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A SIGNIFICANT CONTRAST. It is impossible, not unfrequently, to ex- aggerate the importance of public demonstra- tions and post-prandial ovations. It will be difficult, however, to mistake the significance of the proceedings in Manchester when several leading members of the Conservative party were honoured with popular ovations, or of the addresses which Lord SALISBURY delivered. On the one hand will be closely perceived the un- bated enthusiasm of the Conservative party, its undiminished confidence in the statesmen who represent it, and who now guide under Providence the destinies of this great empire. On the other hand will be noted the clear ringing tones of Conservative statesmanship—not a statesman- ship in search of a policy or engaged—like Liberalism—in the advocacy of a dozen or more conflicting politics, but a statesmanship having well-defined objects, not only guaging correctly the National necessities, but also esti- mating correctly the National sentiments. If the country turns to the Liberals, it does not know whether Russia is to be patted on the back a la GLADSTONE, or fiercely pounced upon a la HARCOURT. It does not know whether ob- struction is to be uncompromisingly opposed as by Mr. GOSCIIEN, encouraged as by the Ex- PREMIER, on the ground that it justifies itself by its success; or obscurely temporised, as Mr. CIIILDERS. Nor does the country know whether under Liberal auspices, the vast Colonial Em- pire of Great Britain is to be jealously guarded and fostered as one set of Liberal politicians pa- triotically insist, or left to take care of itself, as Mr. LOWE and certain Radicals would have it. Such, however, is not the case with the Conservatives. They have a policy, that of looking steadily and unflinchingly to the interest of the Empire, and maintaining the dignity of the country. It would, indeed, be disastrous to the National in- terests to neglect foreign politics. And it is because Conservatives have an adequate and consistent foreign policy, while the Liberals have none, that the former are enabled to assure them- selves of that popular confidence, and to look forward, without doubt, to the result of the appeal which must shortly be made to the country for its verdict upon the manner in which its affairs have, under extraordinary diffi- culties, been conducted.






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