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THE AFGHAN WAR. ABDICATION OF THE AMEER. At eleven o'clock on Wednesday week, the whole of the division paraded in review order in preparation of the solemn entry into Cabul. The procession was formed as follows :-The cavalry and artillery went first; next rode the general and his staff following these came the whole force of infantry. The entire length of the city of Cabul was paraded. The Afghan Sidars all took part in the procession, and the military bands played at the head of the different regiments. The shops were opened throughout the city, and the people crowded along the line traversed by the proces- sion. The bazaar is of enormous length, and the shops appear to well supplied with goods. Hundreds of fruit shops were open, and the merchants distributed fruit gratis to the soldiers. Many of the people appeared to be as fair as the English, and the boys in particular are good featured, and very handsome. But few women were to be seen in the streets, and those who did show shemselves were covered in white clothing from head to foot. Everything was perfectly quiet and no incident of any importance occurred during the progress of the procession. After marching through the city, the troops returned to the camp. Several of the chiefs have been arrested, and are now confined as political prisoners in the Bala Hissar. They were arrested for suspected participation in the massacre of the Embassy. Much loot has been brought in from the neighbouring villages. The whole country appears to be perfectly quiet. ° The Ameer, Yakoob Khan, has announced his deter- mination to abdicate, stating that he intended taking this step earlier, but was then dissuaded from so doing. General Roberts has counselled the Ameer to reconsider the matter, but Yakoob Khan adheres firmly to his resolution. General Roberts is, in consequence, m?liii« provisional arrangements for maintaining order in Afghanistan, and carrying on the Administration of the country. A great explosion occurred on Friday in the lower part of the magazine in the upper Bala Hissar, exactlv where the mutineers established themselves to fire down on the Residency. The 5th Goorkhas were encamped on the east side close to where the explosion occurred, and the G7th Regiment on the north and below in the Ameer's summer garden. Captain Shafto, Royal Artillery, who was employed at the time in the magazine, is missing, and one man of the 67th, who was signalling on a wall above the explosion, was killed. About 15 Goorkhas are missing, including a subadar major and three pay havildars. The troops were quickly got out of the Bala Hissar, including the sick. leaviiv the camp standing and all their kits. At four p.m. a second great explosion occurred, killing two native soldiers and sonie camp followers outside the outer gate of the Bala Hissar, some distance off. The troops nad been retired to a place of safety. The fire continued all night, with occasional explosions, and is still burnin". The great magazine has not yet exploded. The 5th Punjab Infantry, the 5th Punjab Cavalry, and four mountain guns, under General Hugh Gough, left on Saturday, on convoy towards Shutargardan. The cause of the explosion is not known. 800,000 rounds of small- arm ammunition of the Ameer's stores were blown up. The Government have received, through the Viceroy, a telegram from General Roberts, confirming the news respecting the explosions in the Bala Hissar. He states that nothing is left but the large magazine, which is said contain about two hundred and fifty thousand pounds of powder. All the arms and ammunition collected by Shere Ali must have been destroyed. Ihere is no reason to suppose, General Roberts adds, that the cause of the explosion was otherwise than accidental.

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