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CHEAP PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. j Advertisements of the folio ,vni>_r lands, PAID FOR WHEN ORDERED, are inserted in the Guardian on the following scale :— Twenty won! -:—One insertion, Is three insertions, Is 6d six insertions, 4s 6d. Thirty words:—One insertion, Is Gd three insertions, 4s six insertions, 6s 6d. Forty words:—One Tt; >n, three insertions, Be 6d six insertions, 8s Gel. The above prices refer to advertisements of the following classes :— SITUATIONS WAITED. ROWINGS, ?"F., 1 o LET. SITUATIONS VACANT. ARTICLES WANTED. HOUSES WANTED. MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. HOUSES TO LET. ARTICLES FOR SALE BY LODGINGS, &C.,WANTED. PRIVATE CONTRACT. ARTICLES LOST AND FOUND. Advertisements should reach the Office by FRIDAY morning, accompanied by S'amps, or Post Glhce Order payable to FHEDERICK E. HOE. flag* All Li tiers respecting Advertisements must be pre- paid, and ilO personal Inquiries can be answered when parties are desired to apply by letter. MafttCl). "VI7"ANTED, a regular supply of WHITE W SILVER HAND.—Address, W. B., cave of W H. STITH & SON, 73, Market-street, Manchester. 13-! XSTAXTED.—A good plain COOK for a family reMdirv.r about two miles from Wrexham.— Apply at the "trice of Mr. JAM::S, Solicitor, Wrexham. 1392 TO GENTLEMEN.—Wanted, situation as BAILII'F. Great practical experience. Married wife well qualified to manage a dairv. Good references. —For particulars apply to W. A. NOTT, H, Vale-street, Denbigh. 1393 UNFURNISHED HOUSE WANTED, within two miles of Wrexham. Three reception four or five good bedrooms (exclusive of servants' accom- modation). stables, garden, &c., and a. few acres of pasture.—Mr-j«>r LEADBETTER, County Buildings, Wrex- ham. 1387 EMPLOYMENT. I WANT 1.000 AGENTS to Canvass fori "THE COMPLETE HERBALIST." I will give such terms and furnish such advertising facilities that no man need make less than per month, no matter whether he ever canvassed before or not.—Address, O. P. BROWN, 2. King street. Coveut Garden. London, and full particulars will be sent by return post. 1324 RUABON SCHOOL BOARD. "TI7ANTED a CERTIFICATED MISTRESS j H for the Cefn Infant Board .School. Average attendance upwards or 120. Salary £,10 and a sum equivalent to one-third of the Government grant and school fees, together with 10s. for the instruction of every pupil teacher required under the regulation of the Board. 4*70 is guaranteed, paid quarterly. Applications stating ace. experience, when at liberty, and other particulars, with copy entries on parchment, ) report-; and testimonials to be sent on or before the 10th November to J. DENBIGH JONES, Jolnstov.-n, Ruabon, Clerk. l^en October, 1S79. 1-101 -a" —————" V fl TO EE LET.—No. 3, St. Mark's-terrace.— Apply to Mr. Edward Jones, Architect, Caxton Buildings, Wrexham. ('<13 TO LET, at once, a very convenient six- t quarter MALTKILN, in Wrexham.—Apply at at the office of this paper. 1202 TO LET, a HOUSE in Lome-street, Rhos- JL ddu, containing Parlour, Kitchen, Back Kitchen, Cellar, and 1) Bedrooms. Rent moderate.—Apply to GWILT CATHEKAL, 23, Regent-street, Wrexham. 968 n_- TO LET.—ST. MARK'S HOUSE, Hope- street, Wrexham, containing dining-room, drawing- room, breakfast-room, seven lofty bedrooms, bath and w.c., houserniid's and linen closets, good sized kitchen, scullery, pantry, larder, and two cellars. Water and gas laid on. Suitable for dwellinghouse, temperance hotel, or ofneen.—Apply to ED. JONES, Architect, or Dr. EYTCN-JON.ES, Grosvenor Lodge. 1229 TO BE LET, a well-built House in the Borough of Wrexham, pleasantly situated and healthy. The house consists of dining-room, drawing-room, breakfast-room, seven lofty bedrooms, bath antl. W.c., housemaid's a:;d linen closets, good sized kitchen, scullery, pantry, larder, and two cdhr". Water and gas laid on.—Apply to Mr. EDWARD JONES. Architect, Caxton Buildings, Wrexham. 7G8 TO BE LET, and may be entered upon at the end of September next, "ABBOTSEIELD VILLA," corner of Grosvenor-road, Wrexham, now in the occupation of Thomas Bury, Esq. The House consists of drawing, dining, and breakfast rooms on the ground floor. Kitchen and back kitchen with hot and cold water in each. There are on the chamber floor five bedrooms, bathroom, lavatory, w.c., &c., with hot and cold water, &c. The Out-ofrices consist of a three-stall stable, fitted with Cottam's patent fittings saddle-room and coach- house, with lofts over each gas, servant's w.c., &c. The house stands in the centre of pleasure grounds, and is enclosed by a wall, with front carriage entrance and back door from road. For further particulars apply at the office of this paper. 1079 G R E S FOR D. TO BE LET (furnished) on low terms, a COTTAGE, containg three sitting, five bedrooms, and the usual offices. Stables adjoining.—Apply, Mrs. ELLIS JONES, Gresford. 1331 Election: llbbrtsscs. .J Pentrefelin House, Wrexham, 10th October, 1870. To the Burgesses of the WEST WARD of the Borough of Wrexham. LADIES AND GKNILEMEN, IT is my turn to go out of the Council on the 1st of November next. As one of the four representatives -of your Ward, and having instituted certain improve- ments which have not as yet been carried out, I feel that it is due to you that I should again offer my services to represent you for the next three years, during which time I may be useful to you probably as a profes- sional man well acquainted with the nature and im- portance of the improvements referred to. Should you pay me the compliment of again electing me on the 1st of November as your representative, you may at all times rely upon my best attention to the interests committed to my care. I have the honour to remain, Ladies and Gentlemen, Yours very faithfully, 1318 ISAAC SHONE. To the Burgesses of the WEST WARD. LADIES AND GKNTLEMEN, HAVING been requested by many of my Friends It and Neighbours in your Ward to come forward, I beg respectfully to offer myself as a Candidate for your suffrages. I cannot boast of the grand ideas of my opponent, which involve a large expenditure of the Ratepayers' money, but have found by experience that economy and industry are the sure means to success. I shall always endeavour if you do me the honour to elect me, to protect your interests as if they were my own, by combining efficiency with economy, and keeping down the Rates and Taxes, which I know too well fall so heavily on my fellow working men. I feel myself one of you, having been born in your Ward and worked hard in it. I have the pleasure to know personally most of you, and if you favour me with your confidence, I pledge myself to identify myself with your interests, and I will always endeavour to promote your prosperity. The present is no time for spending money on rash schemes and a decided stand should be made against it, and in me you will find a determined opponent to any increase of taxation. I have the honour to be, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your obedient Servant, FREDERICK JONES, 15 and 16, Abbot-street, Wrexham, October 22nd, 1879. 13C0 j dEfruxaiMtt. PHONOGRAPHY. INSTRUCTION in Pitman's System of Short- hand by a verbs.ti n writer and certificated teacher. Tei-ms, &c., on application.—Phono., Guardian Office, Wrexham. 1185 TO THE NOBILITY AND GENTRY. SINGING AND MUSIC. A LADY, pupil of eminent London .1- Masters, desires Pupils. French spoken during lessons. The highest references. Address :—S. B. A., 1 í, WEST PARADE, 1316 R II Y L. MR. SPARROW, (Organist of Ruabon Church, and Private Organist to Sir W. W. Wynn, Bart., M.P.), TEACHER of the ORGAN, PIANOFORTE, HARMONIUM, and SINGING. SCHOOLS ATTENDED. Engagements accepted for Concerts as Solo Tenor and Acco,upauist. APPOINTMENTS. Ruabon Wednesdays and Saturdays. Khos. Mondays. Wrexham and Broughton (Bryntcg) Tuesdays. Llangollen and Trevor Thursdays. Cein, Acrefair, Ki;o.ymeire, and Chirk Fridays. For terms apply to Mr. SPARROW, Ruabon. gnsitnmtcs. I ACCIDENTS OCCUR DAILY!! -I ACCIDENTS OF ALL KINDS Provided against by a Policy of the RAILWAY PASSENGERS' ASSURANCE COMPANY. The Oldest and Largest Accidental Assurance Company. The Right Hon. LORD KINNAIRD, Chairman. SUBSCRIBED CAPITAL, £1,000,000. ANNUAL INCOME, £214,000. A fixed sum in case of Death by Accident, and a Weekly Allowance in the event of injury, may be secured at moderate Premiums. Bon us allowed to Insurers of five years' standing. £1,330,C-DO has been paid as compensation. Apply to the Clerks at the Railway Stations, the Local Agents, or C4, C'ORNHILL, LONDON. WILLIAM J. VIAX, Secretary. A G F. N T S Agents for Wrexham—Ml?. W. JAMES, Wheatsheaf Railway Station. MR. J. B. SHIRLEY, 91 National Provincial Bank of England. pOliC)!' MONEY WITHOUT SURETIES.—Before anplvintr elsewhere for a Loan, send for a pros- pectus of the NATIONAL MERCANTILE BANK, LIMITED, 3, Great Charles-street, Birmingham, which will show where responsible Borrowers can im- mediately obtain money upon their own security, at a. much lower interest than charged by Local Societies or Deposit Banks. No sureties, law costs, or unnecessary expenses required, and the strictest secrecy can be safely relied upon. Apply personally, or state amount required, and when. DAVID TURNER, Manager. N.B.—Distance no object. The money advanced by the above Bank during the past few years TWO MILLIONS, and no good application is ever refused, Established 1867. 1073 MONEY! MONEY!! MONEY! IMMEDIATE Cash Advances made, from £5 JL upwards, on Furniture, Trade and Farm Stocks, without removal or publicity,—Apply to W. L. JONES AND CO., Eldon Chambers, 1085 Dolgelley. MONEY MONEY MONEY 52, TOWER BUILDINGS, WATER-STREET, LIVERPOOL. N. S. HART, SOLE PROPRIETOR. TO ALL IN WANT OF MONEY.—Time and unnecessary expense can be saved by applying, either personally or by letter, to the above address, where cash advances are made from £10 to out sureties) on the shortest possible notice, and on the most reasonable terms. Repayable by easy instalments to suit borrowers. Can be made either personally or remitted by post-office orders, or in postage stamps, thereby affording every facility to parties whose time is an object to them. Please to note the address as above. N.B.—No con- nection with any office. 108 WREXHAM DISTRICT PERMANENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY. Incorporated under the Building Societies Acts, 1874. SHARES, £50 EACH. Entrance Fee, Is. per Share or part of a Share. THIS SOCIETY is now prepared to make JL Advances, repayable in a certain number of years on Mortgage. A Meeting is held on the first Monday in each for receiving subscriptions and enrolment of members. For further particulars, apply to the Secretary, J. B. SHIRLEY. No. 13, Temple-row, Wrexham. 6 IMPORTANT TO ALL IN TRADE. Established 1836. STUBBS' MERCANTILE OFFICES, 40, GRESHAM STREET, LONDON, E.C. West End Branch 53, CONDUIT STREET, REGENT STREET, W. Subscribers, by obtaining timely information, may avoid making bad debts, and may, through this agency, recover debts due with promptitude. Stubbs' Weekly Gazette supplies information indis- pensable to traders. Branches at Dublin, Glasgow, Birmingham, Bristol, Brighton, Belfast, Cork, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich, Portsmouth, South- ampton, Sheffield, Gloucester, and Bradford. Terms— £ 1 Is., i:2 2s., 38., jE5 ;)3., according to requirements. Prospectus forwarded on application to the Secretary, Stubbs' Mercantile Offices, 42, Gresham Street, Lon- don, E.C. TRADE AUXILIARY COMPAXY (LIMITED). CAUTION. There is no office in London connected with Stubbs' Mercantile Offices, 42, Gresham-sl.reet, E.C. (situate at the corner of King-street, opposite Guildhall), except the West-end Branch at 53, Conduit-street, Regent- street, W. 1167 [' rnbtsmtn' s 6tj)brtsts. THE GUINEA WREXHAM. PALE INDIA ALE, A delighful Tonic of a delicate Straw Colour and Fine Flavour, Brewed Expressly for Family Use, by THE WREXHAM BREWERY COMPANY, NAG'S HEAD BREWERY, MOUNT STREET, WREXHAM. THE CELEBRATED PALB LVDIA ALE. THE GUINEA W E S X H A M: 18 GALLONS for 21s., 9 GALLONS for 10s. Gd., delivered carriage paid. THE WREXHAM BREWERY COMPANY, BREWERS, WREXHAM. 1313 COAL! C 0 A L COAL I THE VRON CRANK, from the VRON AND COEDPOETH COLLIERIES, is a Superior First-class Household Coal—the best in the Principality. It is clear, very hot, burns with little smoke, leaves hardly any cinder or ash. Orders received at the Office of the Company, 4, Grove Park, Wrexham or the Workhouse Wharf, W rexham. Prices at the Workhouse Whtrf:- VRON CRANK 6<J. per Cwt. Do. THROUGH SLACK .3d. do. ORDINARY HOUSE COAL .5d. do. Do. THROUGH SLACK 2 £ d. do. For Cash on delivery. Halfpenny per Cwt. charged for Credit. 207 R I C H F U E S QEOEGE HENRY LEE AND COMPANY, BASNETT-STKEET, LIVERPOOL, Are now Showing A SPLENDID COLLECTION OF RICH HANDSOM E F U R S, IN SEALSKIN JACKETS, FUR-LINED CLOAKS, FUR CAPES, MUFFS, &0, These Goods were all selected during the Spring and Summer months from the best lots, as brought forward by the Manufacturers, and can be recommended for richness of quality. FUR SETS FOR TRIMMING. GEORGE II E X UY L E E AND COMPANY, BASNETT-STREET, LIVERPOOL, 1390 1- QEOFFREY CALDECOT T, TAILOR, WOOLLEN DRAPER, LADIES JACKET AND HABIT MAKER, (Lais Cutter at Xicholls, Iieyent-street, London), Begs to call attention to his GOOD WINTER TROUSERINGS, at 13s. Gd., 15s., IGs. Gd., IS. and 20s. OVERCOATS, at 25s., 30s., 36; 40s., and 50s. LADIES' JACKETS, 25s., 30s., 35s., and 42s. LADIES' ULSTERS, 30s,, 35s., 40s., and 45s. 2, OVERTON ARCADE, HIGH STREET, W REXHAM. 1332 COAL SUPPLY. THE LLAY HALL COAL, IRON, AND FIREBRICK CO., LIMITED, BEG to announce that for the better con- venience of the Tradesmen and general inhabitants of the Town and its immediate outskirts, they have OPENED AN OFFICE IN THE CORN EXCHANGE BUILDINGS HENBLAS-STREET, For the reception of orders, settlement of accounts, &c. where all commands and inquiries will receive careful and prompt attention. COAL DELIVERED IN SACKS OR BULK. Builders Clay Goods stocked in every variety at the Depot (Railway Station), Rhosddu. AGENT—EDWIN GILLAM. 611 — WILLIAM PIERCE, CABINET MAKER & UNDERTAKER, BRIDGE-STREET, WREXHAM. Agent to the Patent Metallic Air Tight Coffin Company, Limited, Birmingham. THE COFFINS are highly recom- J mended by all the Medical Practitioners of the neighbourhood. They are covered with black and crimson cloth or velvet; and every design of coloured metal furniture is used. The METALLIC SHELL COFFINS, en. cased in stout polished oak, or covered with cloth or velvet, can be had at a few hours' notice. SHELLS AND COFFINS ALWAYS IN STOCK. TIMBEH, SLATES, BRICKS, TILES, CEMETS, LATHS. SEWERAGE PIPES, And all other Buildiuy Materials, AT E. MEREDITH JONES' TIMBER YARD AND STEAM SAW MILL CHARLES-STREET, 63 WREXHAM. ANOTHER GOLD MEDAL. AGAIN THE ONLY ONE AWARDED FOR COD-LIVER OIL, PARIS, 1878. m OLLER'S (Norwegian) COD-LIVER OIL Prepared by Moller's Special Method, free from indi- gestible fats of other oils, is superior to ANY in delicacy of taste and smell, medicinal virtue and purity. The most eminent London and European Physicians pro- nounce it the Purest and Best. Given the highest award j at Twelve International Exhibitions. Only in capsuled bottles, of all chemists. 032 IGs. Gd. TROUSERS. 1 Gs. Gd. HAVING bought a large parcel of Scotch Tweeds and Angolas much below their market value, I am able to offer TROUSERS From those materials at SIXTEEN AND SIXPENCE. ALL WOOL. THOROUGHLY SHRUNK. LANGFORD, 4, VALE-STREET, DENBIGH. 1389 R S SCOTT Will be prepared to make her Display of WINTER FASHIONS ON TUESDAY, THE 4TH INSTANT, Including the latest Novelies in MILLINERY, COSTU MES, & c. Also a large Assortment of LADIES' FUR-LINED CLOAKS, DOLMANS, AXD ULSTERS. MILLINERY AND DRESS ROOMS, 31, HIGH STREET, WREXHAM. 1400 TO MINE OWNERS AND OTHERS. TyjTR. J. HUMPHREYS, MINING ENGINEER, SURVEYOR, AND CERTIFICATED COLLIERY MANAGER. Valuations and Reports on Collieries and Lead Mines, Land and Mineral Surveys, Plans for Engineering Works, Royalties measured and checked. Moderate charges. 8, DERBY PLACE, HOOLE, CHESTER. N.B.—Agent for the Sale of Mines aiidillinei-al Properties. 1380 UNEQUALLED FOR TK\S! J 0 I T N M IT S K E R, Ox' THE NOTED TEA WAREHOUSE. OUR CELEBRATED INDIAN TEAS At 2s., 2s. 4d., 2s. Sd., 3s., ARE acknowledged by the Trade to be the best TEAS ever sold at the money, and are specially recommended for family use, being selected with great care and judgment from the choicest growths only, and blended in that proportion which is requisite for a RICH FRAGRANT TEA, which practical Tea Tasters alone can produce. Parcels of 6 lbs. and upwards sent Carriage Paid, to any part of the United Kingdom, on receipt of Post Office Order. PLEASE NOTE—Only obtainable from J. MUSKER, HOPE-STREET MARKET, HOPE-STREET, WREXHAM. 1015 DYEING DYEING DYEING FIRST-CLASS CERTIFICATE OF 5 PRIZE MEDAL MERIT G Awarded 1874. Awarded 1874. j THE LARGEST DYE WORKS IN THE j !I ESTABLISHED 1817. MIDLAND COUNTIES. j TMPROVEMENTS in the ART of j X DYEING and FRENCH CLEANING AT THEIR MIDLAND COUNTIES STEAM-POWER DYE WORKS, LEICESTER, AND 8 BURTON-ON-TRENT. s JOHN S M I T II 30LK PKOriilETOU. AGENTS IN THIS DISTRICT :— WREXHAM THE MISSES WHITING, Fancy Repository, 2, High-street. OSWESTRY: MRS. E. REASON, Fancy Repository, Church-street. CEFN, RUABON: MR. E. A. R. EVANS, 30, Russell-street. LLANGOLLEN Mrs. W. HOLDING, Fancy Repository, Berwyn-street. se Goods sent to and received from the^above Agents Weekly. AGENTS WANTED in unrepresented districts. g2T The New Price and Colour List for 1879 to be had Gratis or Post Free. 64 JOHN H. KIDD & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF AILWAY WAGGON COVERS RICK AND TEXT CLOTHS, CART COVERS, LIME SHEETS, All i-iiz.es kept In stork. BRATTICE CLOTH, A m-TUBING HORSE CLOTHS, WATTKI'SOOF Kuss. [ N D I A K U B 3 E K G 0 0 1) S Hoojlng Dry Hair, a.td ri tw, SACKS, COTTON WASTE, LAMP WICKS ORFICZF HOLT STREET, WREXHAM. 51 frabesmm's Jlbbressea. ) THE NORTH WALES PUBLIC SUPPLY: STORES. TO the Nobility, Clergy, Gentry, and Public generally of Wrexham and neighbourhood. The Premises hitherto known as C. K. BENSON & CO.'S OLD TEA WAREHOUSE, 14, HIGH STREET, WREXHAM, IS NOW OPENED AS THE NORTH WALES PUBLIC SLTTLY STORES, For the Supply of TEAS, COFFEES, FRUITS, SPICES, CONTINENTAL, FOREIGN AND COLONIAL GOODS, GENERAL GROCERIES, PROPRIETARY ARTICLES, PATENT MEDICINES, &c., &c., AT WHOLESALE PRICES. PRICE LISTS CAN BE HAD FREE ON APPLICATION NORTH WALES PUBLIC SUPPLY STORES, 14, HIGH-STREET, WREXIIAM. These Stores of Supply are an l conducted on the Co-operative principle,—the Smallest Profit for Cash Payment, with a view to meet the requirements of a class of Customers v. ho are able and willing to pay ready money for their goods, and reasonably expect to receive full advantages for the same, thereby doing away with the system whereby good customers are made to pay for the bad. I\0 SUBSCRIPTION: NO LIABILITY. NOTE THE ADDRESS :— 14, 111 G H S T R E E T, (opposite the North and South Wales Bank), WREXHAM. ^HOMAS GRIFFITHS, GAS FITTER, LOCKSMITH, BELL HANGER, &c. (Late in the employment of various Gas Companies over 20 years), 2, HILLY VIEW. EEDDIG ROAD, WREXHAM. SHOP 27, HENBLAS-STREET, (Opposite the Adccrikt r Olfice). Hot Water Apparatus Fitted. Beer Engines Repaired and A large stock of 2\ew Designs in Chandeliers and Globes. Chandelier Fittings Re-g,;t Up without being sent away. COUNTHY ORDERS PUNCTUALLY ATTENDED TO. Estimates Given. Five Per Cent on all Gas Fittings. 1358 OCTOBER BREWINGS. THE WREHHAM BREWERY COMPANY Are now prepared to execute orders for the OCTOBER BREWS OF THEIR PRIZE MEDAL ALES. THE WREXHAM BREWERY COMPANY JL also beg to call attention to the following circular, which was sent out to their numerous clients when they took possession of the Brewery, on August 6th, 1879 29, Budge Row, London, E.C. Sir, We beg to inform you that on behalf of cur clients, the first Mortgagees, we have sold the brewery and property hitherto belonging to the Wrexham Brewery Company, Limited, to MR. ARTHUR SOAMES, of Newark- on-Trent, who has purchased it for his son. MR. SOAMES' position is so well known to the Brewing and Malting Trade that we can have no hesitation in expressing our conviction that the business will be ably conducted, and the high character of its ales maintained. We are, your obedient servants, LAYTVN, SON, & LENDON. August, 1879. Orders will be received daily at the NAG'S HEAD BREWERY, MOUNT STREET, WREXHAM, Or at the Shrewsbury Agency— CLAREMONT STREETf SHREWSBURY. 1339 JQISEASE PREVENTED, JJEALTH RESTORED, By the use of K AYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS, Which the experience of over 50 years proves to be the BEST FAMILY MEDICINE. THEY Purify the Blood. Cleanse the System. Remove Obstructions. Improve the Bigestioa. Establish the Health. Sold everywhere at Is ld., 2s d., and 4s 6d per box. 928 A GIFT WORTHY OF A ROTHSCHILD IS BROWN'S SHAKESPERIAN ALMANACK, J) Now Ready for 1880. It fairly glows with quotations and illustrations from the "Bard of Avon." I shall print about 3,000,00€ copies, and being desirous of making the distribution as rapidly as possible, will send ten or tifteen copies free, prepaid, to any one who will judiciously distribute them in their locality,—Address, Prof. O. P. Brown, 2, King-street, Covent Garden, London. 1324 feursiotts. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. LIVERPOOL AUTUMN RACES. ON THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 6TII, a Cheap Day Excursion Train for LIVERPOOL will leave Shrewsbury at 8.25 a.m., Basclmrch 8.30, newestry 8.43, Gobowen 8.:16, Corwen Llangollen 8.45, Ruabon 9.10, and Wrexham 9.30 a.m. See special bills. 1391 SHREWSBURY RACES, NOVEMBER 11TH, 12TH, AND 13TH. ON EACH DAY of the RACES a Special East Train, at Ordinary Fares, will run to SHREWS- BURY from Chester at 10.15 a.m., Wrexham. 10.40, Ruabon, 10.55, Chirk, 11.5, and Gobowen, 11.15 a.m., reaching Shrewsbury at 11.45 a.m., and returning each day at 4.45 p.m. See special bills. 1399 J. GRIERSON, General Manager.




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