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WREXHAM COUNTY COURT. Before Horatio Lloyd, Esq. HUXLEY V. BIRCH. Mr. Acton appeared for the plaintiff, the defendant being undefended. Mr. Acton in opening the case it was an action brought forward by Mr. Huxley, builder of this town. to recover the sum of £8 ISs. 7 d., from Mrs. Birch of the Elephant and Castle Inn. The amount was balance of a contract entered into by Mr. Huxley and the bite Mr. Birch for certain repairs at the Elephant and Castle." He was instructed that it had been of long standing and Mr. Huxley had made repeated applications for payment but without avrnl. He had heard no complaint of the bill from Mrs. Birch until the summons of the present action had been served upon her. It would appear that the late Mr. Birch had applied to Mr. William Jones, the mortguagee, for a further advance upon it after the work had been completed and Mr. Jones had sent an architect (Mr. Morrison) to view the premises and inspect the bill and he said the bill was a just and a fair Qne. Mr. Huxley said he was a builder residing in \Y rex- ham. He was employed by the late Mr. Birch to pull down some old buildings and erect new ones. The con- tract amounted to JM20. The bill for the balance had been tendered about twelve months before. The instal- ments of some few pounds were paid very regnlarly until the bill for the balance was sent in. Mrs. Birch then proceeded to examine the witness, and taking all the items upon which she had any objec- tions, discussed them with Mr. Huxley. She said that a charge had been made by Mr. Huxley for some timber when it was her own property. She did not know much about the building trade, but knew enough to stop Mr. Huxley putting brick window sills when he should have placed stone ones. She was being put upon by Mr. Huxley as by some other men in Wrexham, and all because she was alone and unprotected. Mr. John Huxley, son of the previous witness, said he had often been to Mrs Birch's applying for the money and had never heard any complaints before. The Judge remarked that he was afraid that it was too late for Mrs. Birch to object to the bill. Mrs. Birch produced a bill for materials alleged to have been taken away by Mr. Huxley, of which 13s. 6d. was allowed. His Honor made judgement for the amount forth- with. CLEMENTS V. EBLEY. John Clements, musician, sued Mr. Eblfy, proprietor of a Theatre of Varieties," at present situated in the Beast Market, for arrears of salary. Mr. Acton appeared for the plaintiff and Mr. Sherratt for the defendant. It appeared that Clements had been engaged as the leader of the orchestra at a salary of £1 Is. per week. There was a balance of £4 os. due to the plaintiff, and for that amount the present action was instituted. The defence was that plaintiff had gone away some days without leave. Judgement for plaintiff at 10s. a month. There were no other cases of public interest, the Judge rising at a quarter past three.







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