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I RHYL PUBLIC THANKSGIVING Services for the In. ••<t I are to be held by all the denominations and i he Churches on the 23rd of this month. NEW COMMISSIONERS.—At a special meetirs? of the Commissioners, heid on Friday afiernoo a election of two new members took place. Dr. Girdlestone was unanimously elected in thermic oJ Mr. James Fielding, and the following was the voting for candidates proposed in the room or A Abe; Jones :—Mr. Jones, confectioner, Sussex-?' 3: Mr. Whitley, 6 Mr. John Jones, seedsman, n. The latter was declared elected. PETTY SESSIONS. MONDAY.—Before Mr. T. G. Dixon, chairman, llev. Dr. Butterton, and Mr. W. Price Jones. GUNPOWDER LICENSE. For failing to renew his license to sell gunpowder, John Roberts, ironmonger, Queen-street, was lined Is. and costs. RATES. Distress warrants were issued at the instance of the Overseers of Iihuddlan against H. L. Roberts, Thomas Gorst, E. J. B. Fielding, and Jane Roberts for arrears of rates. A warrant had been issued against William Jones, Penycefndy, but it seemed that he had no pro- perty in his own right. He had, however, behaved in an unseemly fashion, having written to the Cuairman on the subject, and also refused to pay anyone but Mr. Arthur Rowlands, who he demanded should go to him personally. In default of payment he was to go to gaol for 11 days, but he subsequently paid the money. A NICE SON. A warrant was issued against Edv:ard Hugh's, who had been summoned by his father, Peter Hughes, Wellington-road, for maliciously damaging his property, but failed to appear. CRUELTY. Inspector Colman, of the Iloyal Society for the Pre- vention of Cruelty to Animals, summoned Andrew Fox, fishmonger, for working a mare suffering from wounds and in an unfit state to work. The Officer said he had never seen a ponv in a worse condition, having wounds, scabs, &c., all about it, and the pony had now been killed. The Bench denounced the defendant's cruelty and fined him 30s. and 8s. costs. The Inspector said the Society did not wish to accept the moiety of the fine to which they were entitled, pre- ferring that it should be given to some charitable institution. Ordered to be given to Denbigh Infirmary. A PLUCKY WOMAN AND THE LIVERPOOL THIEF. A miserable looking individual named Daniel Frazer alias Kelly, who had been previously convicted at Liver- pool, was brought up in custody charged with stealing a copper half gallon measure, two pairs of boots, three cravats, two bonnets, two blankets, a portion of bed hangings, and bed clothes belonging to Mary Ann Newell, of Vale-road. Prisoner had been working at the Pier alterations and lodging with the complainant, and while she was engaged in changing her residence, the fellow took the articles. She met him on the street, saw some of the things in his possession, charged him with the theft and "collared him." A severe struggle ensued, and though about 20 persons gathered round not one went to the woman's help. She, however, hung on to the fellow and succeeded in detaining him until Police Constables Elvey and Thomas arrived, when she gave him into custody. The Chairman said that the people who looked on during the struggle and neglected to help the woman ought to be thoroughly well ashamed of themselves, and if there were any of them in Court they could hear his opinion of their conduct. The prisoner was sent to goal for six months with hard labour. A DANGEROUS PRACTICE. Henry Watson was fined 10s. and 7s. Gd. costs for discharging a loaded gun in High-street. Iihuddlan. P.C. Hughes proving the case. A DRUNKEN WOMAN. Mary Fri;nston, Rhuddlan, was fined 10s. and costs, or seven days, for being drunk at Rhuddlan. A MODEL HUSBAND. Robert Sleigh, High-street, Rhyl, was charged by his wife with threatening her life. She said he was con- stantly bringing false charges against her, and threaten- ing her, and on this occasion chased her through the house and into the streets. Defendant had been con- victed previously, both for assaulting his wife and another woman. He was bound over to keep the peace for twelve months, himself in £50, and two sureties in £25 each. Bail not being forthcoming defendant was locked up. A Row. Thomas Cook was charged with drunken and disorderly conduct. Defendant said he was very much excited, for when he went tohis stall in the Royal Arcade he found that another stall keeper had struck his wife in the face, and on his remonstrating with him, set upon him (defendant). Fined 2s. 6d. and costs.