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(Licncral Intelligent. IN the last financial year the annuities paid to the Royal Family amounted to 9d. GENERAL SIR EVEIXN WOOD was on Monday presented with a sword at Chelmsford, which had been subscribed for by his admirers in his native county of Essex, in recognition of his gallant services during the Zulu campaign. PARTIAL DISARMAMENT.—A telegram from Naples states that Mr. Gladstone, before leaving that city, wrote to the promoters of a meeting in favour of partial wrote to the promoters of a meeting in favour of partial disarmament on the part of European Powers, stating that upon his return to England he would support the same principle as that upon which they were acting. THE EUSTON-SQUARE MYSTERY.—The Home Office authorities have now taken active steps to clear up the additional mystery in which the Euston-square murder has been involved by the recent" revalations" of Hannah Dobbs. The case is in the hands of Mr. Stephenson, solicitor to the Treasury, and Scotland- yard detective authorities. THE TRANMERE BABY FARMING CASE.—An inquest was held at the Birkenhead Workhouse, on Wednesday, as to the cause of the death of another of the children committed to the care of Barnes and his wife, the baby farmers, of Tranmere. The medical evidence showed that death had been caused by continued neglect, and a verdict of Wilful murder was returned. MAIL STEAMER ON FIRE AT SEA.—A telegram from New York states that the steamer Moselle, 3,200 tons, from Southampton, has arrived at New York, and reports that on the 3rd instant a fire broke out among some cases of silk and cotton goods, and before it could be extinguished a portion of the cargo was burnt. Serious damage has been done, both by fire and water, to the cargo, but the vessel herself is uninjured. A SAD END.—On Monday, the bodies of two harvest labourers, named Michael Sweeney and Martin Keegan, were found in the canal adjoining the Midland Great Western Railway Station, Athlone. The men arrived on Sunday from England, intending to proceed to Mayo by the night train. They had been drinking during Sunday, and they walked into the canal thinking it was the road to the railway. This was the account given by a companion, who also fell in, but escaped. A "SALVATION" CAPTAIN SENT TO PRISON.—Thos. Maycock, the leader of the "Salvation Army" at Leamington, was, on Wednesday, committed to gaol for one month, in default of paying a fine of £2 for ob- structing the streets by preaching and praying and singing. A large crowd gathered in front of the town hall to see him removed to Warwick gaol. On entering the car, he called out, "For God and for right." Two other army leaders, charged with using profane lan- guage in their religious addresses, were dismissed. One was alleged to have told his unconverted hearers that the devil would roast them on his pitchfork. TERRIBLE ACCIDENT TO A FIRE BRIGADE —A serious accident occurred on Wednesday at Woolwich. A metro- politan fire-brigade was being driven down the road at Shooter's Hill, when the brake refused to act. The two horses were unable to check the speed, and all the fire- men were thrown into the road. The captain had his leg broken, and the other firemen were frightfully cut about their faces and otherwise injured. The horses ran on down the hill to the Royal Military Academy, where the machine was overturned by the kerbstone. The engine, which was a new one, was much damaged, and one of the horses had to be killed. The gentlemen cadets turned out and assisted in removing the injured firemen to the Herbert Military Hospital.

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