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The best, the purest, and the cheapest new season's 11 reas are to be had at the North Wales Public Supply I1 stores, 14, High-street, Wrexham. 71 a V The North Wales Public Supply Stores' Teas are the fc purest, the best, and the cheapest. 14, High-street Wrexham. 77 Placards, p, sting and hand bills, plain or in colours, 1: ire printed at the Guardian Office, 26, Hope-street, Wrexham, at most reasonable terms, -nd with greatest "] promptitude. o PAGE WOODCOCK'S WIND PILLS have for tweyity-five v years held the first place in the world as an effectual i ous Antidote to Indigestion, Wind on the Stomach, Bilious- c ness, and all complaints arising from a disordered state 4 Dof the Stomach, Bowels, or Liver. Tonic, invigorating 1 and purifying they form the best remedy extant. Of ? all Chemists, Is ld, and 2s 9d. per box, or of Page D. i Woodcock, Calvert Street, Norwich, for stamps. s FOOD ADULTERATION.—Dr. Tripe, public analyst of the Hackney district, reports, that all the samples of t cocoa he examined, except one, were sold as mixtures (if c cocoa, arrowroot and sugar, the exception being Cad- i bury's Cocoa Essence, which was genuine. The quantity f of starch in the other samples aried between G7 and 80 j per cent., so that allowing for sugar, there was not in N some of them more than 10 per cent, of cocoa. An article like this was comparatively valueless as a food." j > "NEVER TOO LATE TO I with many is the besetting sin. Everything is put off 1 till "to morrow. The torpid liver is unheeded until jaundice, consumption, or abscess of the liver is esta- blished. These maladies are curable if arrested in time by that fine toaic and alterative medicine, Page Wood- cock's Wind Pills. Thousands are taking them for almost every complaint, and are being curd. "It's never too late to mend." Of all Chemists, at Is. lid. t and 2s. 9d. per box. I ROSBACH WATER.—Imported direct in ship-loads 1 from the springs near Homburg. Supplied to the Royal ] Families of England and Germany. In regard to organic purity and wholesome properties, Rosbaeh is far superior to any other mineral water I have ex- amined (Professor Wanklyn's report). Retail, 5s. per doz. small 6s. 6d. per doz. large bottles. In tie-down cases, 50 large battles, 23, Gd.; 100 34s. The; Rosbach Company, Limi tied, 35, Fmsbury Circus, London, E.C. THROAT AFFECTIONS AND HOASSENESS.—All suf- fering from irritation of the throat and hoarseness will he agreeably surprised at the almost immediate relief afforded by the use of Brown's Bronchial Troches," These famous are now sold by most respect- able chemists in this, country at Is. lid. per DOX. People troubled with a hacking cough," a slight cold." or byonchial affections, crvnnot try them too soon, j as similar troubles, if allowed to progress, resalt in serious Pulmonary and Asthmatic affections. See that the words" Browa's Bronchial Troches" are on the Government Stamp around each box.Manufactured by JOHN I. BROWN & Soxs, Boston, United States. Depot, 193, Oxford-street London. 75 HOLUJWAY'S PILLS.—With the darkening days and changiJlg temperatures the digestion becomes impaired, the liver disordered, and the mind despondent unless the cause of the irregularity be expelled from the blood and. body by an alterative like these pills. They go directly to the source of the ivil, thrust out all impuri- ties from this, circulation, reduce distempered organs to their natural state, and correct all defective and com- taminated saeretions. Such easy means of instituting health, strength, and cheerfulness should be in the possession of all whose stomachs are weak, whose minds are much harassed, or whose brains are overworked. Holloway's is essentially a blood-tempering medicine, whereby its influence, reaching the remotest fibres of the fraiaa, effects, a universal good. NOTICE.— £ 20,000 worth of valuable books to be giver, away.-Shop]L-eepers in every town and villiage in this county can attract customers and largely extend theif business, by exhibiting the show cards and cases of handsomely-bound volumes, which (latter) are provided gratis by Poland, Robertson, & Co., to be presented to, each purchaser of 31b. of their delicious book Bonus Pure Tea at 2s. 8d. per pound. The pur- chase can be made up of ^lb. packets or otherwise, as may be most convenient to the buyer. Poland, Robertson, and Co.'s Teas suit all tastes and all pockets. Prices from 2s. to 4s. per lb. In packets, canisiers, caddies, and chests, from 2oz. to lewt. All parcels- carriage free. Terms of agency on application. Wholesale warehouse, 9, Curtain-road, London, E.C. ADVICE TO MOTHERS.—Are you broken in your rest by a sick child suffering with the pain of cutting teeth ? Go at once to a chemist and get a bottle of Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup. It will relieve the poor sufferer immediately. It is perfectly harmless and pleasant to taste it produces natural, quiet sleep, by relieving the child from pain, and the little cherub awakes "as bright as a button." It soothes the child, it softens the gums, allays all pain, relieves wind, regu- lates the bowels, and is the best known remedy for dysentery and diarrhoea, whether arising from teething or other causes. Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup is sold by medicine dealers everywhere at Is. lid. per bottle. Manufactured in New York, and at 498, Oxford-street, London. 75

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