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BOROUGH PETTY SESSIONS. MONDAY.—Before Charles Ha -die. Esq., chairman T. C. Jones, J. Benle, and E. M. Jones, Esqrs. NEW MAGISTRATES. Messrs. Beale and E. M. Jones took their seats for the ) first time. STE.AT,I>*R! A CIGAR-HOLDER. George Bdand, a boy aged eleven, on remand, was brought up on a charge of stealing a cigar-holder, valued at 2s. 6d., the property of Mr. T. E. Davies, Hope- Mr." Davies said a week ago he watched his shop in consequence of various losses he had sustained. He saw the prisoner go into the shop and steal the cigar-hoider P:n" .1. P.C. Williams said, on being searched, two cigar ends, a v.-o dc-n holder, and four cigars were found upon the pris- -lier. Bcnch spntenced Boland to one months im- pri.i n:nent with hard labour, and afterwards to be sent to a reformatory for live years. ROBBEHY OF OIL CAKE. John Batho, on bail, and James Do. vies, on remand, were brought up on a charge of stealing a quantity of oil c:o, the property of Mr. Roberts, Golden Lion. Mr. Owen Jones appeared for Batho. Mr. Roberts said in consequence of what a friend told hTni he sent to his stables, and there found that a quantity of oil cake had been stolen. He gave inform- ation to the police. Bvidg-;C McLeary, Beast Market, said Batho, whom Shí had known for wars, came to her house and offered sonr- ■ >il cake for sale. She bought some, for which she Will Jel. per cake. She had known Batho for many yenvs and had never known anything wrong of him. Alfred Jones, Lambpit-street, proved that Batho had been to his father's house offering cake for sale. B.C. id-ederick Jones stated that he arrested both the prisoners, and that they denied the charge. Mr. Owen Jones, for Batho, said that Davies, who had the cake with him, met Batho and asked him to sell it for him. He did J-O, understanding that the cake had been obtained honestly. Several witnesses were brought forward as to charac- ter, but after a short consultation the magistrates' sentenced Batho to 14 days' imprisonment, and Davies to seven days' imprisonment (taking into consideration the already spent in prison), both with hard labour. WATER RATE CAKES. An order v/a ? obtained by Mr. Tl. Roberta on behalf of the Wrexham Water Co., agaiust John Vav.ghxin, Green Dragon, for 1: 2s. Gd. water rate arrears. ASSAULT. A case of trivial assault between Catherine Jones and Sarah Emma Will nans was dismissed. FRIDAY.—Before Charles Hughes and T. C. Jones, Esqrs. DRUNKS." William Milliard, a labourer, was charged with disorderly conduct.—Fined 5s. and costs. John JOTlÆS, LIanarmon, was fined 2s. Cd. and costs for a similar offence. A DESERTER. Richard Arthur an inhabitant of Wrexham was brought up on a charge of desertion from the 47th Regi- mens of Infantry. He v cs remanded in order that correspondence might be carried en with the headquarters of his regiment.








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