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LLAITGOLLEN. THE MAE. IN AGE OF MISS RICF-AP.DS.-We have this week the pleasant du'y of chronicling the interesting event'of the union in matrimony of Joseph Ridley Shields, Esq., of Alesford, Hamp- shire, with Miss Mary Oetavia Richards, the second uaughter of cur influential and highly respected townsman, C. Richards, Esq., Bank Buildings. The stir and bustle of the glorious early morn of Tuesday betokened an occurrence of not-every day life in this rising town, and <he noble triumphal arch which was being raised in Chapel-street, by the tradesmen, bearing besides various mottoes, such as "Success 10 the happy pair," "lYhwn undeb mae na,rfch," Long life and happiness to the bride and bridegroom," the following stanza :— Dattod y dydd fydd, ond nae foed-y rhawg, Rhwysg i'w hoes, a hiroed Dyddanwch dyddiau henoed, A gwynt teg hyd yn gant oed," and also the not-less-pretending arch which scanned the path to the Parish Church, displaying such wishes as "God bless the happy pair," erected by Mr. John Roberts, wheelwright, as well as the bannerettes, flags, &c., which were waving from different house en route, together with the throng that crowded the large church, were no small tokens of the strong attachment which exists between the inhabitants and the sriritedand warm-hearted family of Bank Buildings. Unfortunately, the fins weather in which the dawn had broken was not to centinue Ion.?, and clouds soon covered the borizen, which sent forth a drizzling rain. But, notwithstanding this obstrusion on the part of the elements, the capa- cious church was fully occupied by an anxious crowd long ere the interesting ceremony was to take place. At eleven o'clock the bride's carriage made its appearance. The bride, who was dressed in a white silk costume trimmed vvdth brocade, cords, and tassels, was escorted by her father over carpet laid by Mr. T. Jones, draper, along the path and the aisle. The bridesmaids then arrived dressed in cocoa-coloured cashmere costumes and wearing beaver hats. They were five in number, being the bridegroom's sistee, two sisters to the bride, and two of her nieces. Mr. W. H. Richards was the best man. The Rev. E. R. James, the vicar of the parish, performed the marriage ritual, assisted by the Rev. D. Jones, vicar of Dyserth. brother-in-law of the bride, and the Revs. R. Bowcott and H. D. Morgan, the curates. The ceremony being completed, the bells of the church sent, forth a merry peal, which was con- tinued at intervals till a late hour. Cannons were also fired from various points in honour of the happy event. As the wedding party proceeded on their wa^from church, the strefets along the route were iinsp with anxious spectators. After partak- ing of the wedding breakfast, which was sump- tuously prepared at Bank Buildings, the happy pair left, amidst the congratulations of their friends and neighbours, to spend their honeymoon in Lon- don, Brighton, &c. The wedding cake was pre- pared by the celebrated Messsrs. Bolland of Chester, who also supplied the breakfast table. Over 90 valuable presents were given to the bride, besides numerous costly presents to the bridegroom.



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