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BHYL. FORTNIGHTLY PETTY SESSIONS. MONDAY.—Before Mr. T. G. Dixon, the Rev. Dr. Butterton, Mr. W. Price Jones, and Major Rowley Conwy. A ROW IN THE ARCADE. Hugh Jones, gardener, Rhyl, was charged with assaulting Caroline Cook. The husbands of the com- plainant and defendant are rival vegetable dealers in the Arcade. On the 11th October a row took place, de- fendant asserting that Mr. Cook would not pay for potatoes supplied. She said she would see they were paid for, but defendant pushed her, and struck her in the face.—Anne Bryan gave corroborative evidence, and said defendant was not sober at the time. Defendant declared that Mrs. Cook annoyed him by spitting in his face, and calling him all the names in the world,"and his witness, Elizabeth Pierce, said both complainant and defendant were in drink at the time, and she saw Mrs. Cook spit in defendant's face. Defendant was fined 10s. and costs. HIGHWAY CASE. David Jones, carriage driver, was charged with obstructing Vale-road, by leaving two carriages, on Sunday, the 7th, near the footpath for over an hour.— Fined Is. and costs. AN OLD HAND. John Millward failed to appear to a summons charg- ing him with assaulting Jane Bassett. There was also a second summons out against him. It seems he has been convicted 20 times, and a warrant was issued against him. A DRUNKEN WOMAN. Mary Frimston was summoned for being drunk and disorderly. Sergeant Denson found her in a very drunken and disorderly state on the street on October 18th. She had been seven times previously convicted for similar offences, and the bench in fining her 12s 6d and costs, told her that if it had not been for her little children, they would have sent her to gaol without the option of a fine. THE DRUNKEN LIST. Henry Davies was brought up on a warrant charged by P.C. Hughes with drunken and disorderly conduct, on the 6th October, at St. Asaph. Defendant had been badly ill-treating his wife. Fined 5s. and 13s. costs, or seven days. Martin Rush, labourer, Rhyl, for similar conduct at. Rhyl, on October 11th, was fined 2s. 6d. and 7s. costs on the information of P.C. Healey. John Clark and John Edwards, of Rhyl, were proved by P.C. Healey to have been drunk and fighting on October 11th, at Rhyl, and were fined 5s. and fjosts each., FRIDAY.—Before Mr. W. Price J "A FREE BOEH ENGLISHMAN." T; J. Teasale, an individual who appeared in "tights" and bare feet was charged with beggmg. P .S. Denson found the fellow misbehaving on the Par1..de, he was also, singing ancl beggJng., in, Watec-atreftt, and refused to leave the Albert vaults." Took him into custody when he tried to throw the officer down and bite him. Prisoner now said he was a "professional tragedian and was merely following his profession as "a free born Englishman." It seemed, however, that the fellow had grossly in- sulted some ladies in Church-street. He was sent to gaol for 14 days, and on leaving the dock thanked the magistrate and police in a demonstra- tive style. A DRUNKEN SINGER. Edward Jones, one of a gang of travelling street singers was fined 5s. and costs for drunken and dis- orderly conduct and in default sent to gaol for seven days.


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