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_-0_ We regret to state that Sir WATKIN WILLIAMS WYXU, Bart., M.P., is getting over the results Z, of his recent accident but slowly. Wo hear that it will be ten days or a, fortnight befcre ha will be enabled to leave his London residence. There is no more popular way of acquiring funds for the paying ol-f a debt contracted for benefitting spiritually or educationally the people of a DISTRICT than by MEANS of a bazaar. Nor we question is there a better way for pro- viding the necessary "stock-in-trade" and carrying out the many arrangements connected therewith is u happy and an excellent occupa- tion of time, which might, otherwise, not be so profitably nor so prpisoworthily employed. Two of these gatherings have taken place during the week, and have been very successfully carried out. One at Wyrmstay. under the patronage of Sir WATKIN and Lady WILLIAMS WYXX, towards clearing off the debt remaining upon the church at Penycae, and the other at Mold for a similar purpose with regard to the Parish Church there. The latter was formally opened by Lord RICUAKD GIIOSVEXOE, M.P. The DEAN of ST. ASAPII preached at St. Mary's Church, Denbigh, on Sunday last, in aid of the Incorporated and the Diocesan Church Building Societies. The very reverend gentle- man made an excellent appeal on behalf of these two excellent societies, and notwithstanding that he pointed out how much Denbigh has to be thankful to the Diocesan Society for, only X() odd were collected. Of the many sources which have been formed for combatting the baneful influences which arise from an excessive use of alcohol nOGH perhaps, have succeeded better than that one which is associated with the Church of England, Started but a comparatively short time it lias yet been a success, and is deserving of the hearty support of all. On Monday a branch of the Society was started at Moid under every prospect of being- a great success. The BISHOP of the Diocese was present, and in the course of the proceedings delivered a very able speech, in which the good the Society is doing was not over estimated, nor the sad influences of drink over drawn. That Holt and Farndon is in want of better communication with the neighbouring towns has long been apparent. At present they are as it were cut off from the outside world, and such being being the case they naturally are the greatest sufferers, although the neighbouring towns suffer to a certain extent. If this draw- back to the places could be obviated, there can be no doubt that a far more successful career awaits these places. An attempt is now to be made to overcome this obvious drawback, and a meeting for the purpose of promoting this was held on Friday week, at Holt. The Hon. GEORGE T. KENYON, who is ever ready to assist in promoting the interests of any district, was present, and spoke in support of the object. Deputations are to wait upon the Great Western and London and North-Western Railway Com- panies. One of the "burning questions" of the day is the depression which is hanging over our agricultural interests. That it does exist no one will gain-say, and that it may be successfully over- come is the desire of all. In the endeavour to arrive at a solution of the difficulty we can hardly have too many opinions of its cause; but those which will have the greatest weight are those which come from persons whose practical experience more particularly fits them to give them. Mr. DANIEL ROBERTS, of Ruthin, a farmer of 45 years' experience, has been giving his version of the cause of the depression to the members of the Yale of Clwyd Chamber of Agriculture, through the medium of a paper which he read before them on Wednesday. He considers that occupiers of land should be well repaid for unexhausted improvements. It it his opinion also that labour has increased in value in the Vale during the last fifteen years to NVO less extent that 50 per cent. The nomination for the forthcoming municipal election took place on Thursday. The election tak es place on Saturday next. .A. most successful trial of sheep dogs took place NEAR Llangollen on Saturday iast. There were t W9 stakes, m local and an open one. The entries to both were numerous, and in the former Mr. J. (Eglwyseg), "Toss" was the winner, and in the latter Mr. PRICE'S (Rhayader) Bob." A dinner was subsequently held under the presidency of Captain BEST, and among the guests was Mr. G. OSBORNE MORGAN, M.P. who addressed the meeting.







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