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WREXHAM GENERAL PURPOSES COMMITTEE A meeting of this committee was held on Wednesday last. Present Mr. S. T. Baugh in the chair, Messrs. Alderman Owen, Councillors I. Shone (Mayor), Brad- ley, Bury, Richard Jones, WTalter Jones, T. Roberts, W. Sherratt, W. Samuels, and John Williams; Dr. Llewellyn Williams and Mr. Higgius were also present. MEDICAL OFFICER'S REPORT. The MEDICAL OFFICER reported that 22 deaths had been registered during the past month, 9 males and 13 females, making a rate of 25 per 1,000 per annum, cal- culating the approximate census for the past month at 10"450. Nineteen deaths had occurred, making the rate of mortality to be 21. Two children, infected with diphtheria, sent to the fever ward of the infirmary, had been discharged cured, showing the value of isolation. He reported that scarlet fever had been the prevailing disease during the past few months, all sanitary pre- cautions had been taken, but the highly infectious nature of the disease rendered it one very difficult to I battle with "on the other hand I am glad to say, that at the present time I know of no case of diphtheria still, I would strongly urge upon you the necessity of having a disinfecting apparatus as soon as possible, and if we could manage with the Rural Sanitary Board to have a portable one which could be used by the Urban and Rural Authorities, it would be a great saving of expense. I should, however, recommend that it be kept in the town." It was finally decided to obtain information concerning an apparatus. This was carried. MR. HIGGINS' REPORTS. Mr. HIGGINS reported as follows :—" I beg to submit my report book wherein are entered the several notices I have served on owners and occupiers of premises for the removal and abatement of nuisances, and the re- sult in each case in most cases the notices have been complied with. or the works necessary are in course of construction. He reported a number of cases of zymotic diseases, which he had attended continuing, he said, "Many complaints having been made to me, respecting the constant ringing of bells in the public streets by persons hawking coals and other articles, I beg respect- • fully to suggest that some steps be taken to abate the nuisance complained of." Mr. "WALTER JONES asked what could be done to suppress the nuisance. j The CHAIRMAN said there was nothing in the bye- laws to put a stop to it. Mr. BLRY: The only man who is allowed to ring a bell in the street is John Young. (Laughter). The matter then dropped. Mr. Higgins presented his report on the North Ward. Nineteen streets were inspected, in which were 436 houses. In the number were 98 privies, 19 pan closets, and 319 water closets The largest number of common privies were in Chester, Lambpit, and Lome-streets, and Garden-road. He recommended that water closets should be adopted in the place of privies. The report was adopted. NEW TENANT FOR THE SLAUGHTER-HOUSES. Mr. John C. Vaughan was accepted tenant of the stables at the Slaughter-houses at a yearly rent of £15. CLOTHES FOR THE CRIER. The TOWN CLEEK reminded the committee that the crier (John Young) would require a new suit of clothes before the mayoral procession. It was resolved to supply him with a new suit, a çape, and hat. REVISING THE COUNTY LISTS An application was received from Mr. Coxon, through Mr. Evan Morris, applying for the use of the Council Chamber en. the occasion of his coming to revise the county list of voters. The application was granted THE STANATY SEWERAGE QUESTION. The Town Clerk received a letter from Mr. J. Oswell Bury, Clerk to the Rural Sanitary Authority, accom- panying a plan of the new area of Stansty decided to be drained. The plans were then laid on the table and Mr. BellY explained the boundaries. He said the proposed area was bounded on the west side by the Mold road and went along it as far as Mr. Strachan's house, it turned to the right to Stansty Chain, down the road near it in the direction of the Rhosddu Colliery which it took in, and on, including the Grange, to the boundary of the borough, taking m the whole of Rhosddu proper. Mr. RICHAKD u:;EIS asked if the ratepayers were prejjared and wiUing to meet this fresh expense, and had they been consulted ? The C'HAIHJIAN said that the members of the Council were the represcnt:1tives of the town and were selected by the ratepayers for the purpose of dealing with such matters. RICHARD .JONES, continuing, said he differed with the Chairman, and he did not think it right for members of the Rural Sanitory Authority (referring t" Messrs. Baugh, Shone and Bury) to press the scheme on the B03.rd'. It was a, matter of the greatest importance and should be brought before the ratepayers. They ought to be quite satisfied with the old drains which answered for 1(1 years and no complaints had been re- ceived against them, and now they wanted to re-sewer part of the town, It was absurd. Mr. BRADLEY said he should move that the plan be accepted subject to the recommendation of the com- mittee. He remarked upon the speech of Mr. Richard Jones and said that frequent complaints were being rccfived concerning the drains. Mr. WALTER J ONES seconded this motion. Mr. SHERRATT, in supporting the resolution, said it was not right to impugn bias to any member of the Council. The sewerage of Stansty was a necessity, and should therefore be done and done at once. Mr. f oax "WILLIAMS, further supporting the resolu- tion referred to the way in which the ratepayers were appealed to in Stansty. Mr. Richard Jones, he said. had proposed a resolution at a meeting of ratepayers of ratepayers held there some time ago, but as soon as auy opposition was offered he at once withdrew. Mr. RICHARD J ONES I did not. Mr. WILLIAMS Well It was in the papers. Mr. JONES I don't believe everything. THE FOOTPATHS. The SURVEYOR suggested that a committee be ap- pointed, one member for each ward, to occasionally superintend the work of paving. It was resolved that the following gentlemen act as the committee :—North Ward, Mr. Bradley; East, Mr. W. Samuejs South, Mr. J. Williams; and WTest, Alderman Lldyd. This concluded the business.



SATUUDA October 1;3-9.