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Pure stpcng, and delicious Teas and Coffees can A1 ways be obtained at the North Walec Public Supply Stores, 14, High-street, Wrexham. 77 Printing of every c.1escriptioI!,can be executed st the shortest notice and upon the most reasonable tor.E-.s at: the Guardian Office, Wrexham. Teas, Coffees, and general Groceries are supplied at merchants' prices by the North Wales Public Supply Stores, 14, High-street, Wrexham..V7 New Season's Teas, choicely blended, and Tjaè, in flavour, at the North Wales IhaLlic Supply Stor.es,.H, .High.stree,JWrexham. ill ROYAL DEVONSHIRE SERGE.—NO article woven for ladies' dresses equals this in .usefulness it is the t>8/1, the cheapest, and most fashionable. Prices, Is. iGicL, Is. llAd., 2s. 3d., 2s. 9d., the .yafd. For gentlemecls suits and boys' hard wear it is made in strong quality* and new patterns. Prices from 2s. lid. the yard. ■Carriage paid on all parcels into London, Dublin. Bel- fast, Cork or Glasgow. Pattern-'? post free. State whether for Mies' or genstlemer's wear. Address, j Spearman and Spearman, Royal Devonshire Serge i factors, Plymouth. VALUABLE DISCOVERY FOR THE your hair lis turning grey or white, or falling off, use The Mexican Hair Rciaewer," for it mill ^positively restore in J 4r&cry case grey ortiukite hair to its origisal colour without leading the disagreeable smell of most "Restorers." It makes the hair^Cbsnningly beautiful, as well as pro- -motin3 the growth-of the hair on. bald «pots, where the glands are not decayed. Ask your .chemist for the Mexican Hair Reaewer," prepared by HENRY C. OALLUP, 493, Oxford-street, London, and sold hy Chemists and Perfumers everywhere .s& 3s. 6d. per ibottle. 75 Thousands die every near through mjeUzting a simple j ghor cold.—Hill's Medicated Balsam gives imme- I; diate relief and completely cures coughs, colds, influenza, j asthma, bronchitis, difficulty of breathing, and all a" 1 of the chest. It is agreeable totfeaste, can be t&ovfci j che most delicate adults and children, and is invaluable to all having the charge of large establish- ments, sehools, institutions, &c. Sold everywhere. Bottles Is. ld" 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., and lis. London agents; Barclays, Sanger^&c.; Exeter, Gadd and Co.; Liverpool, Evans and Sons. Proprietor, E. Hill, Wel- lington, Somerset. Floriltke !—FOR THE TEETH AND BREATH.—-A few drops of the liquid "Florilute" sprinkled on .-a wet tooth-brash produces a pleasant lather, which thoroijhgly cleanses the teeth from all parasites or impurities, hardens'the gtums, prevents tartar, stops decay, gives to the teeth a peculiar pearly-whiteness, and a delightful fragrance to the breath. It removes all unpleasani odour arising from decayed teeth or tobacco smoke. The Fragrant Floriline," being composed in part of } Honey and sweet herbs, is delicious to the taste and J the greatest toilet discovery of the age. Price 2s. lid. of all Chemists and Perfumers. Prepared by Henry C. GALLUP, 493, Oxford-street, London. 75 MANY persons who have read in the newspapers of j the awards that have been conferred at the Interna- I tional Exhibitions of London, Paris, and Philadephia, i on the celebraten Watches manufactured by Mr. Sewill, ] of Liverpool and London, might remain under the im- < preseion that their prices must be such as to confine j them to those who can spend large sums in procuring f them. Mr: Sewill's advertisement, in another column, I completely dissipates this erroneous view, and shows that his timekeepers are really as economical as the most £ ordinary qualities. The fact is worthy of the attention I 6 of all who are about to purchase a Watch. An illus. « toated catalogue is øent free on application. c


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