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WREXHAM SCHOOL BOARD. A meeting of this Board was held on Tuesday last, when there were present—Dr. Williams, in the chair, and Mr Gittins.. Mr Lindop presented the following report: To the Members of the Wrexham School Board. GENTLEMEN, — I beg to submit the following names of irregular attendee for your consideration :— I—Christopher Gaughran, 22, Salop-road, Bridget, eleven last January, 70 in 9 weeks John eight last June, G2 in 9 weeks Owen five last April, very irregular. 2—Michael Connerton, 28, Salop-road, Mary, age doubtful; 64 in 9 weeks. 3—Peter Ward, Salop-road, Catherine, ten last July, 44 in a weeks Michael eight last May, 45 in 9 weeks Edward, five last May irregular. 6-Jonathan Hughes, Brown's Court, Elizabeth, ten next December; Mary, eight last June; Thomas, five last March. A summons was crdered in this case some time ago, but the absence of the father from Wrexham prevented it being taken oat. 6—Emmanuel Norman, 28, Penybryn, Sarth, twelve last March, has been taken from school. Her attendance in school during the past twelve months have been 222 out of a possible 451. 6—Robert Richards, 4, Errdig-road, Mary, twelve last April, makes almost half time on the average. Last week made 3 attendances out of a possible 10. 1-Edward Doyle, Jones's Court, Brook-street, Sarah, age deubtful, constantly reported for bad attendance Bridget, eleven, last March, a similar case. 8—Charles Evans, Milkman, Osborne-terrace, James, twelve last April, has been absent three weeks, and has made 24 attendances out of a possible 108 during the quarter; John, eight last January, has made 37 attendances out of a possible 108, and lately been absent for a fortnight. 9—Elizabeth Kent, Brook-street, Frederic has made 36 attendances out of 108. 10—John M'Kean, Ruabon-road, Arthur has made 18 attendances out of 108. u-Richard Lewis, Popular-road, David, twelve next month has attended 5! times out of 108. Attended five times last week. I have the honour to te, gentlemen, your obedient ser- vant, Oct. 21st 1879. J. Lnmop. The cases mentioned in the report were then taken, and in number one, Mrs. Gaughran appeared, and said the children mentioned had been in the Catholic School but were sent home by the Sisters for their pence but not receiving the money at home could not go back again. The children were at home now, and she was sure and certain very near annoyed with them. She had seen Canon Hilton, and he said he could not afford to do anything more for her. She was very dissatisfied with the education they received. The case was allowed to drop on Mrs Gaughran promising to send them to school. The second case was allowed to stand over. In number three, Mrs Ward appeared, and said the children had been ill with diphtheria. They were in the habit of attending the Catholic School^ but had been sent home for their pence. Mrs. Ward com- plained very much of the high fees charged for the little ones "They were too hard in the Catholic School on the poor people." The matter dropped on her promis- ing to send the children more regularly. Mrs. Hughes appeared in the fourth case, and pleaded poverty as the reason of the children's bad attendance, stating that her husband had been m gaol for ten months. He was now released, but could find no employment, and consequently there was no money to pay the school fees. The children had been in the Catholic School, but were sent back for their pence. Mr. Gittins asked if the Canon would not help her ? Mrs. Hughes said she had seen him, and he said he had done all he could for her. The Chairman said the parents were to choose their own schools, but there waa a Free School, to which they might be sent. He thought she had better ask the I Canon again. The case was adjourned for a fortnight. I The fifth case was taken, and Mrs. Norman appeared, who said she had three children ill at home, and had kept Sarah at home in order to assist her. I Mr. Lindop said all her other children were good attendcrs, but this one was very irregular in its attendance. On Mrs. Norman promising to send the girl to school the matter dropped. In case number six, Mrs. Richards appeared, and said the girl Mary was unwell, having a sore throat. She was also kept at home to assist in keeping the house. The mother promised to send the girl to school. Mrs. Doyle, number seven, said she was out in the country all day, and did not know whether the girl was in school or not. She would in future ask a neighbour to see her in school. The matter then dropped. The case of Mr. Evans, number eight, was adjourned I for a fortnight. In cases No. 9, 10, and 11 there were no appearances, and in number eleven a summons was ordered to pro- ceed if thero was no improvement. This concludcd the business.






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