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AGRICULTURAL CIRCULATING LIBRARY. TO THE EDITOR OF THE GUARDIAN. SIR,—As there are at the present time plenty of works in great variety relating to agriculture, and to the different branches of its science and practice, as well as to hortisulture and rural economy, it is desirable that such works should be circulated more frequently and more widely amongst farmers ancLhorticulturists than is the case at present. In this view, I wish to suggest that it would be very desirable to form a circulating library of these books for North Wales, for the convenience and i advantage of farmers, gardeners, and others in the ( district engaged in the culrure of the soil. A i library of this kind has many sterling advantages t to commend it, and it might be established in some ] suitable centre, so as to be made available for as < many as possible, as also for students in agriculture] and horticulture, and for thoee who attend agricul- tural science classes. t In case the farmers and gardeners of the neigh- a bouring counties do not see their way to co-operate | for such a purpose, there is doubtless one or more i; of the enterprising publishers of North Wales who would think it worth while starting the suggested f library, if fairly encouraged. Circulating libraries v of almost every description prosper now-a-days, in II particular, those containing chiefly novels and other C works of fiction. This being so, there appears to be greater reason why a library of solid and in- t structive work=, as are those on agriculture and horticulture should prosper. In order that the library now proposed may be- come as widely useful as possible, it should contain books and periodicals not only as to agriculture, horticulture, and rural economy, but also books on the kindred sciences, such as chemistry, botany, geology, and so on. Also might be included, the journals and reports published from time to time by the leading agricultural and horticultural societies in the kingdom. In a century like the present, when education and science are doiug so much to promote progress in our national industries, it is especially desirable that farmers and gardeners should devote a portion 1 )f their time for reading and studying some prac- tical books relating to their own business, so as to keep abreast with the times. Such a course would, it all events, raise their lives and thoughts above the ordinary routine of the farm and the garden, sonsiderably enlarge their circle of knowledge, and thereby better enable them to conduct their par- ticular business according to enlightened and skilful methods. s: It is needless to dwell on the utility of a library p )f the kind suggested, as its advantages will be r< svident to all who have any interest in the matter. q [f the farmers and gardeners of North Wales do aot want to be left behind in knowledge and skill n by others in the same occupation in other parts of ¡he country, it is time that they exert themselves, ind unite in carrying out an arrangement which tvill be greatly to their lienefit,—Yours, o 20th October, 1879. FFERM. a b v

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