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POLICE CASES. Catherine Edwards, Walks, was charged by P.C. Taaffe with riotous conduct. The Officer stated that on Saturday, the 18th inst., he saw the defendant Edwards and another woman named Wynne fighting in the Walks. It was early in the morning—about nine o'clock. He had much diffi- culty in parting them. Fined 5s. and costs. James Branmn,ilabomvr, was charged by IP.C. John Jones with drunken and indecent conduct in Pentre- felin on Tuesday last. Fined 5s. and costs, or in default seven days' im- prisonment with hard labour. Thomas Burke, labourer, was summoned by P.O. Taaffe for drunkenness. The offence occurred soon after the fight between Edwards and Wynne recorded in a case above. Defendant denied being drunk, but Sergeant Jones proved defendant's condition so satisfactorily that he was fined 5s. and costs, with the alternative of seven days' imprisonment. FABNDON-STREET AMENITIES. Mary Williams, an inhabitant of Farndon-street, was summoned by Mr. Richard Johnstone, printer, em- ployed at the Advertiser office, for an assault. Mr. Johnstone said about eight o'clock on the previous Saturday night he was talking with defendant's husband in the proseoutor's house. Presently defendant came with a rush at the door and burst it open. She then seized her husband who was inside and rushed off with him. She came back again and struck prosecutor several times on the shoulder, and seizing his waistcoat (produced in halves) tore it badly. Cross examined by defendant: I called her no ill names. Defendant Now, Richard, tell the truth. I've came here to tell the truth—tell the truth I did strike him but he reserves it." (Laughter). Mrs. Bevington was called as a witness for Johnstone, but she only saw defendant kick prosecutor's door. Mary Lee was called, and on her entering the box, defendant remarked, She knows nothing of it; she was drunk at the time." Miss Lee said she saw defen- dant strike prosecutor several times. Defendant Well; he reserves all he got." (Laughter). The Mayor said the defendant would be fined Is. and costs, and recommended her in future not to take the law into her own hands. As defendant left the court, she said, If my foot was not so bad, I would have warmed him." (Laughter). CRUELTY TO A HORSE. Charles Stephens, potter, was summoned for illtreating a horse. P.C. Taaffe said on the 6th inst. he was in Hightown, and saw the defendant driving a horse attached to a cart. He examined the horse, and found on the back a number of wounds. They were very bad, and the animal appeared to be in great pain. Fined 10s. 6d. and costs. PAWNBROKER'S LICENSE. A pawnbroker's license was granted to Mr. Anthony Nuttal, late of Oldham, for premises on the Vicarage Hill, late in the possession of Mr. Kean. A NUISANCE CASE. Mary Edwards, late of Hope-street, was summoned by Mr. David Higgins, Inspector of Nuisances, for disobedience of an order to abate a certain nuisance existent upon her property in Lambpit-street. Mr. Higgins said that a great nuisance existed in Edwards' Court, Lambpit-street. It consisted of six common privies and a large deep sunk cesspool, which was filled with most offensive matter. There had been in these houses several cases of sickness, which have called for the attention of the medical officer to the state of the houses, and on tHe 29th of August a notice to abate the nuisance was served upon her, but no steps was taken to abate it. On the matter being reported to the General Purposes Committee he was instructed to take those proceedings. Mrs. Edwards asked that an adjournment for a week might be granted in order to bring up some witnesses. Dr. LI. Williams, medical officer of health, said several cases of scarlet fever had occurred in the court in question, and although he did not say the fever originated through the cesspool it no doubt greatly assisted the disease. The Bench eventually made an order for the nuisance to be abated, allowing 21 days for the work to be com- pleted. DRUNK AND DISORDERLY.. John Foulkcs was charged by P.C. Morgan for the above offence, and was fined 2s. 6d. and costs.

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