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FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION OF WALES. THE FIRST CUP TIES. ALBION V. GROSVENOR These Wrexham Clubs being drawn together in the first ties of the cup, met on the Rhosddu Recreation Ground on Saturday last to play off. Play commenced at five minutes past three o'clock. Grosvenor were the first to show to advantage, and the ball was sent several times behind the Albion goal, a long shot by W. Price going very near, and one by Parry struck the bar. A free kick was given to Grosvenor close to the Albion goal, but the ball was got away, and well passed down, and put in front of the Grosvenor goal by Poole but the centre was not up enough, and it was again returned to the Albion side, and kicked away from the mouth of the goal by the goal keeper. Another onslaught was made on the Albion goal, Parry taking a short shot, which the goalkeeper prevented taking effect. C. Jones then got in possession of the right wing, and ran the ball quickly to the Grosvenor end, and shortly after it passed for the first time behind the goal line. Rogers twice returned the ball from his goal, but a third attack resulted in a corner kick for the Grosvenor. Edisbury, however, misdirected the ball, and sent it behind. C. Jones made another dash on the right, and took the ball right up to the Grosvenor goal, where he was knocked down. He claimed a foul, but after a little argument it was not allowed. A corner kick claimed by Grosvenor was also disallowed. A free kick was obtained by Grosvenor close to their opponents' goal, but the ball was got quickly away, and taken to the Grosvenor end. Poole took a shot, which headed away, another attack followed, and a corner kick was given to the Albion. C. Jones made a nice kick, and a sharp struggle took place within a yard of the goal, behind which it eventually passed. G. Jewitt made a run for Albion and made a shot at goal, but it unfor- tunately missed his mark by a few inches. Th Gros- venors then took the ball to the Albion side, but it was returned, and after being kicked away by the Grosvenor goalkeeper it passed behind the lines. Grosvenor got two free kicks, the first for a foul and the second for hands, the latter within a yard of the Albion goal; an endeavour was made to force the ball through, but it failed and it was taken down to the Grosvenor goal, where Poole had a fine chance of scoring, but he passed the ball to an opponent instead of taking a shot. The ball was then taken into the Albion territory and half- time called. On changing ends C. Jones made a quick run and sent the ball wide, but directly after (3.58) a, goal was scored by Davies for Albion. The Grosvenor men made an effort to balance matters, and were nearly successful, but the goalkeeper prevented a fine shot by Edisbury taking effect. Albion got a free kick, but the ball was again taken in front of their goal and a corner kick obtained. No result followed, and in a few minutes the Albion obtained a like kick. After the latter the ball remained near the Grosvenor goal for a time. The play was now extremely slow, neither side appearing to make an effort. Several attacks were made on the Grosvenor goal, the goalkeeper stopping one shot and another by Poole rebounded from one of the Albion men's head over the bar. C. Jones brought the ball up again and put it right in front of the goal, but they failed to get it through. A quick run was made by the Grosvenor forwards, ending in Edisbury sending the ball over the bar. Several more shots were made at the Albion goal, and a corner kick fell to the Gros- venor. The ball was put well in front and handled by a defender, the free kick, however, was badly made, but another corner followed, and the ball went behind out of a scrimmage. C. Jones made a run and the ball was sent rolling up to the Grosvenor goal. The goalkeeper threw it back it was returned, and a very sharp scrimmage ensued. Grosvenor next got a corner kick, and shortly after a scrimmage took place in front of the Albion goal, which ended in M. Davies putting the ball through the posts, and equalising affairs at 4-25. With only ten minutes left it seemed like being a draw; but the Albion men, who appeared to have the most play left in them, made continual attacks on the Grosvenor goal. Jones brought the ball several times up the right wing and put it well in front of goal, but the centre man, G. Jewitt, missed the shot each time, until at length W. Roberts rushed up and secured a second goal, and thus won the tie for the Albion by two goals to one, as time was called before the ball could be off again. Neither clubs exhibited anything like cup form, and had they not been drawn together it is more than probable that both would have been thrown out in the first ties. C. Jones appeared to be much the best player of the lot, and had he been properly supported, the victors would have scored several more goals. B. Jewitt also did his side much service as goalkeeper by stopping several well-directed shots. The Albion did not, we are informed, play their full strength, their captain, for one, being unable to play. The umpires and referee did their work in a most satisfactory manner, and cut short all wrangles by their prompt decisions. The teams were :— Albion.—Goal, B. Jewitt; tacks, F. Rogers and C. Roberts half-backs, G. Tagg (captain), G. Dutton, and E.Bolton; right side, G. Jewitt and C. Jones; left side, A. Poole and W. Roberts; centre, W. Davies; umpire, E. Phennah. Grosvenor.—Goal, R. Parry; backs, J. Thomas and J. Holt; half-backs, W. Trainer, W. Price, and R. Price right side, F. Jones (captain), and M. Davies; left side, T. Edisbury and J. Parry; centre, E. Hopkins; umpire, W. Lee. Referee, C. Murless. NORTHWICH VICTORIA V. WREXHAM. The first tie in the contest for the challenge cup of the Football Association of Wales came off at Northwich on Saturday afternoon last, when issue was joined between the representatives of the Wrexham and the Northwich Victoria clubs. The following are the names of the players :— Wrexham.—C. Edwards (captain), J. Price, J. Lloyd, T. Boden, E. J. Roberts, and T. E. Hughes, forwards, E. A. ) Cross and F. Owen, half-backs; H. Edwards and T. Jones, backs; J. Davies, goal. Xorthicich Victoria.—D. Molyneux (captain), M. Earlam. L. Jones, B. Dobell, and G. Plant, forwards F. Russell and J. Colley, half-backs; P. Hughes and J. Hitchen, backs; T. M us grave, goal. At twenty minutes to four the Welsh captain kicked off towards the Arches end, and then followed one of the most interesting and exciting game ever plaved in the county. Almost immediately the ball went bound- ing behind the goal line. The Welsh backs were on the alert, and in a few minutes the leather was again dancing about in the vicinity of the Northwich goal, and was finally driven behind the line. Soon afterwards a free kick was accrued to Wrexham, but, thanks to a splendid header" by Hitchen, it was unproductive. From a throw-in Forster placed the ball well in the strangers' territory. It soon became apparent that the Welshmen did not take to the ground very kindly but they improved every minute, and after ten minutes play, made it rather "hot" for the Northwich men. Now occurred the first exciting incident of the match. The leather was once more forced into the Victoria quarters, but it was adroitly seized by the defender! and swiftly carried to the opposite, and, amid much ap plause, it was finally hurled into the mouth of th< Wrexham fortress; but Davies cleared his charge ir clever style. The game had not proceeded many seconds ■ before the visitors, by some fast and clever passing, car ried the ball to their opponents' end, but their vigoroui attack was successfully repelled by the united anc energetic efforts of the backs and half-backs. Presently, Earlam dashed forward with the leather from the cv.trp if the. ground, and made a very fair shot at go^J the attempt ineffectual. In two or three minn" th-1 Strang.-)-^ 1 --nsiaught, nr.d bad iz not twr; i-»r -k- /•"•ivjfv t' e intruding objeci aud tinw us i,u- away as he couid, it is more than probable tha: t at.i.-tr -ouid have resulted. The play for the fiv v/ao very lively, the Welshmen pr&ssm,- she: ^poia-nts rather sorely. Ultimately the ball w;s kicked into touch,, and Northwich thereby obtained the advantage of a throw in. A grand run was started by the Victoria forwards, ending in a good shot by L. Jones; but the leather flew past the goal-post on the wrong side. A foul off the Northwich captain in the middle of the ground enabled Wrexham to place the ball in dangerous proximity to the enemy's stronghold, but Hitchen was in attendance and sent it clean away. Thus the game went merrily on, until it was exactly half an I hour old, when the ball by some neat passing was worked up to the home end and finally rolled quietly between the posts, the toe of Boden having given it the finishing stroke. At this success the partisans of the Wrexham Club were naturally jubilant; but the Victorias were not in the least degree discouraged. Once more the teams faced each other in the centre of the ground, and for the next fifteen minutes the game was more or less of a give and take character. At the call of half time Wrexham had decidedly advantage of the battle, and had scored one goal to the Victorias nil. The game from this point was unmistakably fast. Half an hour had just elapsed from recommencement of hostilities, when B. Dobell got the ball, and after running it up for some distance in beautiful style trans- ferred it to Earlam, who cleverly dodged several of his opponents, and succeeded in putting the leather be- tween the posts-a feat which was hailed with tremen- nous cheering. Matters were thus equalized, and in fifteen minutes the time of the game would expire. Elated at their success, the Victorias appeared deter- mined to gain a decisive victory, and desperate grew the strife, both teams, fully alive to the precariousness of their position, resisting gamely. Both elevens acted together with something akin to desperation and excite- ment. At the last minute the strangers, with one great effort, got the ball unpleasantly close to the Northwich goal, and with a well-directed shot, one of the forwards sent it flying over the bar. Time was then called, and the game was declared drawn, each side having ob- tained one goal. Cheers were heartily given for both teams, and the large company dispersed, having wit- nessed a brilliantly played game, which was rendered all the more pleasant by the most complete absence of anything approaching to wrangling or disagreeableness of any sort whatever amongst the players. The specta- tors, too, were very good humoured and appreciative throughout and cordially recognised a good stroke of play by whichever side it was made. As to the merits of the respective teams, it may be said that they were ooth in fine form. For the Wrexham club there was exhibited that beautiful combinition of forward ability which is always conductive to victory, while the back and half-back players were grand. Price, who is regarded as the best player in Wales, played admirably; and excellent service was also rendered by Edwards (captain), L'oyd, Boden, and Cross. The Victoria team never played better. The umpires were—Mr. C. J. Hughes of Northwich (relieved during a portion of game by Mr. W. Masters), and Mr. J. W. A. Cooper, of Wrexham; the duties of refree being discharged by Mr. S. Earlham, of Chester. To-day (Saturday) the Victoria team will journey to Wrexham, and again engage in battle with their opponents of last Saturday, on the racecourse, to play off the tis. A very interesting game is expected, the former one being very evenly contested. Kick off at three p.m. prompt. CORWEN V. BALA. These clubs played off their tie at Bala on Saturday, Oct. 25, and it resulted in an easy victory for Corwen by seven goals to three. For the home team Roberts, Edwards, Thomas, and Roberts played well. For the visitors the forwards all played well and together, Evans, the visitors' captain, worked hard and well throughout the game. The goalkeeper, Griffiths (a new man), will make a capital goalkeeper with plenty of practice. The following is the Corwen Teani.-Goal, G. Griffiths; backs, E. -iforris anil M. Morris; half-backs, D. Hughes, W. J. Evans, and R. J. Jones; right wing, R. Williams and T. Kdwards; kit wing, J. Roberts, and J. Edwards centre. H. Williams. Umpires, j Dr. Edwards and 1fr. H. Price; referee, Air. R. Williams, Corwen. CIVIL SERVICE V. FORESTERS, GWERSYLLT. This match will be played between the above clubs on the ground of the latter, at Gwersyllt, to-day (Satur- day), at three o'clock. ————— MOLD v. MILLWOOD ROVERS.—A match was played between these clubs on Saturday last, on the ground of the former, and resulted in favour of the former by three goals to the Rovers' nil. The Mold team, though weakened since last season, played well together, and their passing was the best we have seen them do yet. The Rovers' forwards were not backed up by their backs, yet they managed to assail the Mold goal several times, but thanks to the Mold goal-keeper, they were of no avail. The Mold club were represented as follows Goal, T. r,.o.,ers; backs, J. B. Marstou and T. Lloyd Hughes; half-backs, E. B. Roberts, T. Parsonage, and J. Thomas centre, P. Dykilis; right wing, S. Roberts and W. Webb; left wing, Ll. Williams and C. Rogers. FIXTURES, November 8lh, Wrexham v. Birkenhead, at Birkenhead. November 35th, North Wales v. Lancashire, at Wrexham. November 15th, Wrexham v. Druids, at Wrexham. November 22nd, Wrexham v. 0 rwen, at Wrexham. November 29th, Wrexham v. Llangollen, at Llangollen. December 13th, Wrexham v. Burslem. at Wrexham. December 2"th, North IVales v. Cheshire, at Wrexbam. December 20ih, Wrexham v. Shrewsbury Engineers, at Shrewsbury. December 271 h, Wrexham v. Civil Service, at Rhosddu. January 3rd, Wrexham v. Rhyl, at Wrexham. January 10th, Wrexham v. Alexandria, at Crewe. January 17th, Wrexham v. Druids, at ituabon. January 24th, Wrexham v. Shrewsbury Engineers, at Wrexham. January 24th, North Wale- v. Staffordshire, at Stoke. January 31st, Wrexham v. Birkenhead, at Wrexham. February 7th. Wrexham v. Burslem. at Burslem. February 14th, Wrexham v. Llansolb-n, at Wrexham. February 21st, Nortli Wales v. Cheshire, at Crewe. February 28th, Wrexham v. Corwen, at Corwen. March 6tli, Wrexham v. Civil Service, at Wrexham. March 13th, Wrexham v. Rhyl. at Rhyl. March 6th, North Wales v. Staffordshire, at Wrexbam. March 13th, North Wales T. Lancashire, at Darwen. March 20th, Wrexham v. Alexandria (Crewe). at Wrexham, The international matches are Wales v. England, at Wrexham, March loth, 1880. Wales v. Scotland, at Glasgow, March 27th, 18S0.


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