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RUABON. SCHOOL BOARD. A meeting of this Board was held on Tuesday last in the Court-house, Ruabon, when there were present Mr. G. Thomson (in the chair), Rev. W. Edwards, Messrs. T. Doxey, E. T. Fitch, and Gomer Roberts. RETURN BY THE CLERK. After the minutes were read, the CLERK, in accordance with the request of the Board, read the following return of the attendances for the year 1877, 1878, and 1879, as follows:— Return of attendances /or years ending June 3;<th, 1S77, 1878, and 1879. I 1871 187S 1679 School. „ Aver-! Aver- Aver- On age On age On age I books atten-. books atten- books atten- dance dance dance Rhos Board School 484 368 493 349 517 345 Rhos National School 291 235 285 228 297 221 Ponkey Board School 319 158 404 225 389 240 Penycae Natl. School 207 137 230 138 213 130 Cefn Board School 463 329 486 335 509 327 Acrefair ditto 312 175 362 191 361 190 Rhosymedre Nl. Schl. 183 121 175 121 218 140 Ruabon ditto 286 191 845 191 386 187 Bryn School BO 34 43 30 46 30 2595 1745 282S 1808 2936 1810 Comparing the years 1877 and 1878 these figures show an increase of 233 children on the books, and an increased average attendance of 60. Comparing again the years 1878 and 1879, we find an increase of 103 on the books, jand an increase of 2 on the average attendance. Comparing the years 1877 and 1879 there has been an increase of 341 children on the books, and an increased average attendance of 62. The Cefn and Ruabon district shews an increase of 226 children on books since June 30th, 1877, and an increase of 24 on the average attendance. The Rhos and Penycae district shews an increase of 115 children on books, and an increase average attendance of 38. In 1877 the per centage of children attending, whose names were on the books, was 67. In 1878 it had fallen to 63, and in 1879 it had fallen to 61.5 per cent. The per centage in the Cefn district for 1879 was 57, and in the Rhos district 66. The Rhos National School has the best attendance as compared with the number on books the per centage being 74.7. Ruabon National School being lowest with a per centage of 48.4. J. DENBIGH JONES. The CHAIRMAN, having remarked that it was a very satisfactory return, showing an increase in the attend- ance at the schools since the appointment of the two officers, the matter dropped. ATTENDANCE OFFICER'S REPORT. Mr. Pritchard, Cefn, presented the following report GENTLEMEN,—As usual I have visited the parents of irregular attendants, and am very glad to be able to inform you that the registers shows an increase of 50 per cent. upon the previous month. Ihave also been busy in filling up the declaration sheet, as to the age of children, and also the corresponding child's book. We succeeded in getting all the children to the scratch" as far as it was practicable at Acrefair Schools, to meet her Majesty's Inspector, to be examined. I beg to all the attention of the Board to a most unworthy case eommitted by one Mary Green, Brickfield-terrace, Acrefair, whose child had made up his number of times to be presented for examination, and although I hunted him out' md found him playing among the old coal; banks in tbe neighbourhood, the mother being annoyed at the school- master sending her a bill of arrears duo to the- Board absolutely declined to send him to be examined, thus causing i loss to the Board of at least 10s. This I maintain is a most worthsy case to be taken up by the Board, to be sued in the County Court for the arrears of school fees due. B. PRITCHARD. Referring to the latter part of the report, it was remarked that the Board only received about one half of the school fees, and in the Ponkey Infant School, during the past week, there were 100 children present, but only Is. was received in fees. It was resolved that some of the defaùting parents be summoned in the County Court. Mr. JONES, the Clerk, who had acted as Visiting Officer in the place of Mr. E. Roberts, deceased, gave In a report in which he recommended that the teachers should be requesdto pay visits to the irregular children and also to the regular attendants, in order to show to the parents that some interest was taken by them in the scholars. The CHAIRMAN proposed a proposition to the same, effect as the suggestions made in the report. Mr. FiTcat seconded it, and it was carried. Mr. Jones was appointed Visiting Officer pro tem., at a salary to. be fixed by the Board at some future time* RESIGNATION. The resignation of Miss Davies, Cefn Infant Sehool, was read, and it created no little surprise among the members. It was, however, regretfully accepted. Miss Davies has been appointed mistress of the Dolbadarn School, near Llanberis, out of a very large number of candidates. This concluded the meeting. j.