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GRAND BAZAAR AT WYNNSTAY. A bazaar was opened in the Grand Hall of Wynn- stay on Tuesday last, the object of which was to raise a sum towards clearing off the debt on the church at Penycae which was erected about twelve months ago, and on which a sum of about .£800 remains. The bazaar was under the patronage of Sir Watkin and Lady Williams Wynn and the lead- ing gentry of the neighbourhood. The grand hall looked beautiful with its additional adornment of the many coloured and rich articles which were arrayed on the stalls and hung about the lower part of the walls. The valuable old pictures were inspected and enjoyed by a large number, the one which attracted especial attention being the large oil painting of Sir Watkin and his lady, which was presented to Lady Williams Wynn, by 11,947 Cymri in 1858. In addition to the many feasts for the eye there was enjoyment for the ear, Mr. Sparrow occasionally giving some beautiful selec- tions on the organ. Rarely has a bazaar been held amidst such pleasing surroundings, and all those who attended on Tuesday and Wednesday must feel thankful to Sir Wa'kin and his lady for offering to them the opportunity of supporting an excellent object under such excellent circumstances. Of course throwing open the large hall, contribut- ing largely to the bazaar, and patronising it was not, the full extent of the hOD. baronet's liberality. Few, indeed, have visited Wynnstay without partaking of the hospitality characteristic of the ancient barony, and therefore it follows as a natural consequence that the most liberal hospitality was offered and welcome to all who, on Tuesday and Wednesday, came within the shadow of Wynnstay. Unfortunately, Sir Watkin was indisposed in London, but his good lady worthily acted on his behalf, her lieutenant on the occasion being O'veu Slanev Wynne, Esq, The bazaar was publicly opened about two o'clock by Owen S. Wynne, Esq., who, in the name of Sir Watkin, declared the baza-ar open. The stalls were arranged on three sides of the hall, the head being occupied by that for refresh- ments. To begin on the left hand side of the hail, the first stall was that of the Misses Thonasoir, who were assisted by Miss Hall, Miss Kyrke, ana Mr. Henry Howard. In the centre of the table stcod a large sofa cushion, on the top of which was an album, and around it scrap books, texts* d'oyleys in silk embroidery, glove boxes, fang, handkerchief boxes, r chly ornamented smoking caps, small picture frames, mantel piece borders, butter dishes, &c. To the right was a beautiful cosy, around which were a number of pin cushions, dolls and babies shoes, and a quantity of needle- work of value. On the left was an ornamental bracket with a rich covering, children's caps, &c., and tha front of the stall was hung- with a number of silk and satin aprons, tidii.es, and other toilet articles. At the back of the stall was a quantity of children's clothing, a number^ dolls suspended from the candle brackets, nek antimacassars, scripture tests, &c. Prominent -in connection with this stall wecre several crayon sketches, represent- ing scenes da different, parts ot Wynnstay Park, scenes near Peniaitfii and DyfEryo, one at Dolgelley, representing a flood in the valley with mist risir^g with rain, and a companion 'picture, the | subject -boing smset after the flood. The whole of these were the work-of Mrs. O^en S. Wyjs.no. Here, also, were a couple of oil paintings, one, a hunting scene, by Mr- F. Tbotxson, Penybryc Hall, and the other, the track of the sunbeam/* by Mr-. Henm Howard, of Store Honse, K^dt-r- minster. ÅU excellent eollectica of Worcester chiB.), from the Roy oil Works, was the o&jjert of much attention. Tteis -collection was supplied to Q. S. Wytsi-e, Esq-, by the manager of the «'«vks, at a greatly reduced price, with a view to assist m the object of the 'b&caar. 011 each eíJj of the a&ain entrance was a bust in wrra cot.ta of "CIytie, with pedestal, whicjii were also attached to-No. 1 -staii. The nest on the 'left, was the stall of Mrs. and the Misses jEdwards Jlaiuabon), who were assk-ted by Mrs. Cowan, Miss Marsh, Miss Davits, and Mr. Marsh, Mr. Btytneni. and the Rev. SL Thomas. 'On the left-hand^ide ot the etall was a small work- table, with a covering in-crewel work. Vle table bore a quantity of sm ill articles in chkm ware, wood, and needlework. Suspended froui (the front of the table ware a toilet bag, and under it were a number of small articles in needle wor Just to the right of this a heap of ar^cies of clothing, handkerchiefs, -chil ireri's frocks, &c. T'he centre of the stall was?mai-ked-by a. large basket of needle work, surmounted by a doll, and around the sides being dolls am3, babies' shoes, and other-articles ia wool work. In tihe front of this was «. large and beautifuliy-dreesed wa-s doll, and aroend it small articles of various descriptions, including Chinese brackets, smokiny caps, dolls' hats, toilet articles, &c., prominent amongst which was a beaut' 1 beaded tOc)t81001, and some excellent slippers. vQ the right of the stall was another work-table, bear- ing a qu mtity of miniature tea sets, and in front of it. was a large and beautiful Japanese banner screen, the pattern ot which-was most chaste. ITear were a number of a'oyleys, with very pretty patterns, and otner pieces of work. On a table in front of the stall was an Afghan blanket, which was very sug- gestive of warmth, pin-cushions, &c. Selonging to this stall was a beaur ful table cloth, crith an eni- brodered border iu wcruted work, executed by Lacly WiHiams Wynu, and which was raffied off for a large sun. At the t ack of the stall, arranged on a series Gf shelves, were a number of very beautiful articles, amongst which was another Japanese banner screen, Japanese antimacassars, parasols, pieces of crewel work, wool antimacassars, mantel- piece borders, nicely-dressed dolls, toilet articles, and an immmerable,guantity of small goods. No. ? -fta.11 was presided over by Mrs. Evans (Bronwyk'a) and the Misses Evans, who was as- sisted by Mrs. Bishop,(Llanerchrugog i??ark), Miss Palerson, Damtrieshire, and Miss Patterson, of Eock;Feriy j Miss Davies, Spring Grove, and Miss Jones, teen grog, Welshpool. This stall, commenced with a collection of wool work, a miniature cradle in which was a beautiful wax doll, toilet bags, pocket handkerchief cases, and a. quantity of crewel: work, excellent eofa cushions, d'oykys, canoe- i shaped knitting basket, pm cushions., <fce. The centre-of the stall wa.s marked by a large wax doll dresse"Lin satin, and in front of it tvere-eome pieces of Dresden china, and ware of other kinds, borders, photo frames, Japanese'ians, ladies' CilPi¡c and other small and choice goods. fro the right of the stall were several cushions, another small cradle,-Japanese cabinet, and an innumerable quantity of eye-catch- ing articles in the shape of glove 'boxes, &o. The front of the stall was hung with A JO at una crewel antimacassars, qprons, d'oyleys, end other such goods. At the back were some rich table cloths m 'dark green with borders, crewel antima- cassars, footstools, Scotch bats, brackets, and mantel borders, colls, Chinese ir-GB, and Scripture texts. Promir.ent here were a couple of urawiryjc by Mr. Aaton Webb, the architect of the church, and a large carriage rag with^retty border in oreirel work. Passing to the other side of the hall the first. table was knos.rn as the Ehos stall," presided by :\1r8 Fi, ch, ,Gardden Hall, Miss A. and JkSias S. Forshaw, Misc Hughes, F«ncant, and Mr. E. T. Fitch. This stall was a veBy interesting one, tributions having been given by several persons of the Rhos Church. The centre of the table WF„S marked by a collection of very beautiful articles, ■prominent ameq^st which was a card basket O; .S,eotch pattern worked with various coloured vthreads. The bastet was a. most ingenious piece ¡d work. Near "this was a cradle, several uttle; toilet articles, sets of d'oyleys^moking caps orna-: mented with gold, &c. On the left was a ,very: beautiful cushion -surrounded with a number of fane, ladies' baskets, <&c. Further to the left were a ns/nber of small articles including a box of bra-ee- ladies belts, moztey boxes, faaa, ladies' walking bags, glove boxes. pkicushioas, sbottles of scecst, miniature cradle, &c. On the right were a quantity of ladies" wark, baskets Jined with silk, to-usic .eases, cosies, doljp'' shoes, pap&r mats, Chinese .i dolls, pboto frames, books, and.a host of other little articles all prettily arranged. In the front of the stall were a number of toilet bags in crewel work, a. guipure antima«issar, and s number of articles in wooL At the back were number of Zulu hatp (so they were called) 'to which the ladies took a great fancy, a number of scriptsare texts, mantel-piece borders, some very beautifsi antima- cassars in wool and other work, some nice footstools., rustic brackets, toilet baskets, and a quality of children's clothing, and a number of bright little articles which gave a very pretty appearance to the back. On the other side of the large hearth was the stall of Mr. J. Kenrick, Wynne Hall; Mrs. Kenriek, Mrs. Ormerod, Mrs. F. Cottou, Miss Hardcastle, itlld the Misses Bowling. This was an extraordinary etaj], principally consisting of fruit and plants, and fancy articles. On the left was a table bearing a of gold fish, and around it were a number of oaskets of wild ferns. Next came a number of maiden hair ferns in pretty pots, a coleus, and )ther piints. A little below were a number of cut lowers, and some beautiful fruit in fancy bottles md baskets, plated paper knives, &c. In the niddle of the table was a glass epergne of flowers, md fruit, around which were several vasas, china jocds, roses, bantier screens, &2. To the ri;ht were iOme ladies' work baskets, small cases, slippers, lelieate antimacassars of various kinds, Japanese work, albums, rich crown Derby china, ferns, &c., and at the extreme ead was another table and a glass of gold fish. By the side was a case of walking sticks. In the front of the stall were a number of antimacassars, Japanese patterns, children's silk capes, &c. A table stood in front bearing another glass of gold fish, and some beautiful flowers..At the back of the stall were several shelves filled with hot-house plants, ferns, and here and there were rich antimacassars and several particles of curiosity. The refreshment stall was arranged in a manner which would have met with the approbation of any connoisseur, and was presided over by the Hon. Mrs. G. T. Wynne, Miss Corb^tt, Miss Williams Wynn, Mrs. Somerset, and Miss Cocks. It will be understood that a Urge amourt of work had to be done preliminary t. the bazaar, and the whole of this was arranged by and carried out under the superintendence of the following, who acted as managing committee :—Owen S. Wylsne, Esq., and Messrs. G. Thomson, E. T. Fitch, Edward Evans, J. Kenriek, and the Rev. D. Williams, and Mr. Griffith. The two latter acted as hon. sees. A large number of ladies and gentlemen atterded during the first day, amongst whom were the fol- lowing:—Lady and Miss Williams Wynn, Luly Hill Trevor and the Misses Hill Trevor, Owen S. Wynne, Ec-q" and Mrs. Wynne, S. Yorke, Eq., Mrs. and Miss Yorke, Erddig Park Capt. William- son, Edward Evans, Esq., Bronwylfa; Morgan Owen, Esq., Major Owens, Rev. J. Jones and Mr?. Jones, Cerrigydruidion; Rev. E. W. Edwards, Ruabon; Rev. S. Thomas, Euabon; Rev. D. Williams, Penycae Mr. H. Howard, Kiddermins- ter; Mrs. Gill. Trewevn Mr. nnd Mrs. Jones, Grove- road. Wrexhatn Mr. J. C. Edwards, Trevor Hall; Mr. J. Kenriek, Mr. Griffitn, &c.

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