOCIATION. An association to be called "The Northern Welsh Football Association," is being formed for the counties of Carnarvon, Denbigh, Anglesea, and Flint. Favour- able replies have been received from clubs at Carnarvon, Rhyl, Conway, Flint, Bangor, and other towns, and the High Sheriff of Carnarvonshire, Mr. Kneeshaw, has agreed to accept the presidency. Mr. Frank Barber is honorary secretary, and Mr. Pugh, of the National Provincial Bank, Bangor, hon treasurer. ————————— DENBIGH ARTIZANS v. MOLD Towx CLUB.—These clubs met for the first time last Saturday, at Denbigh, and after a well contested game, resulted in a victory for the home team. RUTH IX r. RHYL.—On Saturday last the Rhyl team and the Ruthin first eleven had an hour's contest, resulting in three goals for Ruthin to none. The late arrival of the Ithyl team unfortunately accounted for so short a trial of strength. The Kuthin second eleven went to Rhyl and beat the second eleven there by two goals to one. FIXTURES, November S!h, Wrexham v. Birkenhead, at Birkenhead. November feth, Mold v. Druids, at Ruabon (cup tie). November 15th, .North Wales v. Lancashire, at Wrexham. November 15th, Wrexham v. Druids, at Wrexham. November 15th, Ruthin (2nd) v. Denbigh (1st), at Denbigh (return). November 22nd, Wrexham v. Corwen, at Wrexham. November 29tli, Wrexham v. Llangollen, at Llangollen. December 13th, Wrexham v. Burslem. at Wrexham. December 2oth, North Wales v. Cheshire, at Wrexham. December 20th, Wrexham v. Shrewsbury Engineers, at Shrewsbury. December 27th, Wrexham v. Civil Service, at Rhosddu. January 3rd, Wrexham v. Rhyl, at Wrexham. January 10th, Wrexham v. Alexandria, at Crewe. Jauuary lith, Wrexham v. Draids, at Ruabon. January 24th, Wrexham v. Shrewsbury Engineers, at Wrexham. January 24th, North Wale- v. Stafford-hire, at Stoke. January 31st, Wrexham v. Birkenhead, at Wrexham. February 7th, Wrexham v. Burslem, at Bur-ilem. February 14th, Wivxham v. Llangollen, at Wrexham. February 21st, Nortli Wales v. Cheshire, at Crewe. February 2Sth, Wrexham v. Corwen, at Corwen. March 6th, Wrexha.m v. Civil Service, at Wrexham. March 13th, Wrexham v. Rhyl, at Rhyl. March 6th, North Wales v. Staffordshire, at Wrexham. March loth, North Wales Y. Lancashire, at Darwen. March 20th, Wrexham v. Alexandria (Crewe), at Wrexham. The international matches are ;— Wales v. England, at Wrexham, March 15th, 18S0. Wales v. Scotland, at Glasgow, March 27th, 18S0.

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