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RUABON. WESLEYAN ANNIVERSARY.—The anniversary ser- mons were preached in the Wesleyan Chapel on Sunday last, by the Rev. A. Johnson, Wrexham. The congregations were good, and the collections realized more than the average on previous years. 2ND DENBIGH RIFLE VOLUNTEERS. The annual prize shooting of the above corps took place at the Wynnstay Park range, on Satur- day, the 11th October. Captain Roberts and Lieutenant Hughes were on the ground nearly the whole of the day. The shooting arrangements were conducted by Sergeant-Major Phoenix in a very satisfactory manner. Shooting commenced at nine a.m., and at one p.m. the cease fire sounded, and the men marched to the Duke of Wellington Inn and partook .of a substantial luncheon, provided by the officers of the corps. Shooting was resumed at two p.m., and the following is the result of the competitions:— 1ST COMPETITION. Lieutenant-Colonel Sir W. W. Wynn, Bart., M.P.'s Prize. Value, 95. Competed for by the Efficient Members of the Corps. Five shots at 200 and 500 yards. 200 500 Total. Corporal T. Bemngtoii 22 23 45 Corporal R. Jeffries 19 20 39 Color-Sergeant W. Jones 20 19 39 Private W. Prytherch 16 20 36 Q.M.S. E. Noneley 22 14 36 Private T. Parry 22 12 34 Sergeant T. Evans 16 15 31 Sergeant C. Shaw 16 14 30 Corporal W. Smith 17 13 30 2ND COMPETITION. ze Given by the Gentry and Tradesmen of the neighbourhood. Competed for by the Efficient Men- bers of the Corps. Five shots at 200, 500, and 600 vards. 200 500 600 Total. Corporal T. Berrington. 30 16 29 74 Corporal E. Jeffries 26 27 18 71 Sergeant C. Shaw 27 18 22 67 Corporal W. Smith. 24 22 29 66 Q.M.S. E. Noneley 28 29 9 62 Private G. Evans 20 24 16 60 Color-Sergeant W. Jones 24 15 19 58 Private T. Phillips 21 19 13 53 Private T. Parry 25 16 9. 50 Private F. Eaton 18 16 14 J." 48 Lance-Corporal P. Owens 19 13 15 47 3RD COMPETITION. A number of Special Prizes, given by the Gentry and Tradesmen of the neighbourhood. Competed for by Efficient Members of the Corps. Five shots at 500 yards. 500 Color-Sergeant W. Jones. 19 Sergeant C. fshaw 18 Corporal T. Berrington 18 Private G. Evans 18 Private T. Parry. 18 Private D. Bowen. 14 Private W. Prytherch 14 Q.M.S. E. Noneley. 14 Sergeant T. Evans 13 Corporal R. Jeffries 13 Corporal W. Smith. 13 Private T. Phillips. is 4TH COMPETITION. S Given by the Gentry and Tradesmen of the neighbourhood. Competed for by the Recruits of this year. Five rounds at 200 yaram. I Private J. Davies 13 Private R, Humphries 12 Private M. Aaron 8 Private W. Howell 6 Highest aggregate in Class Firing, 21-Won by Corporal T. Berrington, whose total score in the three classes was 168 points. Ties in each competition were shot off with single shots at the longest distance. rhe distribution of the prizes will take place at the National Schoolroom, at seven p.m., on Saturday, November 1st, and afterwards the second prize silver cup won by the corps for proficiency in drill, will be presented to Acting Assistant Surgeon U. C. Roberta. All members of the corps are particularly requested to attend in shakoes and waist-belts, but I rot cvoss-bolts. Tne band--men of the 9!h D.R.V. have kindly volunteered set-vices. Tho^rp; will be provided with supper at the Duke of Wellington Inn. ST. ASAPH. BOARD OF GUARDIANS. The fortnightly meeting of the above Board was held on Thursday, under the presidency of Mr. Brcwnlow Wynne, when there was a good attendance. PROPOSED GREAT REDUCTION IN SALARIES. The following report, being read by Mr. E. W. Gee, was presented by the committee appointed to consider the question of the salaries of officers, of which Mr. T. G. Dixon was the Chairman, and Mr. E. W. Gee, Secretary :— That inasmuch as the Clerk's salary has not been advanced from the commencement, the committee recommend that it remain as la retofore. That as the clusies of the Clerk to the Sanitary Committee are now, and will be further, consider- ably reduced, the committee desira to express a hope that such committee will be able to see their wr.y to ^reduce the salary accordingly. That in consideration of the labour attending the School Attendance Committee being muc;'¡' 1':88 than heretofore, it is recommended that the salary of the Clerk to the said committeee be reduced to £20 per annum. These were carried without any amendment being proposed. It was proposed and secouded that the committee recoinmeud the reduction to £ .'0 per year of the salary of the Clerk to the Assessment Committee. All ame!2àment was proposed and seconded that the committee express a hope that the Assessment Committee may see their way to reduce the salary of the Clerk. Tho original motion was carried. It was proposed, secouded, and carried that the Clerk's salary, as Returning Officer, remain as it is. Proposed and seconded that the salary of the Chaplain be reduced to per year. Amendment proposed and seconded that ho sabry of tho Chaplain remain as it i. The amendment being negatived, another amendment to tho original resolution was proposed seconded, and carried, that the recommendation of the com, mittoe be the abolition of the office of paid Chaplain. Proposed, seconded, and carried separately, that the sa aries of the master and matron, schoolmaster and schoolmistress, porter and domestic servant, remain as they arc. Proposed and seconded that tho salary of the Relieving Officer of the district of St. Asaph be rcduccd to £ 70 per year. Amend- ment proposed, aud not seonded, that the salary bo £80 ner year. Another amendment proposed, but not seconded, that the salary be £S5 per year. The votes on the original motion were equal. It was then resolved that a majority were in favour of a reduction, proposed and seconded that the salary of the Believing Officer of the DeubiÜl district be raduced to £,0 per year. Amendment, proposed and seconded, that the salary be reduced to £80 per year. The original motion was carried. Proposed and seconded, that the salary of the lielievin^ Officer of the Aoer¡!Ie dbtrict U9 reduced;;o £1" per YIar. Amendment, proposed and seconded, tlii-t the salary be £60. Original motion carried. An adjourned meeting was held on the 18th September. Mr. Pennant presiding in the absence of Mr. Dixon. The salary of the St. Asaph Believing Officer was reconsidered. It was carried that the recommendation be £SO, as against an amendment for £71". Resolution carried. Resolved, that the salary of the Assistant Relieving Officer remain as it is. Proposed and seconded, that the salary of the Medical Officer to the workhouse be the same as when he was appointed, namely, £30 per annum. Amendment, proposed and seconded, that the salary should henceforth be £40. This was carried by the casting vote of the Chairman. Proposed, seconded, and carried, that the salary of the Medical Officers oi St. Asaph be £6i; Denbigh district, £9., Abergele, .£60; 1thy1, £i8; these being the amounts of the commutation in the year 1867. Proposed, seconded, and carried, that the Collector's commission of 12J per ceut. remain. Proposed and seconded, that the salary of Inspector of Nuisances and Surveyor remain as it is- Amendment, proposed and seconded, that the Committee recommend the Sanitary Committee to reduce the salary to £100 per annum in consequence of the duties being materially less thau heretofore. The followirg amendment, however, was carried:—"That as the extraordinary duties of the Inspector of Nuisances and Surveyor are drawing to a close, this Committee expresses the hope that the Sanitary Com- mittee will see the possibility of materially reducing the salary. Proposed and seconded, that it be a recommend- alionto the Sanitary Committee to reduce the salary of the Medical Officer of Health to £50, the present salary being much higher than in a neighbouring Union. Amendment, how- ever, carried that the Committee express a hope that the Sanitary Committee wiU bE-I) tileirway to reduce the salary of Medical Officer of Health, such being much higher than in a contiguous li uion where duties and area are almost equal. Resolved, that in regard to the salaries of the School Attend- allce Officers, that the Committee has no reeommendation to make." The committee had signed the report presented as certifying it correct. On the motion of Mr. E. W. GEE, the next Board was made special to consider it; and the CHAIRMAN said he would second that though he disagreed with the re- port in the main. IMPORTANT NOTICES OF MOTION. The CHAIRMAN then gave notice that when the sub- ject was considered he should propose the following amendments :—" That with reference to the reduction of the salaries of the medical and relieving officers, that in the present depressed state of trade and agriculture it would be ill-timed, impnlitic, and unjust to the said officers to reduce the salaries, as their labours are now necessarily increased." He should also move as regards the chaplain, That the dismissal of the chaplain after twenty years' faithful service woufd be harsh and un- grateful on the part of the Board." Mr. YOMKE gave notice, "That at the next meeting he would call attention to further irregularities in the mode of levying rates in certain parishes in this Union." THE HOUSE. The state of the house was reported by the Doctor to be highly satisfactory. Number in the house 126, against 110 in the corresponding week last year. Vagrants relieved, 121. THE RIGHT THING TO DO. An anonymous letter, writter in pencil, was addressed to the Board, and the CHAIRMAN asked what was to be dons with it ? Was it to be read ? The Board strongly expressed the opinion that it be not read, and that was agreed to. CORRESPONDENCE. A mass of correspondence was read, including a num- her of letters from persons about contributing to parents, and also communications from the Local Government Board acknowledging receipt of letter as to the charge against Dr. Lodge also saying that salaries of educa- tion officers could be paid monthly.

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