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MARRIAGE OF MR. D. JONES, TANYGRAIG. Few events seem to have excited so much interest in the town as the marriage of Mr. David Jones, merchant, Tanygraig, with Miss Jones, second daughter of Mrs. Jones, of the Farmers' Hotel, Denbigh. The general interest evinced in the happy event will be seen by the following list of the principal presents :— Splen,1;d gold studs, in handsome case, by Mr. Wynne Yorke, J.P., Dyffryn Aled, accompanied by a very kind letter to Mr. Jones. Silver dessert spoons and forks, Messrs. Parry and Wil- liams. Silver table spoons, Miss Jones, Henllan Place. Silver salt cellars, shell pattern, Mr. R. D. Hughes, High, street. Handsomely carved cabinet and paper tray, Mr. Myers, York. Silver cruet stand, Mr. John Edward Davies. Silver egsr siand, Mr. Roberts, Marmalade and preserve dish combined, Mr. Jones, JferOyn Hall, Holywell. Handsome inkstand and requisites, Mr. Williams, Caerwys. Silver basket-, Mr. Edward Thomas. Park-street. Inkstand and other presents, Mr. and Mrs. Griffiths, Clwyd Villas. Dr;lwi11room tea service, very hand,>ome, Mr. and Mrs. P. Lewis Koberts. Toilet set, Mr. ard Mrs. Jerkins, London. Handsome toilet set, Miss Kate Jones, Tanygraig. Canary and cage, Mrs. Davies. Vases, Mrs. Williams. Fron. Handsome vases, Mrs. Hug}¡2S, Plas Cbambre9. Silver breakfast tray, Messrs. Humphreys, White, Williams, and Williams, Crown Square. Silver waiter, Mr. John Davies, Segrwyd. Vases, Mr. Williams, Portdinorwic. Very handsome figures for drawing-room, Miss Emily Jones. Silver dinner c-uet stand, Captain Jones, Liveipool. Dinner service, Mrs. and Miss Jünes, Liverpool. Bedroom wal, Mrs. Davies, :Lodp. Silver cruet stand, Mr. Foulkes, Kilford, Cojiplete set of culinary utensils, Mr. S. Jones, Tanygraig. Various flower glasses, Mr. Peter Williams. Water jug, silver and glass, Mrs. Jones, Castle Arms. Butter cooler and water jugs, Mrs. Williams, Brookhouse. Silver and glass cheese and butter stand, Mr. Blair, Leeds. ilTer tea caddy, Mrs. Roberts, Plas Bennett. Paper Mnchie tea caddy, Mrs. Shingler, GslHfaecau Siver egg stand, Mr. Cadwallader Tlvmas. BreakLIst silver c; uer stand, Mrs. Pierce, Yscober Newydd. Silver biscuit salver, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Griffith. Silver toast rack, Mr. and Mrs. Williams, Glan Clwyd. Luncheon cruet stand, silver, Miss and Miss Parry Williams. Teapot. Mrs. Edwards, Hand Brewery, Ruthin. Handsomely ornamented silver teapot, Mrs. Jenkins, London. Silver and glass preserve ktand, Miss Hughes, Waterloo House. Handsome marmalade dish. Miss Roberts, Star Shop. Fruit stand, Mr. aud Mrs. Davie:?, Love-lane. Handsomely ornamented silver butter knife and pickle fork with carved ivory handles, Mr., Mrs., and liss Jones, Vale. street. Fruit knife and spoon, silver, Miss Evans, Waterloo House. Silver pickle fork, Mrs. Parry, Swansea. Silver candle stick. Irs. Davies, Pentre bach. Silver coffee-pot, Mr. Lloyd, veterinary surgeon. Handsome coifee-pot, Mrs. Green. y Copper kettle, Mrs. Owen, Howell School. Sald spoon and fcrk. Mrs. Lloyd Jones. Pair of candle sticks, Mrs. Braden. Pair of glass ditto, Mrs Bassett. Very handsome card basket and card, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Nott. Crumb brush and tray, Mrs. Roberts, Glaamor. Flower stand, Miss Jones, Corwen. Teapot stand, Miss Davies, Corwen. Teapot stand, Mrs. Davies, Penywaen. Preserve stand, lr. George Jones, Tanygraig, Quantity table glass, Mrs. Morris. Claret ju, Miss Williams, Brvnllnarth. Water jug and goblets, Mr. Edwards, Chirk. Set of decanters and quantity of rare old china, Miss L. JooM. Tea service, and dozen solid silver tea spoons and sugar tongs, old china, table sets, fire irons, &c., by Mrs. Jones, the bride's mother. Water jug, Mrs. Roberts, Fron. Handsome water jug, Mrs. Davies, Beacons Hill. Set of handsome chamber ware, Mrs. Robert Ellis. Prettily worked slippers and watchstand, Mrs. Evans, Henllan Place. Tea kettle, Mrs. Foulkes, Plas Captain. Pictures, Miss Savin. Sugar basin and cream jug, Mrs. Stuart. Pair of ornaments from Lizzie Jones, one of the bride's Sunday School scholars. Pretty basket, Mrs. Lloyd. Splendid work basket, fitted up with every requisite in silver, Mr. Lawrence Williams, Vale-Street. Table cover, Mrs. Fox, High-street. Very handsome table cove", Alderman T. J. Williams. fable cover, Miss Cbaciwick, Pair of lace ha icings, Mrs. Edwards, Harp. Sofa guilt, Miss Jones, London. Very handsome wool antimacassar. Mrs. Holgate. Very handsome wool antimacassar, Mrs. Owen, High- street. Very handsome wool antimacassar and fair of mats and handsome tea cosy, Mrs. Lloyd, Heartsheath, Mold. Tea cosy, Mrs. Hughes, Glan'1ber. Pair of mats, Miss Roberts, Crosskeys. Pair of mats. Miss Lewis, Liverpool. Toilet requisites, Miss Hughes, Waterloo, House. Table cover, Mrs. Hughes, Beacon's Hill. Table cloths and linen, Miss Jones, Carnarvon. Dinner napkins, &c., Mr. Denman. Pair of drawings, Miss Mary Jones, Tanygraig. Pair of salvers, Miss Williims, Portland Place. Jewel box and card case, Mr. Helby. Teapot stand, Mrs. Wm. Parry, Hifh-street. Handsomely mounted carriage wbip, Mr. Henderson. Silver gravy S1)0011, Miss Jones, Waterloo House. Champagne glasses, Mrs. Hughes. Set of silver fish carvers, from the Padeswood Colliery Company, per Mr. Jesse Price. Handsome present from the Llay Hall Company. Handsome bib'e f'om the Welsh Church Sunday School teachers, which was presented on their behalf by Mrs. Smart, The Rectory, and Mis. Vaughan Jones, Park-screet, and which will be found desc-ibed in another column. On Wednesday evening, a presentation was made of a very handsome drawing-room timepiece, supplied from the establishment of Mr. D. Lloyd Griffiths. It bore a silver plate, with an inscription setting forth that it was presented by the employes and friends of Mr. Jones, on the occasion of his marriage. The presentation was made at the residence of the bride's mother, and Mr. David Jones acknowledged the gift in suitable terms. The wedding ceremony took place shortly after ten o £ clock, at St. Mary's Church, which was filled with spectators. The officiating clergy were the Venerable Archdeacon Smart, the Rev. T. W. Vaughan, B.A., and the Rev. D. A. Lewis, B.A., curates. The bride- groom was accompanied by Mr. Roberts, Barrow-in- Furness Mr. Clark, Hope, Wrexham Mr. Samuel Jones, and Mr. G. E. Jones, brothers of the bride- groom. The bride, who was attired in a handsome dress of creme Cashmere and satin, with lace and bridal veil and wreath of orange blossoms, was led to the altar by Dr. Evan Pierce, who gave her away. She was ac- companied by six bridesmaids, namely, Miss Jones, her sister, Miss Kate Jones, sister of the bridegroom, Miss Lloyd, Heartsheath, Mold Miss L. Jones, Miss Emily Jones, and Miss Dora Williams, Glanclwyd. In ad- dition, there was a large party of the friends of the families. Miss Smart presided at the organ, and played the Wedding March as they left the church, and other music as the company assembled. After the ceremony the bells rang out merry peals, and the married pair left the sacred edifice amid a shower of rice from friends and the firing of cannons. Subsequently a large company including the archdeacon and clergy, Dr. Pierce, &c., sat down to breakfast, at the residence of the bride's mother. After the repast the health of Mr. and Mrs. Jones was drank with wishes for their future happiness. Early in the afternoon they left town by train for their honeymoon. At the station road entrance a splendid arch of evergreens, with suitable mottoes, was erected, and further marks of respect were shown. The bridegroom's employes and others had some festivities in honour of the occasion.