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j8.4 TCRDA V, November, 1st,…


8.4 TCRDA V, November, 1st, 1879. 7 — We trust the. lovers of the invigorating pastime of hunting, the season for which has juafc commenced, have an enjoyable time before them. The fixtures for the meets of Sir WATKIIf Wyjot's and the Flint and Denbigh Hounds are announced this week for the first time this season. The festivals in Wrexham to commemorate the ingathering of the late harvest have concluded this week. They have been numerously attended, but the churches have not been decorated tc such an extent this year, owing no doubt to the unpropitious season. The services in Euthi*. are to be held next week; and in Denbigh ft i* proposed to set apart a day to be observ I by both Churchmen and Nonconformists. oa Sunday the Rev. T. W. YATJGIIAX, in the courae of his sermon at Denbigh, remarked that be- cause the harvest had been bad, it was no reason that thanksgiving services should not be held. We were not to be the judges of what kinds of blessings God should bestow upon us. The competition for the winning this season of the Challenge Cup of the Football Association of Wales has commenced, and bids well to be an interesting and a well-fought one. On Saturday six clubs met to playoff the first ties. They were the Albion and Grosvenor (Wro>:Ea:u), at Wrex- ham, which resulted in a victor" :;r the Albion J the Corwen and Bala, at Bala, tin.- former being successful; and the Wrcxnm and Nru-thwich, at the latter place. This game was must exciting, being well contested throughout. The result was a draw, each side scoring a goal. The rival clubs meet again to-day (Saturday) to decide who shall be the victors. The annual meeting of the Flintshire Con- servative Association took place at Meld, OB. Friday, under the presidency of EDMUND PEEL, Esq., the president. Captain PENNANT waspre- sent and delivered an excellent speech, which was well received. The municipal elections take place to-day (Saturday). There is a contest at Wrexham and Denbigh. A meeting of the Wrexham Town Council was held on Tuesday. The principal business was