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DENBIGHSHIRE QUARTER SESSIONS. The following is the report of Mr. Lloyd Williams, the County Surveyor, read at the Quarter Sessions, held at Wrexham last week, which we were compelled to hold over from our last issue :— "Maes Gicynedd.—At the last Quarter Sessions I was instructed to report upon the necessity of a bridge at this place for the general public convenience. Captain Best, the chairman of the highway board for the dis- trict, kindly accompanied me and some of the way- wardens interested, met us on the proposed site to urge their claim to a bridge and point out the need of it to the neighbourhood. The road running in connection with the above is used by some dozen farmers to go to Llanrhaiadr-yn- Mochnant, and is also available as a bridle road between that place a--1 Llanarmon, although the track over the mountain is difficult, if not impossible to distinguish. A bridge at this point would be undoubtedly a valuable acquisition to the district, but as a public convenience it is not required, as there is no thorough traffic, neither can there be any until a large sum is spent in making roads over the hill. The plan of the bridge submitted is not suitable to the place, neither could a builder work from it. I should therefore recommend that the plan be rejected, even if the Court considers that the exigencies of the neighbourhood have been made out and decide to contribute. The ford at present used could be much improved by replacing some large stones on the lower side (which have been washed away) and thus cause a deposit in the bed of the river at that point, and with very little trouble and attention could always be kept in fairly good order. Lk-icesog Bridge.—The site of this proposed bridge is on the road from Llanrhaiadr-yii-Cinmerch to Cyfíy- lliog, and near Llewesog Hall. I have marked the site on the ordnance map for your information. The owners of property in the neighbourhood haye agreed to "iüelè the road for some distance, and the townships will bear half the cost of the new bridge if the county will bear the other half. If the road between Llewesog and Cyffylliog were thoroughly repaired, I consider that the briilge would be a public convenience. I have prepared a plan, which I beg to submit for your consideration. H Penffordd-dUg Bridge.—The flood of the 17th August caused this bridge to burst up. I provided a temporary accommodation £ ftr foot passengers, but by the advice of the Clerk of the Peace did not do so for carriage traffic. I now lay before you a design fora new bridge, which I had hoped to have been allowed to build to the west of the old bridge, by which arrangement I should have had to alter the course of the river slightly when the bridge was finished. The work would have been more satisfactorily and expeditiously done, as I should not have had to contend against a pos- sible rising of the water andn disturbed foundation. Mr. Wynne, of Coed Coch, of the landowners adjoining -saw the advantages of the proposal, and at once agreed to it; but Mr. llesketh, the other owner of land, objected, as in his opinion the river would probably return to its old course. I must, therefore, rebuildhe bridge on the site, but shall have to divert course of tir-e -strerm while the work is being carried<311. So that ro delay shall take place I am prc- vided tenders your selection. Mr. Wynne has kindly allowed a temporary road to he made through his fields upon compensation being paid to the tenant for ckanage done, which ? feel sure the court will appn ve, as without this road, great inconvenience would hare'been caused. "Font Nerajdd, IAangomiew.—This bridge has been trreetly damaged by the flood, and to save expense I undertook the responsibility of having some work done at ■ once, as it was rapidly getting wor.,e. I consulted Mx. Sandbach on the subject, as his property close to the bridge had suffered, and the repairs required to both ware best carried on simultaneously. It will be necessary 1'0 protect this bridge furthermore by a framework of oak fixed in the bed of the river underneath the bridge, nailed in with strong stone pavement. "Pont Meredith.—The cuhert on one side of this -bridge was very much injured by the August flood, and ■the road underneath impassible. I found that for a few pounds it could be repaired, so I have had it done in a satisfactory man act. Pont y Gv'jiddd.—The framework and pavement under the above will have to undergo thorough repairs when the water is sufficiently low to allow of such work. "LlculjnÍí.ta,!hÚ.(rn Culvert.—-The enormous quantity of debris brought down by the flood filled up the culvert and the water ik-wed into the streets and houses. As the responsibility < f keeping a portion of this culvert clear rests with the county, I lost no time in having the necessary wtirk done of removing the accumulation. Pout Bach- -Llanrwst.—Some years ago a request was made to this court by the ratepayers in this neigh- bourhood to contribute towards widening the road within 100 yards of the town side of the bridge. The request was refused as it was thought those more immediately interested and benefitted by such local improvement 8hould undeiiahe the work. This suggestion is now likely to be carried out, and I have been requested to ask if the Court would authorise the expense of the removal of some obstructions which are dangerous to foot passengers and impede traffic, and to alter the direction of the parapet wall, which now spoils the line of road. The total cost would not exceed £14 or £15, and would certainly be a great improvement. Some of the justices of the Petty Sessional division have in- spected the place and have authorised me to say they entirely approve of the proposal. "LlalCilt Bridge.—The retaining wall, which was built here to confine the river to its course, has been slightly damaged by the flood, and I am only waiting for the water to subside to make good the injury. "Nmltglyn Ticarage Bridge.—The river is under- mining the bank immediately above the bridge, and if means are not taken to stop it the river will work for itself a new course, and serious damage will accrue. I propose, with your concurrence, to make the bank safe at the point mentioned. "Brookhouse Bridge.—Some time before my prede- cessor's death, a wall was built along the road here parallel with the river, jointly by the county and the owner of the adjoining mill. Some damage was done to this wall by the floods. I should be glad of instructions to repair such portions as I consider the county to be fairly liable for. CystogilU Bridge.—The abutment on one side of the above has been undermined by the recent floods, and the arch at the corner has dropped, and as the damage was likely to increase I thought it advisable to have the repairs done before I .could get the necessary instructions from this court. "Bradley Mills Bridge.—The parapet of the wing wall on the Wrexham side of this bridge has been knocked down, by what means I have failed to ascer- tain, though I have made every enquiry. The re- building ot the walls should be done without delay. Packsaddk Bridge.—The river runs parallel with .the roadway of the above bridge for some distance, and I have been asked to report that the parapet wall has been thrown down by seme mischievous person, conse- quently there is little or no protection for the safety of foot passengers for some 16 yards. I have more than once reminded the applicants that our legal adviser dis- putes the liability of the county to do the work. Pont Talwrn.—The re-pointing of this bridge has become a positive necessity, and a drain across the entrance to a field contiguous is also much wanted. I propose to have this done as soon as possible. Llangedicyn Bridge.—The oak frame under the above is nearly gone, and the pavement between is damaged. The .repairs can be only done when the water is low, otherwise the expense would be considerable. Gleai Tanat Issa Bridge.—The parapet wall here bulges very much, and I think it desirable to have the stones refixed before the winter. If the stones fall they will probably break to pieces. "TrtMern Bridge.—The ironwork of this bridge requires scraping and painting, otherwise the buckle plates which support the roadway will soon be rusted through. One of the landowners on the Llansilin side has enclosed a portion of the road, and rather cramped the turning- up the hill. I shall be glad of your authority to order the removal of the encroachment. The New County Buildings, Wrexham.—The work here is now completed and occupied, and I trust will be found to answer all the purposes for which it was intended. Some additional cost beyond the original estimate has been incurred by certain alterations which have been made and approved by the Secretary of State. Supt. Wilde, Inspector Sheean, and Sergeant Dutton have accepted their new quarters and appear comfortably settled. I have been in communication with the Wrexham Waterworks Company with the view of obtaining terms for a water rate, and their manager seeing the difficulty of supplying a public building such as this upon the principle of a rateable value, liberally offered to give a supply by metre at a mininum rate. The Yeomanry Sergeant Major had removed a quantity of ammunition which was stored in one of the turrets, and he had asked to be allowed to take the copper door, which I believe was not placed there at the expense of the county. I shall be glad of instructions in this matter. Llansilin Lock-up.—The painting here, which was so much wanted, is completed to my satisfaction. Rhosllanerchrugog Lock-up.—This lock-up is in great need of painting and cleaning. Nothing has been done in this district since it was built. I should be glad of an order. Denbigh Lock-up.—The new windows, &c., ordered for the bedroom of this lock-up have been completed, and are a great improvement and a source of great comfort to the occupier. "I received an application from the Postal Telegraph Department for permission to fix pole:, and wires over the 100 yards of the Bangor Isycoed Bridge. I signed the form of consent, adding that it was subject to the approval of this court. "The Guardians of the St. Asaph L'nion served a notice upon me that they required to lay a water pipe across Llandidas Bridge, and, finding that no damage was likely to accrue, I offered no opposition." This portion of the report concluded with a list of ) bridges and their locality which he considered may not be crossed by a locomotive without danger to the J public* 1