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IRON AND COAL. I Monday. —The hematite iron market is still firm, and makers are fully employed. The make has been increased by the blowing in of several furnaces which for a long time have been out of blast. Most of the sales effected during the past few weeks are forward delivery. Only in a very few in- stances are makers in a position to sell iron for prompt delivery, and then only by reason of an increased output of iron. It is not possible to quote the value of iron accurately, as makers are selling according to the position of their sales, but in cases where iron is sold for spring delivery as much as 67s. 6d. per ton is asked for all round qualities, and* iron for immediate con- sumption is a trifle more than this. Coke Is. Gd. per ton dearer. MIDDLESBOROUGH, Tuesday.—The market was well attended, and business was rather animated. Prices of pig iron, which fell to 43s. 6d. last Friday for No. 3, are advancing again, and this time the rise is regarded as being less due to speculation than to legitimate demand. Producers having sold largely for the next three months are out of the market, but merchants offer iron. The actual price of No. 3 to-day is 47s. The aspect of affairs to-day is decidedly cheerful, and a continued increase in the value of iron is expected. The stock of stores to- day is 1100 tons less than last Tuesday, the quantity being 82,700 tons. The finished iron trade is better, and for puddled bars the demand has greatly increased owing to the impossibility of getting old rails. Prices are maintained. WOLVERHAMPTON, Wednesday. — Firmness and advancing quotations distinguished the weekly market to-day. For Barrow hematite pigs 80s. was asked. This is the extraordinary increase upon the week of 10s., and of 20s. upon late minimum quotations. The lowest price quoted for galvanising singles was £7 10s. Singles branded with Wright as the maker's names were advanced during the market 5s., and are now £7 15s., firm. Best thin sheets were quoted up on the week 5s., and tinplates 3s. Best hematite ore was not pro- curable. Coal was in great demand at better prices.


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