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:WmL- THE MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS. WEEXTLAM. WARD MEETING AT THE TAL nOT INN. A small handbill, calling a meeting of the burgesses of the North Ward io consider the ad- visability of nomicaticg another candidate, were freely distributed about the town on Tuesday, and the result was that about 50 persons met in the Talbot room in the evening to take part in the pro- ceedings. Amongst those present were Alderman Lloyd, Mr. J. Oswell Bury, the retiring member for the North Ward; Mr. G< c. Bradley, member for the North Ward Mr. W. Sherratt, member for the West Ward; Messrs. J £ .,ward Williams (builder, Egerfon-street), F., Ishmael Evans, H. Cum- mings, C. Huxley, bvukk-r, Gomer Roberts, Jas. Roberts, McHale, McIw, J. Kosrers (tobacconist, Hope-street), W. H. Jenkins, Youde, J. Lloyd (Chester-street.), Robert Williams (sec. Liberal Association), J. Stevens (Hope-street), Fleet (Bank- street), S. Jones (Mount street), A. Willder, and W. J. Bidders, &c., &c. The meeting was called for 7 30, ou; until after eight o'clock tne proceedings were amusing. Who called the meeting? who printed the hand-bills H who engaged the room, &c.P wi re asked, but not satisfactorily answered. Thell the oonvfcrsai io:: turned to pigs and things concerning them. Every new arrival was asked if he had called the meeting, and t hen followed some more jelces and complainings. Eventually an efiort was made to get to business. Mr. JAMES JONES Wei), gentlemen, I propose that Mr. Edward Willi.inis take the chair. The meeting was called for half past seven and now it is quarter past eight. (Laughter)- Mr. ISHMAEL EVAXS: I beg to second the motion. (Applause). VOICES: Now, Mr. Williams, now. Mr. WILLIAMS Oh, no, no. Mr. ROGHKS (Taking of his hat) I beg to second the motinn. (Loud laughter). Mr. SHEEBATT Come, Mr. Williams take the chair. Mr. WILLIAMS Oh, 710, I only received this notice in common with others. Mr. ISHMAEL EVAXS then fetched a chair and put it down near Mr. Williams at the end of the room amidst cries of take the chair and much laughter. Mr. SHEIIKATT Come, Mr. Williams, lets get to business. Mr. WILLIAMS Well, gentlemen, I hopo you will not make me responsible for the rent. (^Laughter). If you relieve me of that. (Loud laughter). I have osly received this notice with others. I am not responsible for it at all. If I could explain why the meeting has been called or who called it, it would be a different matter. I cannot tell you any- thing. I am not against the meeting, I am very glad it is called. I don't doubt the present candidate will also be a little relieved by the meet- ing, it wili give him some definite—(shouts of take the chair). Mr. SHERRATT Come to the head of th3 room, don't stay in the draft. (Laughter). Mr. WILLIAMS then walked to the table at the head of the room and said: Wo are assembled, for the object, I presume, to make a choice of a candi- date to represent the North Ward in the Council. I don't know .exactly when the nomination papers have to be sent in, or whether it is necessary for us to have an adjourned meeting, which I would prefer, so that the originators of this meeting would have an opportunity of coming here. Now I should like to hear some one speak or make any suggestions, and let us speth" respectful one of the other, and let ihere be no sc-urrillous language used concerning the Council or their work. We are not here for that purpose, but to select a proper candidate for the North Ward a working man we wan!, a man who will attend to our business. If you have any sug- gestions to make now is your time. Let us speak in a respectful manner, and then no doubt we shall be treated in a respectful manner. Now I will ask anyone to make a proposition or suggestion or express any opinion. If there are no volunteers I shall call on you. After a pause the Chairman called on Mr. Sherratt. Mr. SHERRATT said he quite agreed with what the Chairman had said. They were called to select a candidate, but he was perfectly ignorant of the name of the person who had called the meeting. In fact he knew nothing more about it than thp. Chair- man knew. He was therefore unable to offer any name to them, not having heard of any person to be proposed, neither had he seen any suggestions in the papers, except with regard to Mr. John Oswell Bury, who was already before the constituency of the North Ward. He did not wish that anyone should leave that room, or that anyone should abstain from making observations, but in order that they may know how to take votes if such were necessary he would suggest that the members of the iSorth Ward should take a seat on the right side of the room, and those of other wards on the left. He had no further observations to offer. He was as much taken by surprise as they were. The CHAIRMAN said he understood, from what Mr. Sherratt had said, that they had authority to take a. vote on a candidate. Whether they had or not he should like to read the bill to them which called the meeting. It seemed to him very indefinite. It commenced "Ladies and gentlemen." Well they had no ladies present. (Laughter). (He then proceeded to read the notice, remarking on several of the terms used in it). If anyone else had anything to say he should be glad to hear them. After a. pause he called on Mr. Ishmael j Evans to speak. Mr. EVANS said he came to listen and not to speak. He should be very glad to hear some one propose a candidate. If no one did so, he would propose Mr. John Oswell Bury. (Hear, bear). The CHAIRMAN Perhaps before that is seconded I should call on Mr. Bury to express his views and speak of his past conduct in the Council. Mr. J. E. JONES: I second that. Mr. JAMES JONES Before that is put to the meeting. We don't come here to hear the views of the representatives but to hear the views of those present in regard to the selection of a candidate. No doubt some gentlemen have got together a.nd got out this hand bill and no doubt they have some one in their minds. If there is any one here be- longing to that party now is the time for them to come forward. (Hear, hear). Mr. RICHARD HUGHES I am one of the electors of the north ward and I think I am as much interested as any other elector, and I think it shows great disrespect to myself and others to call us here and get up a meeting of this kind for no purpose whatever. (Hear, hear). In reference to the resolution proposed I beg to add that this meet- ing has entire confidence in Mr. John Oswell Bury and beg to thank him for his past services." (Hear, hear). The CHAIRMAN: Have you any objections to hear Mr. Bury speak ? Mr. GOMER JONES I should like to hear what he has done during the past 12 months. I should be very glad to hear Mr. Bury. The CHAIRMAN: If there is no objection to hear Mr. Bury it will be no harm to hear him, if his not being a ratepayer in the ward doe. not disqualify him. The originator of the meeting has not put in an appearance and I don't know that we can do better than Mr. Bury to address us. Mr. J. OSWELL BURY said it was now two years ago that he was returned as their representative in the Council, and he could conscientiously come there that night and give an account of his stewardship. He was not prepared to give a detailed statement of everything which had taken place in the Council, but he could answer any questions they may wish to put to him concerning his conduct during the time he had served them. He did not think that morning, that before going to bed he should have had to meet the electors face to face, but having received five of those notices, which had been left at his office, he thought there must be something in it, and that he was wanted there that night. He really did not know what to say, for he had no remarks to make, but he should be most happy to answer any questions which might be put to him. He was not responsible for all the Council did, he could not rule them, but he could give his vote in favour of what he considered for the interests of those ratepayers which he represented. (Applause). He would challenge any man in Wrexham to point to anything he had done wrongly. Some ratepayers were everlastingly grumbling, and if there were no rates to pay they would still grumble. When they saw people goiug about with long faces and saying, The rates are dreadful," & they little thought ( perhaps that there was not a single atom of truth ia it. When he into 'be Council two years i ago the rates were- 2s. 3d. (A VOICE The next rate which was made was 9,1.. the next L. 6J. f'nd the current rate was (Applause). Ir that was increasing the rates he hoped they would go on increasing in the same direction. However, it would not do to reduce the rates to the detriment of the public good. They must have proper sanitary and general legislation. They must look to the sanitary stnte of the town, they must keep their roads in good condition,—and they would good roads, too, when the st-am roller came— and they must do what they could to keep up the reputation of the good old town of Wrexham. (Hear, hear, and applause). He was not prepared with any speech, but he would most willingly answer any questions. (Applause). The CHAIRMAN If any gentleman will put any questionst>> Mr. Bury, now is the time, Mr. SAMUEL JONES (baker) asked the meaning of the 41. in the pound, wh¡eh was paid as poor's-rate, but which went to the bormjh fund. Mr. JOHN OSWELL EuRY Mr. Thomas Heywood, high constable of the town, will tell yon. Mr. GvMER JONES I don't, think it is quite fair for gentlemen of another ward to come and ask questions oi our representative. (Applause). Mr. BitADLEY said it he was permitted he would answer that question, because it. had nothing to do with one member more than another. There were two funds which they had to contribute te. There was the district rate, which, as Mr. Bury had staged, was started iwo years ago at -4.d. That district rate was collected half yearly and it was reduced 2s. 4d. to Is. 9d. and the last two half years to Is. 6d. In adÓicion to that, there was what was called a poor rate, or borough fund, and that was made by the Council for the borough property, in their capacity of a coracration. This fund was chargeable for what was not legitimately charge- able to the county rate. This sum had bean equal to 6d. in the pound, if the inquirer would look through all the accouuts, since the town had been in- corporated he would find that it averaged to 6i. in the pound. Persons thought that all the uaoney they spent was charged on the district rate, for- getting there was a very, large sum paid by the overseers in connection with the borough rate. • Mr. SAMUEL JONES Why should that bo collected sep-irately ? Mr. BRADLEY It always has becr., and it is the same with every incorporated town in the kingdom, Mr. SHERKATT: If those gentlemen of the North Ward will stand up wo shall be enabled to see how many of them are here. (Hear, he:u'). The CHAIRMAN: Would the members of the liTorth Ward stand up ? About 20 persons, in different parts of the room, then stood up. The CHAIRMAN: The majority are ratepayers, and I really think that we are competent to select a candidate. The notice has been very extensively circulated, and if the other ratepayers do not think it worth their while to come and express their opinion, they should abide by ours. (Hear, hear). Would ycu propose any further question to Mr. Bury ? Mr. J. OSWELL BURY: If they have nothing to ask in reference to my past conduct, perhaps if I offer myself for re-eiection they may have some- thing t" ask in reference to my future conduct ? The CHAISMAN: NOW will any oerise upon this ? Mr. JAB. JOENS hinted that the meejug had been called by the Conservatives. Mr. SHERRATT I declare I dor/t know who called this meeting. I am simply here to hear what takes place, and, being in the Council, I shall not record a vote here. I shall go from this room perfectly free to act, just as I came into it. Mr. J. OSWELL BUlW (warmly): If my friends had called the meeting, I should have hoped they would h,ve done so in a. proper ma nner. The CHAIRMAN: HAS any other person got any other name to propose ? There being no answer the nomination of Mr. Bury was put to the meeting. Twelve voted for it and only one against. The CHAIRMAN then called on Mr. Bury to say a few words in regard to the future. Mr. BUUY thanked the meeting- for the expression of their confidence. All that he couli say was that if he was returned to the Council he would go into the chamber as free and unfettered as he went in on the former occasion—free from any pressure from outside. One member in the Council said he would consult the ratepayers on every oc- casioo, but he was of opinion that such was a wrong proceeding. Their representative should go into the Council unfettered, and if they had no confidence in hiheJ should not elect him. He hoped, when his second term of oSce was uo, that he should be able to come to them with as clear a conscience as he could now. (Applause). He con- eluded by proposing a. vote of thanks to the chair- man. Mr. JAMES JONES: Before th it is put I should like to make a. few remarks as to this member of the Council. I believe he is Mr. Richard Jones. (Toice O: cuurse it is). Mr. BURY I mention no names. j Mr. J. JOES: No, but that is the one you mean. I should like to call this to your mind, that he went into the Council on these conditions, that if any- j thing occurred he would consult the ratepayers, and I don't see why any member of the Council should be brought up at this meeting. Besides, I J understood that we were to hear Mr. Bury on the future. Mr. BURY: Well, I have told you my future, and j that is, that I shall etc as I please. The CHAIRMAN: He has promised that he act J conscientiously. j The vote of thanks to the chairman was then seconded, and the meeting immediately broke up. THE NOMINATIONS. The following are the nominations for the four wards:— NORTH WARD. JOHN OSWELL BURY, Stratford House, Wrexham, accountant, proposed by R. W. Evans, 5. Chester- street, and seconded by J. F. Edkbury, Grosvenor- road. EAST WARD. CHARLES HUXLEY, Manley-road, builder, proposed by J. Dickenson, 35, Beast Market, and seconded by Joseph Hughes, 22a, Beast Market. SOUTH WARD. SAMUEL THOMAS BAUGH, Plaspenyddol, Bersham, auctioneer, proposed by Joseph Clarke, 7, Chapel- street, and seconded by John Bury, Hillbury, Sontley-road. THOMAS ROWLAND, The Grove, Wrexham, gentle- man, proposed by Alfred Owen, Sontley-road, and 30, High-street, and seconded by David Jones, Vownog, Bersham, and 35, High-street. Mr. Baugh has since retired, so that Mr. Rowland is returned unopposed. WEST WARD. ISAAC SHONE, 12, Pentrefelin, mining and civil engineer, proposed by Robert Lloyd, 35, Penybryn, and seconded by R. J. Williams, Bridge-street. FREDERICK JONES. Abbot-street, coal and lime merchant, proposed by Edward Lloyd, 5, Regent- street, and seconded by William" Overton, 29, Bridge-street. DENBIGH. There seems every probability of a lively con- test for the four vacant seats in the Town Council. If the whole of the gentlemen nominated go to the t poll, it will be certainly difficult for some of the voters to know how to vote. The candidates are of the most varied kind, and the objects they have in view in seeking election may be safely said to be as various, but our readers will, we are sure, be thoroughly capable of judging who are the men likely to act independently and serve the ratepayers faithfully. The following are the candidates nomi- nated:—Robert Davies, The Vaults, High-street, pro- posed by Councillor John Davies, and seconded by T. Foulkes, Xilford, R. Roberts, solicitor, proposed by T. Gold Edwards, solicitor, and seconded by Ellis Williams, draper; William Morris, Post-office, pro- posed by Evan Pierce, M.D., and seconded by Thos. Roberts, High-street. These three are retiring members. The new candidates are :—Ellis Roberts, Segrwyd Farm, proposed by R. Lloyd Williams, county surveyor, seconded by J. Parry Jones, senior, solicitor; William Evans, Backrow Hotel, proposed by Thomas Roberts, shoemaker, Chapel Place, seconded by Edward Angel, Hall Square William Thomas Foulkes, farmer, Brynllynfan, proposed by E. W. Gee, Eglwswen, and seconded by R. Humphreys Roberts, solicitor; Emrys Evans, Cotton Hall, proposed by R. Lloyd Williams, county surveyor, and seconded by Evan Pierce, M.D. j John Roberts, Fox Hall, proposed by R. Lloyd Williams, county surveyor, seconded by Evan Pierce, M.D.; James Caithness, M.D., Vale-street, proposed by J. Lloyd Roberts, M.B., seconded by Edward Angel, Hall Square; John Knowles, draper, proposed by J. Williams Lloyd, Brookhouse, and < seconded by Ellis Williams, draper. We learn by telegram that the Mayor and the Town Clerk sat to receive objections to nomi- nations yesterday (Friday) afternoon. Messrs. 1 Ellis Roberts, farmer; William Evans, Back Row 1 John Roberts, Fox Hall; and Emrys Evans, Cotton f Hall, retired, leaving only six candidates. The 1 contest is likely to be unuaoallj svere. j ] RUTHIN. There is likely to be a warm contest here. The knowing candidates are nominated, and it will be )b3erved that the Mayor (Mr. Marcus Louis) does lot seek re-election, and the Fame remark applies ,0 Mr. William Green, who for many years has sat in the Council with great credit to himself, and satisfaction to the ratepayers. Ho wishes to retire into private life :-R. P. Davies,'Llanfwrog, pro- posed by Thomas Bealey, seconded by John Jones, Market-place; D. E. Davies, Tynywern, proposed by C. Roberts, Clwyd-street, seconded by Hugh Jones, Star Inn; John Jones, miller, proposed by 1¡Vióliam Simon, Clwyd-street, seconded by John Roberts, Castle-street; David Jones. 40, Well-street, proposed by H. Powell Jones, Greenfield Cottage; seconded by William Green, printer; John Morris, Market-street, proposed by William Edward?, brewer, seconded by R. H. Williams, Market-place.





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