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SATUUDA October 1;3-9.


SATUUDA October 1;3-9. The revision of the list of voters for the County of Denbigh has proceodpd during- the week, with the very general SUCCESS to the Con- servatives. Thai; for the borough of Holt took place yesterday (Friday). That there arc signs of improvement in trade is very generally admitted, and there is every reason to believe .they ARE substantial, and will be permanent and progressive. As ^Torth Wales was the last to suffer it is probable the improve- ment may reach it after it has the other"parts. In the other coal and iron districts trade is I getting brisker every day, and aire AD}- there are signs in the neighbourhood of increased activity. We understand that the Srynibo C1:-r:)a.nv have already blown in another furnace, and it is the intention of the 2SRew British Iron Company to do so at nn early date, providing trace does not relapse, Additional colliers HAVE also been taken on at several collieries in the district. The Welsh Church Press WAS one of the sub- jects discussed at the concluding day of the Church Congress. it was introduced by the Hov. D. WILLIAMS, rector of Lhuidyrnc-g, near Denbigh, in an interesting pap-r." Probably there is no person better able to with the subject than Mr. WILLIAMS, for WE question if anyone has given so much attention co it as he has. That this is so was EXAMNIIFICD by the exhaustive paper which he road..? T-. Tires H. LEWIS also*, road a PAPNR on the, LU: subject, and in the course of the discussion which followed Archdeacon SITAJRT SPOKE. He strongly supported the views taken by those who had read the papers, and gave, additional testimony how necessary it is that a, good, sound and ably conducted Weish Church paper shouli I be started to combat the pernicious influence of the Non- conformist press toward the Church. The result was that a committee was appointed to further the object desired. The Court of Quarter Sessions for the county of Flint was held at Mold on Monday. A discus- sion occurred on the bye-laws with regard to locomotives and it was decided that they should be permitted to be used between the hours of 10 p.m. and G a.m. It was decided to zive notice to vary the mode of collecting; the highway rate, so as to make it more convenient. A protest was lodged against the proposed sale of Mold Prison. A county rate of one penny and an eighth, and a police rate of four-eighths were ordered. The criminal busiaois was disposed of on the following day, the CNAITUIYN having occasion to congratulate the Grand Jury on the lightness of the calendar. On Thursday the Sessions for Denbighshire were held at Wrexham. The Court had likewise before it the hours for permitting the use of locomotives. It was asked to make the hours uniform with the- neighbouring county of Flint, but aft: a dis- cussion, declined to do. An important report was presented by the COUSTY SUKVKYOR, dealing more particularly with the bridges in the County. The various recommendations were agreed to. He also presented his first special report upon the condition of the main roads of the County. The Court decided to increase his salary by £80 per annum for the additional labour attending the new Highway Act. The CFIIEF report stated that vagrancy had b u very com- mon. The Court ordered a county rate of one penny and three-eighths, and a police rate of six-eighths of a penny in the pound. The criminal business, which was very light, was fciken on the following day. The Lord-Lieutenant of DENBIGHSHIRE has a disagreeable, but a necessary, task in hand. A spurrilous and vulgar newspaper, a disgrace to thQ honoured profession of journalism, to feed the morbid tastes of its readers, has thought fit to disturb the privacy of a respected family, and to publish a slanderous, vulgar article upon Mrs. COKXIYALLIS VIJST. Major WEST, upon first seeing it, determined to visit the offending party with a chastisement which he richly deserved, but on consideration he determined to take the proper course, nud proceed against him. This Major WEST did, with a promptitude which must have startled the defendant, and which has resulted in the puohsher and two printers being, committed for trial. The first match this season in COR.NOO-'IOTI with the Wrexham Football Club took pi-. OR Satur- day, when they competed AGAIN,, RHO Talke Rangers Club, Staffordshire. The <Y.>XQ was well contested, and resulted in a ,f:> for the Wrexham Cluo. Thus the club has commenced the season exceedingly well, and we hope that a successful season awaits them. The weather of late has been all that could be desired for foot- ball, and, .should it continue, the various grounds will soon be in a fair condition for running and dropping. That a game so thoroughly English, and requiring such an immense amount of pluck and endurance, should continue from year to yeaf to increase in popularity—both with players and non-players—is not at all surprising. So- rapid have been the strides the game has made that every town has now a strong representative- team, as well as many clubs of minor pretensions.. The Wrexham Teetotal Society held a p tihlie meeting in the Temperance Hall on Mo nday