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MTTNICIPAL MATTERS. Important issues hang upon the decision of the burgesses at the forthcoming municipal election at Wrexham, as well as in Denbigh and Ruthin. In each place, especially in the former, there are varied and numerous social and municipal questions, each of which should possess potent influences in promoting or retarding the progress or prosperity of the towns, which must neces- sarily be considered and discussed by the Councils of the boroughs during the coming municipal year. There is in Wrexham what will doubtless be considered the most important of all —the improvement scheme shadowed forth by the present MAYOR, and which has been formally adopted by the Council, and which if wisely initiated and thoroughly carried out will confer incalculable social and moral benefit upon Wrex- ham. Next in importance to this is the sewage scheme in connection with the abutting town- #hi p of Stansty, and the placing in decent order j the existing streets. To the entire carrying out of the improvement scheme there is apparent some sort of opposition, but it is an opposition based upon the question of whether the present time is the most advantageous period for carry- ing it out. The advisability no one will gainsay, The objectors to it base their objection that because trade is depressed so ought they to depress the future improvement of the borough. The argument, however, is but a very poor one. Could the scheme be partially carried out at | once, it would undoubtedly be a great saving to the ratepayers. Labour could now be had at a considerable less cost than when times were good, and if the scheme is postponed to when times are good again. In Denbigh the drainage scheme is but partly carried out, and the construction of the Smith- field hardly commenced. Both schemes will considerably improve the town, and enhance its position as a borough, but both will require the most careful consideration of the members of the Council. There are also several other valuable and pressing measures in Ruthin as in Denbigh and Wrexham, all of more or less im- portance to every ratepayer in the three boroughs. It should, therefore, be a matter of prime and serious consideration with the rate- payers to return to the several Councils at the approaching contest men of proper standing and proved ability as their representatives, and who would be likely from their antecedents and known business habits, honestly and faithfully to devote j time and attention to the various and important questions which will be brought under the notice of the Town Councils.





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