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FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION OF WALES. The cup tie between Wrexham and Northwich will be played at Northwich this day (Saturday). The Wrexham team comprises Messrs. J. Davies, H. Edwards, T. Jones, E. A. Cross, F. Owen, J. Lloyd, T. Boden, C. Edwards, J. Price, Hughes, and Roberts. A match will also be played between the Grosvenor and Albion Clubs on Saturday, on the Rhosddu Re. creation Ground, to decide first ties in the Welsh Asso- ciation Cup Competitions. The following are the respective teams:—Albion, goal, B. Jewitt; backs, F. Rogers and C. Roberts half-backs, G. Tagg, G. Dutton, and E. Williams right wing, G. Jewitt and C. Jones left wing, A. Poole and F. Mason centre, W. Davies. Grosvenor, goal, R. Parry backs, J. Holt and J. Thomas; half-backs, W. Trainer, W. Price, and R. Price left wing, T. Edisbury and J. Parry right wing, F. Jones and M. Davies; centre, E. Hopkins. CIVIL SERVICE v. RUTHIN.—A match was played between the above clubs on the ground of the former, on Saturday last, which resulted in a drawri game, each team obtaining one goal each. The following played for the Service :—Goal, E. Phennah backs, G. Thomas (captain) and T. Monitor; half-backs, J. Pickering, T. Davies, and S. Harrison right wing, J. H. Jones and W. J ones left vying, J oseph J ones and A. Richards; W. Jones; left wing, Joseph Jones and A. Richards; centre, J. Forkin. A practice match will be played after the cup tie, on Saturday next, when all members are requested to be up. CORWEN v. RHYL.—Played at Corwen on Saturday, October 18th, and resulted in a victory for Corwen by three goals to one. WELSHPOOL v. GDILSFIELD.—A match was played between the Welshpool and Guilsfiekl Clubs on Satur- day, October 18th, on the ground of the latter, when the Guilsfield team won by four goals to two. ST. MARTIN'S BLUE STARS V. BERSHAM FOOTBALL CLUB.—This match came off at St. Martin's on Satur- day, October 18th, and resulted in a victory for the Blue Stars by three goals to none. ELLESMERE EXCELSIOR V. TOWN CLUB (ELLESMERE). —This match was played on Friday, October 17th, on the ground of the latter, and after a well-contested game resulted in the favour of the Town Club, by two goals to none; one was kicked bj Lewis, the other by T. Williams, iust before time was called. OSWESTRY v. EXCELSIOR (NEWTOWN).—This match was played on Saturday last, on the ground of the former, at Oswestry. Play commenced at 2.30, when Gittins (who had lost the toss) kicked off for the Ex- celsiors, and the ball was immediately passed to Buckley in the centre, who made a run, but was stopped by J. Williams, who returned it to Davies and Shone on the right, who made another run, but the ball was seat behind. The ball having been kicked off, it was brought up the field by the Excelsior forwards, and a shot was made by Oliver, which the goalkeeper caught and threw out. A good run was made by Heywood in the centre, who passed it to Davies, and the latter, after a short run, repassed it to Heywood,, who made a shot, which went over the bar. Just before half time was. called a good run was made by Wynne,, who p.iad& a shot, which passed a.t one aide of the goal po .st. In. about fteen minutes after the call of hÙ\. time the Excelsior orwards brought the ball we\\ up the field, and a shot was made by D. Williams, when Latimer, who at- tempted to head it, was knocked over by and thus the first goal was obtained by the visitors in an hour from the time played commenced. The ball was again started, and it was evident that the visitors were getting the best of the game, for in less than ten minutes a shot was made by lieece, which theg >alkecper caught and threw out, but before he could get back to his post D. Williams neatly sent the ball between the posts, thus scoring the second goal for the visitors. The play throughout on both sides was excellent. The following fixtures have been arranged :— October 2-jtn, Millwood Rovers v. HId, at TJ Id. October .'0th, Wrexham v. Victoria,, at Nor:hwich (cap tie). November 1st, North Wale- v. Stafford-hire, at Stoke. November 8ih, Wrexham v. Birkenhead, at B rk nhead. November loth, -North Wales v. Lancashire, at Wrexham. November 15th, Wrexham v. Druids, at Wrexham. November 22nd, Wrexham v. Corwen, at Wrexham. November 29th, Wrexham v. Llangollen, at Llangollen. December 13th, Wrexham v. Burslem, at Wrexham. December 20th, North Wales v. Cheshire, at Wrexham. December 27th, Wrexham v. Civil Service, at Bbosddu. December 20rh, Wrexham v. Shrewsbury Engineers, at Shrewsbury. January 3rd, Wrexham v. Rhyl, ot Wrexham. January 10: 11. Wrexham v. Alexandria, at Crewe. January 17th, Wrexham v. Druids, at Ruabon. January 24th, Wrexham v. Shrewsbury Enginee;-?, at Wrexham. January 31st, Wrexham v. Birkenhead, at Wrexham. February 7th, Wrexham v. Bur.ilem, at Burslem. February 14th, Wivxhani v. LI tn?ollen, at Wrexham. February 21st, North Wales v. Cheshire, at Crewe. February 2Sth, Wrexham v. Corwen, at Corwen. March 6th, Wrexham v. Civil Service, at Wrexhair. « March Jnl1, Wrexham v. Bhvl. at Kliyl. March 6th, North Wales v. SLaforusaiiv, at Wrexham. March 13th, North Wals v. Lancashire, at Darwen. March 20th, Wrexham v. Alexandria (Crswe), at Wrexam. The international matches are :— Wales v. England, at, Wrexham, March 15th, 1880. Wales v. Scotland, at Glasgow, Jlar^h 27tb, ;S.i.).


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